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Flyer - is a printed product that is often used in the field of advertising. A flyer is a variant of a leaflet that carries information about a new product or service, a discount, or is a pass to promotions and events.

Flyers are a good and effective marketing ploy these days. Flyers are handed out in the metro, on the street, in shopping centres, at promotions and various events. Flyer printing is considered one of the cheapest and most profitable services in Kyiv printing houses for promoting modern business.

The 24print company in Kyiv prints flyers around the clock.

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Mondi Colour print DNS G paper

Mondi Colour premium DNS V paper

Mondi Colour copy paper 

Munken Pure Paper

Coated paper

Designer cardboard
 offset editions from 500 pcs. - check with the manager


glossy lamination

matte lamination



rounding corners

cutting to size



210x100 mm, A6 - A3


Before embarking on a design, you need to understand what information it should convey. When developing a layout, do not oversaturate it with information, otherwise it threatens to turn into a booklet or brochure. To get the most out of your flyer printing, focus on one sentence or the most important message you need to convey.

It is better to use high-quality bright and colourful photos or pictures, high-quality tables and graphs for creating a layout, which will create a positive impression of the product and the company. The design should fully reflect the direction of the company.

When making a layout for printing flyers, you should pay attention to everything, even if it seems to you that it is a trifle. The size and readability of the text, nice paper and high-quality printing of flyers, leaflets and other printed products - all this affects the final result.

If you do not know how to correctly create a composition and convey a message to the end consumer, then it is best to contact a professional designer. 24print print designers will help you design unique advertising flyers for printing that will awaken the desire to purchase the advertised product or service.

Advantages and disadvantages of flyers

This type of product, as in principle, and the rest of the printing products have their own advantages and disadvantages.


  • An affordable type of product for advertising and business promotion.
  • It is possible to print flyers in almost any printing centre in Kyiv inexpensively. The main thing is to make sure of the competence of the contractor and to trust only trusted companies.
  • By distributing leaflets, you can reach a wide audience.
  • The compactness of the flyer increases the chances that the potential client will not throw it away, but put it in his pocket.
  • It is possible to order urgent printing of flyers, as well as to perform in printing centres in Kyiv.


  • Development of a layout, search for printing, selection of material takes a lot of time. If you choose non-professionals, then in the end you run the risk of getting cheap flyer printing and, accordingly, a low-quality product.
  • The flyer contains a small amount of information, so you only need to enter basic information about the product or service.

In an effort to profitably print flyers in Kiev printing houses, keep in mind that cheap printing will affect the quality of the finished product.

Types of printing

Typography most often uses two methods of printing flyers.

Digital printing of flyers. The main advantage of this type of printing is the ability to perform urgent flyer printing. You can print in this way a circulation of 1 copy, and flyers can be personalized. You can print both colour flyers and black and white.

Offset printing of flyers. This method is suitable for runs over 500 copies and the more print runs for flyers, the lower the cost of one copy. It is not possible to print flyers urgently with offset printing, since preparation takes a long time.

Thanks to the round-the-clock work of the 24print operational service centre, you can print flyers in Kyiv urgently, even at night.

Materials and sizes

The printing industry in Kyiv often uses medium density paper for printing flyers. In exceptional cases, for example, for presentations and conferences, thick paper or designer cardboard is used. The choice of paper, like many other factors when printing flyers, affects the price of the final product. If you want to print your flyers on premium paper, be prepared that it won't be cheap.

For flyer printing, the most popular formats are considered A5 and A6, as well as the “euro” size. The choice of size depends on the amount of information that needs to be placed. If there is little information, then you can print A6 format flyers, but if you need to print a lot of information, you can make an A4 flyer or print a booklet.

In the 24print service centre, you can order the printing of non-standard format flyers and attract even more consumer attention with such a flyer.

Order at 24print

You can place an order for printing flyers at 24print in Kyiv by writing to us in the chat, by e-mail, or by placing an online order. Our managers will advise you on the issue of flyer printing, advise how to produce a low-cost circulation, and also guide you in terms of production time. In addition, you can order business cards, stickers and other printed products in 24print.

Delivery of finished products in Kyiv is carried out by courier service, and across Ukraine by Nova Poshta.

Double-sided flyer 210x100 mm


6001+ 3001- 6000 1206- 3000 606- 1205 306- 605 66-305 54-65 18-53 6-17 1-5

Double-sided flyer 210×100 mm on 120 g/m2 paper

3,20 5,20 6,80 7,10 8,60 10,40 12,20 14,20 16,50 84,60


The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 flyer


6 flyers can be placed on one sheet of SRA3

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