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Magazines are multi-page printing products, which are printed periodicals.

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All magazines can be qualified:

  • By frequency - most often the consumer comes across weekly and monthly magazines, but they order the printing of magazines and less often, for example, once a year.
  • In terms of format, there are online publications and printed ones. Today, when everyone goes online, more and more publications are preparing two formats at once.
  • By topic: children, men, women, scientific, literary, etc.
  • According to the style of presenting information.

Based on the type of publication, the content is also different.

Each magazine contains useful information for each consumer. In addition, some of them are purely entertainment in nature and do not carry a semantic load. For example, men are mostly composed of many photographs. But scientific and children's ones contain interesting and developing information. There are also many advertisements in print media, and some can be very useful not only for those who post them, but also for the reader.


Printing is in demand today in non-profit organizations and companies, which, although creating a positive image, establish contact with a future client. Such products have a presentable appearance that attracts attention. When ordering the printing of a glossy magazine, which should advertise services, talk about a product or brand, we do not think about the price, because in the future it will bring us much more.

Why order print media in the internet age?

While online publishing is gaining popularity, print is still in demand.

Previously, magazines and newspapers were a source of information, rumours and brought closer to the world of art and beauty. Now there is the Internet where you can find all the information without buying any unnecessary "junk" for free, which, after reading, is lying around or sent to the trash can. Now the Internet surpasses the print editions, but on the Internet, we can endlessly flip through the news feed in search of information of interest to us, and the print editions are divided by type, and we can immediately buy the desired magazine. And although it seems that the Internet is already everywhere, in fact it is not so. A printed product can be read in places where there is no Internet. Therefore, printed publications are still popular.

Types of printing

Before choosing one of the printing methods, you need to answer the following questions:

  • When you need finished products;
  • Circulation;
  • Finished product appearance;
  • Place of application

After our manager receives answers to these questions, he will be able to help determine which method to use for making magazines.

The digital method. Digital printing is a popular magazine production method at 24print. The main advantages of this type of application are speed, quality and the ability to print a test copy of the magazine and, if necessary, make adjustments to the main circulation. Suitable for urgent printing of magazines, so if you need readiness day in and day out, within a few hours or even "for yesterday", then you should opt for this method. In addition, this view allows you to print a magazine from 1 copy. It is mainly used for printing small circulation magazines. Has a fairly high price in comparison with offset.

Offset printing of magazines. It does not provide for urgent production, since it has a long preparatory stage and does not make it possible to print the magazine in 1 copy. This type is beneficial only for large circulation of 1000 pieces, which allows you to make printing of magazines cheap.

The disadvantages of offset printing are colour changes when printing on coloured paper; it is unprofitable to print small runs.

Silk-screen printing of the magazine. Used for printing exclusive glossy magazines. This way you can print the magazine on any surface, even textured or rough. A magazine, catalogue, brochure or even a book printed using this method will raise the status of your company and make it stand out from your competitors.

A combined manufacturing method is often used to obtain a satisfactory result.

Stitching types

24print uses the following methods to bind magazine pages:

Brace. Most magazines are stapled with a staple. The stitching takes place using the notebook method and, as a rule, the cover is made of materials denser than the block. Immediately before stitching, sheet selection and folding of sheets are performed.

Glue-free method - does not allow to open the magazine completely, unlike the staple, but it looks more presentable.

Hard cover. Hardcover magazines are ordered extremely rarely and only for expensive and single copies.

The choice of stitching method is determined by the type of product.

10 steps to creating a stylish glossy magazine:
  • Attractive and inviting cover. The first thing the buyer pays attention to is the cover, it is she who attracts attention and encourages them to make a purchase. The cover should invite you to delve deeper into the reading. But even so, all of it should not be pretentious and sassy. Make your cover look harmonious, stylish and concise. Balance is important.
  • Bright accent. A bright palette of colours is not always stylish, but a bright accent on a black and white base will amaze any even very sophisticated reader.
  • Thoughtful content. The content plays the same role as the cover. Before making a purchase, the reader often looks through it and selects the articles that he would like to read by title. Think over the title of the articles in advance so that they catch the reader.
  • Illustrations. Pictures always attract attention and the more, the better. The main thing is not to overdo it and not turn the magazine into a photo album.
  • Minimalism is the key to success. Try to keep your magazines minimal and inspirational. Avoid unnecessary and flashy details.
  • Fonts. Fonts play an important role. Each edition chooses a font for itself. Some big-name media are associated with a certain type of font.
  • Beautiful and professional photos. If the publication specializes in fashion or design, then select and design stunning photographs.
  • Create your own unique style. Thematic design is the hallmark of a well-thought-out and professionally made magazine.
  • Think globally. Before you start creating the layout, sketch it in your head.
  • Use the services of professional designers. Turn to the professionals who are faced with making magazines every day. 24print print designers will be able to create a design from scratch, from an attractive cover to page layout.
How is the value formed?

Managers of 24print calculate each order for printing a magazine individually, because the cost is formed on the basis of many factors.

  • Printing method. It can be digital, offset, silk-screened or mixed.
  • Number of colours. The product can be completely black and white, colour or black and white with coloured elements.
  • Circulation. The larger the quantity, the lower the cost of printing the magazine will be.
  • Material. 24print offers a wide range of papers, ranging from ordinary paper with a density of 80 g / m2 to exclusive designer paperboards.
  • Post printing works. They help to give the product a complete look, and sometimes to make an exclusive product after printing from a regular magazine for a reasonable price.

If your task is to print expensive-looking, presentable, carrying the maximum of useful information, then 24print will help you, because our task is to satisfy any client's request.

Printing magazines in the printing house 24print

You can order the production of a magazine with a complex design in the online printing press 24print. 24print managers provide round-the-clock customer support, promptly make a miscalculation, help with the choice of printing method and material. 24print printing house prints magazines in any quantity around the clock. The company equally values each client and is happy to help everyone.

You can pick up the finished order yourself at service centres, order delivery by courier in Kiev or by Nova Poshta delivery service in Ukraine.


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