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Price tags

Price tags are a carrier of information that must be communicated to the buyer in the store before making a purchase. It should contain up-to-date information or be changed if the price has increased or decreased.

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Why print price tags?

Price nowadays plays almost a key role in making the final decision by the buyer when buying a product. Most often, if the buyer does not see the cost, then he walks by and makes a purchase from the seller who printed and placed price tags on the product and, of course, the more original it is, the more chances that buyers will pay attention to your product. Based on this, we conclude that the production of price tags is ordered in order to:

  • Build brand awareness. Hypermarkets, shopping centres and branded chain stores create individual price tags. You can do the same even if you have a small shop. The customer will remember the unusual price tag or interesting label and come back again.
  • Draw attention to promotions or discounts. Any buyer loves discounts and is more willing to make a purchase of a product, if it is discounted, you can see the old cost and it is clear how much more profitable it is to make a purchase now. Even if the buyer came for a certain product, he still needs to see what products are currently receiving a discount or promotion. We recommend making the price tags for promotional or discount goods brighter than all the others so that they immediately catch your eye.
  • Select product groups. If you are the owner of, for example, a grocery store, then print different price tags for eco products, lactose-free or low-calorie products. This will save customers time for which they will be grateful and return again to the store where they were taken care of.
Create price tags

The main task when creating it is to make it memorable, bright and unique. You can use your imagination and make it in any format and colour. To create and print unique price tags you need:

  • Don't post a lot of information on it. The first thing that attracts attention is the price. They also place the information necessary for making a purchase.
  • Study how competitors presented the information and do exactly the opposite. Be unique.
  • Order the printing of price tags, tags and labels from trusted printing houses on dense material that will last a long time and will create a positive impression.
  • Approach your design responsibly. If you yourself cannot start creating a layout for price tags, then use online templates, special programs, or contact the professionals.

24print will be happy to put at your disposal a staff of designers who will help you create a unique layout.

Types of printing

The 24print company uses the following types of printing to create price tags:

  • Digital printing - which makes it possible to first print a test copy of the price tags, and then either make adjustments or place an online order for the circulation. With high-speed printers, 24print fulfils orders within hours.
  • Offset printing - used for large circulation of price tags, but it is impossible to print them quickly. This type of application is not used for personalized products, but it can save you a budget.
  • Silk-screened - allows you to create creative price tags that will stand out from the rest. Price tags are printed on paper or designer cardboard with paints, the printing colour is selected based on corporate colours online or in the office according to the Pantone fan.
  • UV printing is a method of application using ink that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. UV printing allows you to print price tags with the transfer of the smallest details and maintain an acceptable appearance of the product for years.
24print is not just a service

It has become easier to print price tags as a matter of urgency and place an order online thanks to the 24/7 operation of 24print print centres. Service centre managers will help you choose the material, type of printing and post-printing work. 24print strives to help every client no matter what.

Price tag printing (size 60×40mm)


1001-3000 501-1000 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-11

One-sided black and white print on Mondi Color print DNS paper 300 g/m2

0,70 1,10 1,20 2,70 3,10 5,50 39,30

One-sided color printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 300 g/m2

1,10 1,40 1,50 3,20 3,80 7,50 61,80

The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 piece.

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