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Design is one of the stages of preparation for the production of advertising, image or informational printed products. With the help of a successful design, you can attract the attention of the consumer, sell the product, and stand out from the competitors.

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Everything stars with design

An important task before printing products in the printing industry is the creation of a professional and competent design. After all, design is the first thing a potential buyer or client pays attention to. Whether it's a poster, flyer, ad banner, playbill, or greeting card. It is the appearance of printed products that becomes the driving force that can make a business successful. In addition, the design allows you to ensure the correct understanding of text and graphic information, which is important in the formation of a corporate image. At 24print, you can order a design project from trusted designers in the capital.

Of course, in the 21st century, online advertising is gradually replacing paper advertising. But despite this, the services of a printing designer are still in demand, since in spite of everything there is always a minimum set of products that companies need to organize presentations and exhibitions or to send them to customers as gifts.

Polygraphy 24print provides a full range of designer services for creating image printing and effective advertising - you can order the design of a project, business card, booklet, poster, brochure and other printing products. Our experts guarantee a unique style and quality workmanship. As a result, advertising becomes effective and works for the good of the company's reputation.

Who is a printing designer?

Working as a typography designer is, first of all, creative work that requires full dedication and perseverance. This kind of work is by no means suitable for everyone, as you need to be attentive to details and be able to listen to the client.

A designer is a person who can correct an existing layout, create a layout from scratch, perform pre-press preparation, and also develop a corporate identity for a brand or company. This is exactly the person who can make not only a beautiful layout, but also properly prepare it in compliance with the technical requirements of the printing industry.

Typically, a designer has the following basic skills:

  • Knowledge of the main disciplines and processes (colouristic, colour science, design, modelling, advertising management);
  • Knowledge in the field of printing (knowledge of equipment and materials, the process of printing and post-printing, knowledge of the theory of colour and colour reproduction).
In the process of creation, printing design goes through three stages:
  • Development of content - specific proposals, headlines, creative slogans, etc.
  • Appearance - we choose the most attractive visual content in order to attract the attention of buyers.
  • Layout - we structure information in such a way that it becomes the most effective in terms of advertising.

If you need to order the design and layout of printed products as soon as possible, then you can come to the 24print service centre on Yaroslavska St. or Antonovycha St. and our designers will help with the development of the layout from 9 am to 9 pm. Qualified designers will bring your fantasies to life and make the finished products flawless in terms of quality.

Printing design services

Good printing products are not only high-quality printing, but also a thoughtful and competent design.

The creation of a printing design is a hard work, its price includes knowledge in the field of printing, sophisticated taste and knowledge of consumer psychology.

Professional designers, such as those who work in the printing centre 24print in Kyiv, have a comprehensive approach to the task. A designer studies a product, service or company, highlights the main thing, creates sketches, and develops a general style. The task of the designer is to catch your wishes, help to present them correctly, and so that the prices for printing design will pleasantly surprise you.

The cost of printing designer services

The price list for a design in 24print printing centre is formed based on the time a designer spends on creating a layout. In addition, if you need to finalize an already developed layout, then the services of a designer for finalizing the layout of printed products will be cheaper at a price.

In order to find out the price list of our designers, you can write to the chat or email of our printing company with a description of what needs to be done.

The 24print company offers favourable prices for design among printing companies in Ukraine.

Important design components

Design development is an important component of the printing industry. Before proceeding with the development of the design, it is necessary to find out the needs of the client, for example, where the printed products will be used, what information needs to be conveyed to the consumer. After that, the designer examines all the information received and proceeds directly to creating the layout. If the customer cannot formulate the requirements, then the designer works by the selection and modification method. To get a design that will solve the tasks assigned to it, you always have to compromise. The customer's desires do not always coincide with the capabilities that are limited by technical requirements.

The designer must ensure that the wishes of the client in terms of the appearance of the product do not run counter to the technical requirements of the printing industry.

  • It is necessary to follow the colour model and the customer's wishes for the colours of the finished product, because after printing there is still post-printing processing and if, for example, the client chooses matte lamination, then it will muffle the colour of the images.
  • A mistake is a simple translation of the layout from the RGB colour model to CMYK - these are different colour formation systems and with a simple translation the colourfulness is lost.
  • If you are using pictures from the Internet, then only vector files should be used. When using raster images, it is worth looking at the file size and quality, since pixels will be visible when printing a low-quality image.

All of the above proves once again that the work of a designer is not an easy job and therefore the price for design in some design studios and printing houses is above average.


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