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Design Menu

Design Menu

A menu is an important means of advertising and the main component of the institution's image, the best means of communication with guests. The 24Print specialists know how to create a menu design for a cafe, restaurant, and other establishments in order to increase profits and interest visitors. Everything is provided in our printing house, from a layout development to the finished products delivery. The orders receiving and fulfilling takes place seven days a week and at any time convenient for the client. Everything is provided in our printing house, from the development of a layout to the delivery of finished products. The orders reception and execution take place seven days a week and at any time convenient for the client.

Menu Formation Basic Principles

The first thing the visitors see is the restaurant menu. It plays the role of a business card and creates the cafe or the restaurant first impression. That is why it is worth making sure that it is convenient, attractive and informative enough. Inaccurate wording, too many dishes, poor quality photos, or inconsistency with the establishment overall atmosphere can spoil the client’s impression significantly. Carefully selected menu design for a cafe can contribute to its success and increase revenue. Thanks to it, it will be easy to attract the visitors’ attention to the most popular dishes.

Simple recommendations on how to make the cafe menu design of the highest quality and interesting for customers will help you decide which menu appearance will be the most successful. The design should match the brand style and the establishment design.

Menu Types

With the help of the menu, it is possible to have a real conversation with the guest. Nevertheless, concise and persuasive words should be used, so it is better to think through each step. It is necessary to write an effective message for the client. And it starts with defining the menu type. The cost of menu design for a cafe will also depend on its variety. You can choose one of the following menu options:

Text menu - all dishes are written in text, while images are linked exclusively to the section. For example, a general photo of drinks is given for the “drinks” section. The menu design price of this format will be affordable. It is easy to arrange, springs or paper clips are used for fastening. Design paper without lamination is used.

The menu with a photo of each dish is more voluminous and complex. It is ideal for oriental, Thai, Mexican and other cuisines. The client chooses with its eyes, so it is important to take high-quality photos. The menu can be in a leather or cardboard folder, on a spring or rings.

Combined menu – there are several photos on the page. The price of a menu design for a restaurant in this format will be cheaper, and you can also reduce the number of pages. The block uses paper with a density of 170-200 g with lamination.

The number of orders directly depends on how “tasty” the dishes are depicted. A well-designed menu should help guests make the right choice, so it is important to think through every little thing.

Fastening Method and Menu Appearance

Each type of fastening differs in durability, quality and price. Depending on the method of fastening, the menu may be a sheet-like type. For printing, design or thick laminated paper (density not less than 300 g), A3 format is used. You can also order a menu design for a coffee shop or other establishment using other fastening methods:

In the form of a folder. This is the most durable option. In folders, sheets can be attached using bolts, a ring mechanism, plastic files, braids, laces, and elastic bands.

Assembly with bolts will last several months, as the paper is wiped off and the laminate can peel off.

Staple on a paperclip is used mainly for bar or wine lists. For this menu design format, the cost will be minimal. If a multi-page option for placing dishes is provided, several paper clips can be used at once on the spine.

Images are applied to the pages by different methods: silk screen printing, gold or silver stamping, regular full-color printing. The establishment menu should demonstrate to visitors the cafe pricing policy and correspond to the establishment style. If your establishment differs from competitors in more affordable prices, then it is worth notifying customers about this. Focus on the popular dishes prices or special offers. You can order an original menu design for a cafe from us, which price will be affordable.

Helpful Tips for Menu Design

Menu design development is a multi-stage process. It is important to determine the target audience, as well as the time of using the menu, this will determine the choice of format, method of fastening, filling the menu. Before compiling it, it is important to determine the list of all dishes and divide them into categories. It is important to comply with all requirements for layouts and prepare them correctly. The main purpose of sorting is to highlight the most popular and profitable positions. In the process of creating a restaurant menu design, it is important to consider the following features:

According to the psychologists’ research, a person first looks in the sheet center, then the gaze concentrates on the upper right corner, and only in the end the information is studied from the top left. This can be used when arranging dishes. In the areas under consideration, the most popular and profitable menu dishes need to be placed.

It is worth avoiding to use currency signs. A menu without a currency may bring more orders. In addition, prices do not need to be placed in one column. It is better to use the original design scheme with names, numbers, as well as different dishes photos.

A menu for a professionally designed restaurant should have visual accents. Colors and interesting schematic marks will help highlight important information that deserves the visitors’ special attention.

The menu should not be overloaded so that your customers do not have problems choosing a dish. Give them the opportunity to choose from 5 to 10 options. Try to match the menu parameters and length and the visitors’ expectations. For fast food menu items, an assortment of six dishes with the best palatability traits shall be sufficient.

The photographs should be of high quality. A good image of dishes next to their name and description can increase sales by 30%. But it is worth remembering that only a real and most realistic photo of dishes will help to interest visitors and make them regular customers. Customers will be disappointed if they notice an image inconsistency in the menu.

Try focusing on the cost: design, cafe menu, and price

In the menu, each position should not only arouse curiosity, but also contribute to good sales. It is desirable to introduce mouth-watering images into the menu, for example, crispy, juicy, appetizing ones. It is not always necessary to achieve conciseness in expressions. For example, instead of the phrase “pizza in assortment”, you should list all types of pizza by of the dish names and dish ingredients.

Call us if you need printing and designing menus quickly and inexpensively in different formats. A qualified graphic designer and a good photographer will help you create a truly unique and stylish menu for your establishment. One can attract customers with the help of a high-quality menu, it depends on the menu to a large extent how much money the guest will spend.

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