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Gift Certificate Design

How many different holidays there are in our lives, on which gifts are usually given! Now it is not at all necessary to rush to shopping centers and look for an interesting present. A Gift Certificate is an ideal option when there is little time left before the holiday, and you do not know what to give as a gift. You just need to find the recipient's favorite store and present him/her with a Gift Card. With its help, you can give not only the opportunity to purchase your favorite products, but also enjoy various services: master classes, courses, massage, cosmetologist services, training, photo sessions and others. The design of certificates will differ depending on its purpose and recipient.

The 24Print company helps customers to satisfy their various requests. Specialists will prepare an original layout at the best price. The cost will depend on the format of printing products and production time.

Gift Certificates Classification

The very first Gift Certificates were printed on cardboard or thick paper. Today, such cards have replaced more durable plastic certificates with various designs. The popularity of such products as gifts is due to their use convenience, as well as the recipients’ positive emotions. In addition, the Gift Certificate design can be a good advertising move for a company, a chain of stores, it will help attract new customers.

Before you create a layout, you need to learn about the different types of gift cards. Depending on the materials and format, gift certificates are of the following types:

  • Paper ones – the easiest to manufacture. A gift certificate, the design of which is ordered, can be made according to a ready-made template or come up with a design from scratch. Such certificates are suitable for small shops, beauty salons, for personal purposes.
  • Plastic certificates are a good option for large retail outlets. The design is more complex, the company logo is applied to the cards. Such products have protection against counterfeiting, they are stronger and more durable.
  • Electronic certificates are used before making purchases. The advantage of this format is the ability to issue it without leaving home. In addition, such a certificate can be presented regardless of the location of the recipient. In addition, there is no need to print the finished version.

One needs to choose depending on the goals and purpose of the card. The certificate design, the price of which depends on the customer choice, may differ. It will become an original one and at the same time a universal gift, regardless of the occasion.

Gift Certificate Size and Font

You can create a Gift Certificate design yourself or with the help of a designer. Gift Certificates usually have a size as follows: 20.3 × 9.5 cm. There are also larger dimensions - 21.5 × 10.1 cm and small ones - 8.8 × 5 cm. Gift Certificates can be in the form of plastic cards, printed on paper or thick cardboard.

Gift certificate designs use sans-serif fonts, which are clearer and easier to read. The font can be anything, the main thing is that it matches the design. At the same time, an excessive number of elements or text can simply “overload” the design of the certificate. In this matter, one should strive for simplicity, sincerity.

How to create a Gift Certificate?

The future certificate is a document, therefore, when compiling and developing its design, a number of requirements must be taken into account:

  • A certificate is a product that must be accounted for. Its characteristics must be clearly defined: denomination, service or several services, number of certificates. These parameters are constant and cannot spontaneously change in the design at the request of the client. The design text content will depend on them.
  • When drafting the text, it is worth considering absolutely all scenarios of use: acquisition, return, donation, write-off, registration for procedures, renewal of validity.
  • After determining the conditions of use and materials, you can proceed to the design. This may be a more discreet, corporate version with corporate identity elements. Such products are more suitable for partners, employees. As for the design of a gift certificate for friends and relatives, there are no restrictions, it all depends on the wishes of the customer. As for the design of a gift certificate for friends and relatives, there are no restrictions, it all depends on the customer’s wishes.

The Gift Certificate, the design of which will be created, must contain the name of the recipient, the expiration date of the card, contact information, the size and amount of the discount, and other information.

A certificate is primarily a gift, so it must be beautiful and the recipient will like it. On the reverse side, you can make a place to write wishes, so you will receive a gift card at the same time.

Where can I order a Gift Certificate design?

Ease of use, versatility, a large selection of stylish design templates, as well as the ability to make an exclusive design are the key advantages of the gift option. Today, ordering the design of such a card is not difficult, the main thing is to choose a trusted company.

Gift Certificates designed by the 24Print specialists are distinguished by their originality and high quality. The site provides access to examples of finished works, where you can clearly see the high level of performance. Focusing on the budget, you can profitably advertise your company or product, make an unusual gift. Using the 24print services, you also get the following advantages for design and printing:

• carrying out prepress check of each layout;

• use of modern printing methods and high-tech equipment; and

• reasonable price of design and high qualification of employees.

The layout development takes place strictly on time. The finished version is sent to the customer for approval. Experienced managers will help you create the optimal design of gift certificates, choose the size for printing, high-quality material, and also advise on all issues. You can order a design directly on the site or by contact phone.

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