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Cup Design 

A cup or mug with an original individual design will be an excellent gift and a universal souvenir. In addition, the cup is an excellent platform for advertising. On it you can place the company logo and even its contacts. Such products can have a different shape and design.

Designing a cup is a responsible process that is best left to professionals. The 24Print Printing House offers a different format of cooperation and prompt order fulfillment.

Interesting facts about cups and mugs

A cup is a small dish in the shape of a hemisphere, it can be with or without a handle. The mug has thicker walls, so it is able to maintain the desired temperature of the drink for a long time. The containers design can be very diverse. Interestingly, some peoples not only drink, but also eat from a mug or cup, use them for various rituals. The Stars&Sky Company even came up with a special formula for the perfect cup – these are the three Cs:

  • Comfortable. Material should be pleasant, of high quality, so that the cup can be easily held in the palm of your hand;
  • Beyond Compare. Original inscriptions, photographs, various images, associations will help create a good mood; and
  • Cozy. Inscriptions and personal photos will remind you of memorable dates or loved ones every time you brew coffee, tea, or another drink.

After all, we all have a special cup that we love more than 45 others. Each of us should have our own, special cup, the design of which will be original.

Cup Design Features

Printing a photo, logo, other images on a cup is in great demand. The dishes will become a souvenir for customers, partners, employees. Before proceeding with the design, you need to decide on the cup shape and size.

It is possible to offer a layout and make it yourself or trust the designer. A large number of images is not the best option, it is better to choose a few photos or a good quality logo. Much depends on the purpose of such a gift:

  • A mug with one’s own design as a gift to friends and relatives may look different. These can be personal photos, images, inscriptions in different fonts.
  • A mug design in a corporate style helps to advertise the brand, so it is made in the corporate colors and style.

An important task is the design layout development, on which the result effectiveness will depend. The picture inscription or should be clear and small. The photo and image for application must be selected in good quality and taking into account the size. When printing on a cup, the color may change slightly, as well as the color rendition. This is determined by the material and printing method.

Cup Design Creating Stages

The cup, mug design is created gradually and includes several successive stages:

  • Source and image format application selection. These can be porcelain, ceramic or glass cups. The print is applied in the center or on the sides.
  • Preparation of similar terms of reference for the designer. It will have to spell out not only the format, but also all the subtleties, as well as the reserve wishes.
  • Cup design layout creation.
  • Coordination of the received sketch with the customer; and
  • Printing according to the cup approved design.

The print applied to the cup will last a long time, it is not erased and is dishwasher safe. In the design of a cup, everything should be in moderation, each mug has its own design. Excessive brand imposition, a lot of advertising, can have negative consequences. If the logo takes up a large part of the design of the cup, it may simply turn off the consumer. Delicacy, brevity of design plays an important role.

Where is it profitable to order a cup design?

Despite the fact that a souvenir in the form of a cup appeared a long time ago, it is still considered the most popular and versatile gift today. You can order its design or print from the 24Print Company. Our employees will help to make high-quality layouts of the design of a cup or mug according to the technical specifications of the customer. The cost is affected by the complexity and urgency of design development. A systematic approach makes it possible to take into account the slightest nuances and strictly adhere to the agreed deadlines.

Everything is thought out in the printing house, from the layout development to the finished products delivery. Qualified specialists will always help to find information, make a competent structure, create an exclusive design. You can order printing by filling out a special form or by calling our consultants at the indicated number. You can offer your own mug design or use the services of our specialists. We work without breaks, weekends or holidays, so that you can quickly resolve your issues and order a mug design at any convenient time.

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