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Calendar Design

It's hard to find someone who doesn't use a calendar. This is a popular print product that allows one's time to be planned. In addition, many companies try to release corporate calendars every year to provide their customers and partners with their products and services reminder throughout the next year.

Calendar design development is a popular service that is ordered from the 24print company not only before the New Year. For printing original, unusual calendars we offer various design options.

Multipurpose calendar assignment or use

Calendar represents a convenient printing product that can become a flexible promotional tool or an interesting gift. It performs a large number of functions as follows:

practical souvenir;

business gift; and

handout for exhibition, conference, or seminar.

Large companies try to release branded calendars every year, which will become their goods and services useful reminder. An original multi-purpose printing product can be a great gift for partners, customers, employees and loved ones. The calendar any version, no matter whether it is a complex or simple composition, will be a pleasant surprise.

Calendar Types

The calendar design and its format may differ depending on the purpose, location, and purpose of use. Let's consider the calendars most popular types depending on their location and intended use:

Wall calendars – they can be placed at home, in the office, at the exhibition; the calendar format shall depend on this. Photographs, landscapes, quotes will help to complement the design of the wall calendar. Most often it is the A4, A3 format, sometimes A1 is found. As a basis, not only the usual paper or cardboard is used, but also wood or canvas. Paper weight must be at least 300 g/m2. Products can be tear-off, sheet, cross-over, quarterly. The price of a wall calendar design will depend on the layout complexity. Tear-off calendars types differ from each other in size, they can contain 365 or more sheets.

Desk calendar or loose-leaf calendars can be put on the table, chest of drawers, nightstand. They do not clutter up the space, so they are compact in size. Desk calendar options can be flip calendars, or in the form of a "house" (having a block of 6 - 12 sheets with spring fastening) or "pyramid" (with three sides and a base, may contain company coordinates, logo and other information).

Pocket products are distinguished by their small size of 70x100 mm. On the one hand, they have a calendar grid, and on the other, there is advertising. The pocket calendars design is the most diverse. They can be both a discount coupon, a metro card, and an advertisement for services or goods. The pocket calendar will always be at hand. Lamination and cutting corners technology are used to ensure that they serve for a long time.

Poster calendars allow decorating the interior and have the largest format. Calendars execution and design may include various landscapes, images. while the grid occupies up to one quarter of the total area of ​​the sheet. For drawing the image, as a rule, offset printing is used. The paper must have a weight of at least 150 g/m2.

According to their purpose, calendars can be classified into family, work, advertising, gift ones. Depending on the type of grid, they can be annual, monthly or quarterly. The quarter calendar design is suitable for an accountant, manager.

You can also order an original calendar design, the cost of which will be higher, but you can definitely surprise your partners or customers. This calendar would make a great gift. If necessary, a calendar may also look appropriate in the design of the site.

Helpful Calendar Design Tips

First of all, you need to structure the information, think about how blocks with dates, images, text will be placed. To make the right choice, you can come up with several options. It is important to pay attention to such nuances:

The most important thing is the calendar theme, depending on it, images are selected, text is compiled.

You need to use every inch of space. If it is a multi-page calendar, each of them should contain one month of the year.

Well-designed and high-quality illustrations are able to keep a person’s attention and work as an engagement tool.

The date layout structure should be pleasant, attractive, and most importantly, easy to read. 

Minimalism combined with pastel colors can add lightness.

Colors should be in harmony with each other.

Complex design concepts are not always appropriate, sometimes it will be enough to create positive emotions when it comes to a gift. Image, corporate calendars have a different mission, their task is to attract your customers’ and partners’ attention, so be sure to adhere to the corporate style.

Calendar Design Development Stages

It is better to order the calendars manufacture and design in a trusted company. Over the years of uninterrupted teamwork, the 24print Printing House has built a reputation as a reliable and fast performer. We take on projects of any complexity. Calendar design development includes the following steps:

Agreement with the client. To develop the design of a loose-leaf calendar, tear-off or sheet, it is necessary to determine its purpose, size, circulation, as well as internal content. You can choose coated glossy or matte, as well as design paper. It can be in full color or only in black and white. It all depends on the customer wishes.

Layout development. When all technical issues are resolved, the designer proceeds to create a layout that takes into account all the needs of the client (corporate style, placement, usage patterns). The mockup will help you think through the idea and make the design of the calendars unique and attractive.

Layout Approval. The client receives a draft version of the layout in electronic form, makes its own corrections and comments, after which it is sent to print.

Print. Digital or offset printing can be pre-ordered.

The final cost of the calendar design developing will depend on the layout complexity, the number of pages, the internal content, and the idea originality.

Where can I order a calendar design?

Ordering calendar designs from us is easy, and we are always ready to recommend a solution to make the cost of printed products more affordable, while maintaining a high level of quality.

Each client can count on the order execution in accordance with its wishes. The final price will be affected by the circulation size, as well as the printing and post-printing works complexity. Thanks to complete information about prices and production time, the customer can independently calculate the project total cost. We accept any volume of circulation for processing around the clock and seven days a week, the terms shall be set individually. If necessary, specialists prepare publications on accelerated terms.

24print implements all your ideas by creating a calendar, which will fully meet your goals.

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