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Sticker Design

Self-adhesive stickers will become a kind of advertising ticket for a product, service, institution, company, organization. In addition, they perform a protective and informative function, are easy to use and are completely ready for use.

The 24Print company will help you develop a stylish and original sticker design that will help you realize your ideas.

Why stickers are so popular?

Due to the affordable price and wide range of applications, stickers are in constant demand. They can be used in the following areas:

Car stickers for and other vehicles stickers can be on a white or transparent base, have different sizes and designs.

Various purposes goods for are marked with a sticker, it indicates the product name, its composition, manufacturer and other information.

The interior of premises and establishments is also decorated with various purposes stickers, they are distinguished by a variety of shapes and content.

Customer requirements for printed products are constantly growing. A quality sticker will catch a customer attention even from afar and will keep them as they approach. In order to create stickers with your own design, you need a creative modern approach.

Stickers Shape and Size

Thanks to the use of large format printing technologies, the maximum size of the labels is unlimited. Stickers are available in round, square, rectangular or shaped shapes. Let's consider each of the types in more detail:

The round shape is often seen and perceived by the target audience. Round stickers in combination with contrasting design attract attention.

The rectangle shape allows choosing of standard formats: A4, A6, A5 and others. The most common dimensions are: 100x75 or 75x75 mm.

Curly self-adhesives can be different, from simple oval or T-shaped ones or more complex ones that resemble characters, create silhouettes and will definitely be remembered.

Self-adhesive products, depending on the printing methods, can be single-sided (suitable for an opaque surface) or double-sided (glued to transparent containers, doors, shop windows).

What stickers to choose?

Prior to ordering a sticker design and printing, it shall be important to think through every little detail. First of all, it is worth considering the printed products purpose and location. For the label that will be placed on the product, the specifics of the product, as well as the conditions of its operation, play an important role. The stickers design must include all signs and markings. For outdoor use, self-adhesive products are not only strong, but also durable. The stickers with double-sided printing are best suited for windows, doors, bright stained-glass windows, as well as various glass surfaces.

It is possible to ask for samples to test before ordering a full print run. This will help to test the appearance and behavior of the material on a specific surface. Modern technologies make it possible to produce stickers at the best price and in any circulation.

How to create a sticker design?

Sticker design development is a labor-intensive process that consists of several stages involving a certain number of people:

The first stage consists in the concept development. At this stage, active negotiations are underway with the customer, all wishes are taken into account, the main and secondary elements of the future sticker design are highlighted, a draft version is created, and agreed with the client.

Then the selection of colors, fonts, illustrations is carried out. What is important here is the influence of color on the subconscious, the combination of different tones, and the addition of the overall picture to achieve the best result. Images or illustrations should complement the text without attracting unnecessary attention to themselves, correspond to the general theme. The main thing - compliance with the measure in the number of styles and font sizes - these are prerequisites for a good sticker design. Also, the color should match the corporate range of shades, if one exists. In case of absence, the designer shall offer its options.

The third step is to prepare your layout for printing. The designer sets the image size, selects the color model and sets the cropping margins, as well as adjusts the layout according to the technical specifications.

The fourth step is to agree on a possible test print with the client and submit the order for implementation. For the purpose of a clear vision of the finished printing product, our experts recommend test printing, because it is known that when printing, the layout may differ from that which was on electronic devices. A finished sketch of a future sticker, even of the smallest size, needs to be viewed from a distance, as the sticker should attract attention.

Designer assistants in creating sticker designs are programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, and others. The design and layout of future catalogs can be developed independently in the online editor, but it is better to contact a designer.

Stickers by 24Print Design Advantages

The 24Print Printing House will design stickers of any format and purpose. We employ the best designers with extensive experience who will fulfill an order of any complexity and strictly on time.

Our specialists will carry out preparatory work, such as color proofs, checking the design layout. And only after the approval of all issues with the client, the layout is sent to print. You can order printing by filling out a special form or by calling our consultants at the indicated number. For sticker design, the price depends on the complexity of the layout, its textual and graphic content.

By cooperating with us, each client will be able to get advice on the layout development, short and accurate production time, as well as delivery by courier directly to your home. The site provides examples of works by which you can evaluate the professionalism and high quality of printed products.


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