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Poster Design

Quality poster design combines advertising, psychology, sales. Designers, together with marketers, try creating a unique poster that will fulfill its function effectively. Creating a poster design for amateurs seems like a simple task, but professionals understand hundreds of nuances. It is important to take into account a huge number of factors and features of the printed products manufacture.

If you need to print and design a poster, we will be happy to complete this task and accept any volume of circulation for processing around the clock and seven days a week, the terms are set individually.

Poster Classification

The first such products appeared in ancient Egypt; they belong to the French artist Jules Cheret. The poster is not just a spectacular image. In fact, this is a flexible tool that is used for advertising, information, campaigning and other purposes. There are many types of posters, the design of which is different:

• Information type – looks like a poster. Its key goal is to announce events and convey important cultural information to the audience.

• Designer type – used to decorate the interior. Stylish posters will look no worse than paintings and other decorative elements.

• Image types – contain corporate information, including the logo, color palette, and company contacts.

• Agitational types – designed to convey the necessary information and make people pay attention to it.

• Advertising types – used for marketing purposes. For example, when opening a store, holding a promotion, an advertising campaign.

Poster design formats also differ. These can be the following sizes:

• A2 - the best option for medium and large print runs.

• A1 - the largest posters, their design will cost more.

• A3 - the most budgetary of all types; and

• A0 - the widest posters.

It is necessary to choose the design and size taking into account the purpose of the product. The price of a poster design will depend on its content, the presence of a logo, complex images. For poster printing, you can choose matte or glossy coated paper with a weight of at least 130 g/m2. density in the range of 120 - 180 g / m2 - the golden mean in the ratio of price and quality of products for the placement of information materials. More expensive designer paper is also used.

The text in the poster design should convey the necessary information to the target audience and correspond to the proposed direction of the provision of services or production of products. In addition, such advertising allows talking about goods, services, subject to the placement of products at exhibitions, seminars more subtly.

How to create a poster?

There is one professional design rule that goes like this: less is more. The message in poster design is best kept simple and clear to the recipient. Therefore, it is worth discarding all unnecessary details and think over the text well, all the ideas you have.

Poster graphic design is a delicate job that doesn't follow a pattern. As a rule, the advertising layout composition has a specific plan:

• visualization, which is achieved through images and fonts;

• catchy design and the slogan itself; and

• logo or trademark.

A good semantic image is formed, which will become the basis of the style. Its important components will be the right colors, font and graphics. The design should take into account the textual content. The poster should be perceived harmoniously and holistically, so it is important to have a connection between verbal formulations and image. High demands are put forward to the font. His choice must be properly approached, the text must be well read at a great distance. Information should not be too much; it will be poorly perceived. The text should highlight the logo.

Why is the 24Print chosen?

Ordering a poster with your own design is convenient and profitable at the 24Print company. We have hired the best specialists in our team who are ready to offer original solutions to implement your ideas and create a unique design. You can also order poster printing from us. Depending on the circulation, a more affordable digital or offset printing format is selected. In the second case, the poster design will be more clearly visible, the print quality is higher, but the price is different.

Our clients are large advertising agencies, various companies, organizations and individuals. Through the use of reliable image ink technology, bright and high-contrast images can be created. Transferring a picture from a design layout will be as accurate as possible. All orders are completed on time. It is worth discussing in advance all the possibilities and features of creating a poster design with our Printing House manager. 

If the poster design is done correctly, and high-quality materials are selected, then it will serve for a long time, have a presentable appearance and convey the necessary information.

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