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Logo folders are a handy document storage tool that is also used by companies for promotional purposes. The manufacture of such products has found wide application in various business sectors.

The 24print quick printing service centre has many years of experience in the manufacture of custom-made document folders.

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Branded folders for documents

Companies that care about their corporate identity know the importance of paying attention to detail. Pens, letterheads, envelopes - these are the elements that complement the office and, in general, create an impression of the company. By ordering the printing of branded folders with a logo, you increase brand awareness and loyalty to the company. Therefore, design plays an important role - it must be memorable, modern and eye-catching. 

The design can be divided into:

  • Business - strict and laconic. They are intended for serving documents at meetings with partners and suppliers, they are used at presentations and conferences, as well as in internal meetings.
  • Advertising - attention-grabbing, bright and colourful. These designs are created in order to introduce the consumer to your company and increase product sales.

24print has been making logo folders for a long time. We can make the following folders to order:

  • with a die-cut pocket (self-assembled);
  • with a glued-in pocket;
  • no pocket;
  • with rings (segregators).

With a die-cut pocket - often made of thick cardboard, and at the request of the client, the 24print printing house makes them from designer cardboard. These folders can be printed on one or both sides. As a rule, the name of the company and the logo are printed on the front side, and the contacts of the company are applied on the back. Additionally, they can be covered with one-sided lamination. Production of cardboard folders for documents with this type of logo occurs in a circulation of 100 pieces.

With glued-on pocket - includes two parts: a cardboard base and a pocket. The pocket is attached to the base with glue or double-sided tape. You can make this type of branded folders from 1 piece.

No pocket is the simplest and most practical model. The material for production can be anything - thick paper, cardboard or design cardboard. Ease of manufacture allows you to make a circulation of 1 piece. The production of a small print run can take one day (the time depends on the print run and download at the time of ordering).

With rings - a presentation type that is used for samples, accounting and archival documents. Logo printing on segregators can be done not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Additionally, the face can be coated with selective varnish or lamination. The production of ring binders at 24print is carried out in an edition of 5 pieces.

It should be borne in mind that segregators take longer to manufacture than paper folders with a logo. Therefore, if your company is planning an event, then you need to place an order in advance.

The sizes differ depending on the species. The 24print service centre can produce and print on folders in standard A5 and A4 formats, and we also manufacture custom-sized document folders.

Types of printing on folders

Printing centre 24print uses digital and offset printing methods for printing.

Digital printing - makes it possible to print branded cardboard folders with a logo in a short time. This type of printing is mainly used for the production of folders in small and medium editions.

Offset printing - used for large print runs. Offset printing allows you to produce folders with the company logo of the highest quality with good colour reproduction. The disadvantage of this type of printing is the lengthy production of the print run.

After printing, post-printing services such as creasing, lamination, embossing, varnishing are performed. These services provide an opportunity to receive high-quality and presentable products that will last a long time.

Printing custom folders in 24print

When folders are needed, first of all we go to stationery stores, and then we think about how to apply a logo to the finished product. It takes time to find the right size and type, and in the end, we do not always get the desired result. In order to get folders for documents with an already printed logo and not waste precious time, it is enough to order the printing of folders with a logo in 24print printing.

You can order folders with a logo on the website. After receiving the application, our managers will contact to clarify the details and agree on terms and prices. Our managers will be happy to answer all questions and help you decide on the material. In addition, the 24print company makes not only custom-made folders with the company's logo, but also letterheads, pens, pencils, envelopes and many other products that will help create a corporate identity.

We send finished products across Ukraine by Nova Poshta, delivery by courier is possible across Kyiv.


Printing A4 folders
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