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Booklet Design

Booklets represent a simple and accessible method of conveying the necessary information to the target audience. They can be made on thick or thin paper. Such leaflets are folded several times and contain text, images, tables and other information that will definitely interest the client.

At the "24print" company, the booklet design is carried out taking into account all our customers’ wishes. Additionally, you can order urgent production and printing of these products in large quantities from us.

Booklet Classification

The booklet will become a visual material with which marketers will profitably demonstrate products or services. On the other hand, it will be a bright leaflet, the design of which must be informative.

The future design parameters of the booklet can be in A4 or A5 format. Data is printed on the paper both sides. The finished printed product is folded with the help of folds, there were two or three of them. Depending on the purpose, all booklets are divided into the following types:

• Advertising Types – contribute to the brand, goods, and services promotion. They are distinguished by the selling content presence, a rather bright design, they are definitely able to attract attention. 

• Introductory or Image Types - they can be attributed to advertising publications, but offer more complete information about the company, as well as its products or services provided. They should lead the client to the transaction conclusion, so the cost of brochure design will be higher.

• Information Types - characterized by an introductory or teaching character. Such publications can be used in various educational institutions, as well as in social advertising or as instructions for using a particular product. The paper used for printing is inexpensive, and the design and layout of a booklet of this format should be restrained.

The booklet design price and the paper quality will depend on the advertising campaign budget.

Booklet Choosing Advantages

Booklet design has a number of advantages, due to which the majority chooses this particular type of printed matter. These include:

• Convenient sizes. The booklet, the design of which is being created, fits easily in the hand. When you unfold the booklet, all the necessary information will be in front of your eyes.  

• Versatility. Information on the booklet can be placed any information. It can be not just text, but also graphics, images, diagrams. The data may be promotional or informational in nature. 

• Spaciousness. All sides of the sheet are used for the booklet, so a huge amount of information is placed. 

• Minimum images. As a rule, a small number of images are allowed on the booklet, it shall be better if your company logo, real photos of employees are used.

• Affordable price. When printing a large edition of booklets, the design of which is created, the services cost of is affordable. This shall allow the advertising costs minimizing.

The booklet will always be near a potential buyer, and its competent design will broadcast information about the company status. Before ordering a brochure design, it shall be necessary to think over the booklet concept and content. The layout can be developed independently or seek the help of specialists.

How to create a booklet design?

First of all, one needs to decide on the goal, and, as a rule, it consists in one thing – to be remembered and solve the problem of a potential client. When preparing a booklet design layout, one should pay special attention to the following points:

• For whom is it being created. It is important to know the target audience in person. One needs to understand what people want and satisfy their needs. A unique selling proposition that competitors will not have will also help.

• Functional or operational text. The text will work if the client finds useful information, numbers, and understandable language in it. 

• Quality design. Colors need to be chosen correctly so that they are combined. Do not overload the reader with a huge number of fonts, there should be no more than three types. 

• Format. The brochure can be of different sizes in finished form: 210 x 297 mm (A4), 148 x 210 mm (A5), 210 x 100 mm (A3).

• The headline needs to be catchy to keep the attention of the booklet design and attract customers. 

The advertising booklets design should be unusual, so non-standard moves are used, which include: embossing, non-standard form of tracing paper insert, designer paper and other options. 

What determines the booklet design price?

The booklet design cost and printing shall be determined by a number of factors:

• content and layout of the booklet;

• scope of work;

• type and complexity of printing;

• paper density.


There is always an opportunity to choose options according to your budget. The correct layout of the booklet design will help to place the right accents. Blocks of text must be placed correctly so that it can be easily read. The booklet is a part of corporate products, it can be given to partners, contractors, clients.

Where is it profitable to order a booklet design?

The 24print printing house employs experienced designers – professionals who can easily solve any task assigned to them. 

Creative designers will help to develop a design for any requirements. Only high-quality materials and modern technologies are used in the work. The project will be implemented strictly within the agreed time. 

We use paper of various density or density of paper. This allows the buyer to choose the option that suits him in terms of quality and cost. The text is necessarily checked for errors at the stage of the booklet design developing. Depending on the circulation, a more affordable digital or offset printing format shall be selected. In the second case, the print quality is higher, but also the cost of brochure design is higher. 

Booklet design and printing can be ordered directly on the website or by phone. We have hired the best specialists in our team who are ready to offer original solutions to implement your ideas and create a unique design.


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