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Business Card

Business cards are an attribute of a successful person, a sign of trust and respect. By handing over the business card, you show your desire for long-term cooperation.

If you need to make an urgent order of business cards in Kyiv, you can contact the print centre 24print, and we will advise you and print the circulation day, night, weekend and even on a weekend night.

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standard - 90x50 mm

euro - 85x55 mm

square - 64x64 mm


Mondi Colour print DNS G paper

Mondi Colour premium DNS V paper

Mondi Colour copy paper 

Design paper

Laminated cardboard


glossy lamination

matte lamination

rounding corners

cutting to size

Types of business cards

Personal is an easy and inexpensive way to introduce yourself to an informal meeting. Often, personal business cards are printed in a free style, that is, the name, surname and phone number of the owner are indicated. Optionally, a link to social networks is indicated. The design depends on the preferences of the owner.

Business - used in business circles, in business negotiations in order to provide potential partners with contact information. They include the last name, first name and patronymic of the owner, position and company name. Business cards usually have a laconic design. A business person usually has a lack of free time and the printing of business cards in Kyiv is urgently needed.

Corporate - contain the name of a corporation or company, a list of services, contact information, as well as the company's website. Such business cards are often printed, indicating the directions for Kyiv or another city. Used for distribution for promotion purposes.


In 24print printing, according to the standard, business cards are printed on Mondi colour paper 300 grams per m2, but also for printing business cards in Kyiv, our managers will help you choose premium paper or designer cardboard, it all depends on the needs that have arisen. If you need to order business cards in Kyiv inexpensively, then it is better to print them on paper of 300 or 400 grams per m2. Printing business cards in Kiev on inexpensive paper does not mean that they will look cheap. Naturally, if you need to print premium business cards, then you should opt for designer cardboard or premium types of paper and use additional post-printing processing, but such business cards definitely cannot be inexpensive. If you need a large number of business cards, for example, for partners and for distribution, then you can order two different editions of business cards. A set for partners can be made more expensive, and for distribution of a business card it is better to make it budget-friendly. But even for such business cards, you should not choose paper with a density of less than 300 grams. When placing an order, it is worth remembering that premium business cards will take longer to produce, and we can urgently print business cards for distribution in Kyiv.

Business card sizes

In the 24print service centre, you can order business cards in the standard format 90x50 mm, European - 85x55 mm, non-standard shapes, for example, square or round.

The European format is considered a classic size, since it is identical to the size of bank cards, but non-standard business cards are now more common in design solutions, as they stand out from the rest. It is not always possible to urgently execute business cards of a non-standard shape in Kyiv (from today to today), since the manufacture of such business cards requires the production of a special form, and such business cards will cost more. Accordingly, printing business cards of standard and European format without additional post-printing processing in Kyiv will be inexpensive.

Types of printing

Depending on whether you need urgent printing of business cards or not, 24print in Kyiv offers the following printing methods: offset, digital, silk-screen or UV printing.

Digital printing - provides quick printing of business cards (within a few hours). Using this technology, you can order business cards to be printed at an affordable price on paper of any density and quality. In this way, you can make any number of business cards, and print from one piece to a thousand.

Offset printing - it is beneficial to use with print runs of 500 pieces. Offset printing technology makes it possible to produce business cards inexpensively, but it is not intended for urgent business cards printing. Additionally, the products can be coated with lamination film, UV varnish. After offset printing, we can also offer to make cut-out business cards (if you need a curly shape) in Kyiv at affordable prices.

Silk-screen printing is a method of applying an image by forcing ink through a printing plate. The silk-screen method allows you to print business cards on surfaces of any shape and texture, which will make them exclusive and original. After printing, you can emboss, emboss or foil to make your business card stand out. In order to print business cards by silk-screen printing in Kyiv, it is enough to send us a request, and we will contact you.

UV printing is a method of printing using ink that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. UV printing prints business cards with the transfer of the smallest details and for many years to keep a good look of the product at an affordable price in Kyiv.

If you are in doubt about the material for making business cards, then you can drive up to one of our service centres in Kyiv, and we will offer possible options and orientate you on the price. Also, our managers will show samples of printing in order to choose the best printing method for making business cards in Kyiv at a low cost.

Bonded business cards

Laminated business cards are made by gluing several types of high-quality paper or cardboard. Lamination allows you to glue together 2 sometimes 3 sheets of cardboard, different in colour and texture. Bonded business cards are gaining popularity every day due to the wide design possibilities:

  • You can choose the required density yourself by gluing paper, cardboard and plastic of different thicknesses.

  • Wide range of laminating materials.

  • Multiple printing options

  • You yourself form the colour of the business card and the crop (sidewall)

  • Making premium business cards at an affordable price in Kyiv

You can place an order for printing laminated business cards at 24print printing centre in Kyiv around the clock.

Why it is worth contacting 24print

You don't have to worry about the design or any flaws. Our designers will help you develop a layout from scratch, tell you how best to finalize a business card, in which case it is better to adhere to a strict style, and in which, on the contrary, it is necessary to add bright colours.

When ordering the printing of business cards at 24print in Kyiv, you can be sure that the products will meet quality standards and you will receive them within the agreed time frame. We will select the best option for your business cards to be inexpensive, look presentable and attract attention throughout Kyiv. You can place an order for printing offline in our offices in Kyiv, and online - through the online application form, by sending a request by mail or by writing to us in the chat.

Delivery of ready-made business cards is carried out by courier service in Kiev or by Nova Poshta in Ukraine.


One-sided business cards


26-100 sets 13-25 sets 11-12 sets 3-10 sets 1-2 sets

Business cards on paper 300 g/m2

295,72 307,96 317,00 339,00 425,10

Business cards on paper 400 g/m2

339,44 351,68 360,72 382,72 463,50

Business cards on paper 300 g/m2 with thin lamination

392,52 404,76 438,04 485,32 594,34

UV printed business cards on designer cardboard

2 022,08 2 022,08 2 022,08 2 022,08 2 022,08

Double-sided business cards


26-100 sets 13-25 sets 11-12 sets 3-10 sets 1-2 sets

Business cards on paper 300 g/m2

367,48 391,88 409,96 431,96 537,78

Business cards on paper 400 g/m2

411,20 435,60 453,68 475,68 571,58

Business cards on paper 300 g/m2 with thin lamination

464,28 488,68 531,00 578,28 688,76

UV printed business cards on designer cardboard

3 246,08 3 246,08 3 246,08 3 246,08 3 246,08


The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 set (96 pcs)

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Business cards

Which size business cards do you print?

We can make any size business cards: the standard sizes are 90x50 (mm) and 85x55 (mm). Also we have an opportunity to make products in individual size.

What is the minimum quantity of business cards you can print?

We can also print 1 business card, due to using A3+ paper, and we can put the maximum number of products per sheet and trim them. One sheet of standard business cards fits 24 pieces.

Can you print business cards on color paper?

Yes, we can print on designer cardboard in any color and with different textures. We can also use different printing techniques to make custom business cards.

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