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The product is usually small in volume (in international practice, no less than 5 and no more than 48 pages). These can be promotional materials, instructions, tutorials, and the like.

This product, in contrast to a leaflet or a brochure, is a more presentable product. You can order brochure printing from 24print around the clock.

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glossy lamination

matte lamination

stitching on the staple

metal spring binding

binding on a plastic spring



cutting to size


Mondi Colour print DNS G paper

Mondi Colour premium DNS V paper

Mondi Colour copy paper 

Munken Pure Paper

Coated paper

Design paper
offset quantities from 500 pcs. - check with the manager


A6 - A4


Depending on the purpose of their use, they can be divided into the following types:

  • Information
  • Advertising
  • Presentation

Informational. Includes brochures that contain elements of public service announcements and include useful information to the public.

Presentation. They give the opportunity to present a company or product to new partners or clients from the best side and in the right angle.

Advertising brochures. Print advertising brochures to attract customer attention and increase sales. The main task of this type is to advertise a new product in such a way that people would like to buy it.

Depending on the circulation, we will help you choose the manufacturing method. For printing brochures in small editions, it is better to use a digital type of application; for large batches, offset will be economically profitable.

Types of printing and bonding

Digital printing makes it possible to print brochures with rich colours and get finished products in a short time.

Benefits of digital brochure printing

  • Low cost for small runs
  • Possibility of making a trial sample
  • Urgent circulation can be printed
  • Quality
  • The ability to manufacture personalized products


  • Format limitation
  • There is no way to apply with pantones, silver or gold
  • When printing large editions of brochures, the price of a copy is higher than that of an offset

Offset brochure printing allows you to automate your work and print brochures at a low cost.

  • High-quality prints with grayscale reproduction and precise detail
  • Low cost brochure printing for large offset runs
  • Application with pantones and metallic paints is possible


  • Colour reproduction changes when printing colour brochures on coloured media
  • It is not profitable to print small runs
  • It is not possible to print brochures urgently due to the time-consuming process of preparing for printing

Both types of application guarantee a quality product. The choice depends on whether the order is urgent or not, and whether you need to print brochures inexpensively.

Printing of brochures at the 24print service centre in Kyiv can be done both in colour and in black and white. Black and white brochure printing is cheaper than colour printing.

Printing companies offer the following ways to connect the pages of a brochure:

  • Brace. Stapling is the most popular stapling method. This option is time-tested, reliable and inexpensive. Print brochures with stitching on the bracket in 24print printing can be quickly and accurately.
  • Seamlessly adhesive. The seamless adhesive method looks more impressive than stapling. This method does not allow it to be fully expanded, which makes it difficult to view the illustrations, if any.
  • Bolts or rings. Mounting on rings or bolts makes the product more expensive and stylish. There is a wide range of accessories for this type of fastening.

Printing house 24print for the production of brochures uses only the latest equipment, thanks to which we provide high quality products and affordable prices.

Additional features

Additionally, product pages can be laminated or coated with UV varnish.

Lamination - gives a presentable appearance. In addition, it protects the pages from damage. The laminated product is resistant to water.

24print offers a choice of glossy and matt lamination. Matte lamination does not shine and makes the surface of the product more velvety. Matte lamination “absorbs” colour and makes product pages look less vibrant. Glossy lamination saturates the image with colour, but glares in the sun. Unlike matte lamination, glossy lamination cannot be written with a pen.
UV varnishing - covering the entire surface or specific areas. This processing method is ordered when they want to achieve the original design of catalogues and other products.

24print company prints brochures in Kyiv 7 days a week, seven days a week. Print brochures at 24print in Kyiv at a reasonable price.


24print company prints brochures in standard A6, A5 and A4 formats, as well as in other sizes required by the client. The most popular format for brochure printing is A4. This size allows you to contain a lot of useful information. If you want it to be compact, then you can order the printing of brochures in A5 format, they will not take up much space and the text will be more readable than in A6 format.

Our company prints brochures around the clock, so we guarantee a high speed of production of printed products.


The key to effective advertising is not only high-quality printing of an advertising brochure, but also a stylish thoughtful design.

24print designers will help you design a brochure that will present the service or promotion object in a positive light. A smart design increases the chances that it will produce the desired effect. To do this, it should contain as much useful information as possible without the use of highly specialized terms that will be incomprehensible to the consumer. Also, the brochure should contain - logo, company name, contact information.

We also accept ready-made brochure layouts for printing. Brochures are printed from pdf format and the layout for printing is served page by page. If you do not have a layout in pdf format, then our designers will help you prepare it for printing.

Printing brochures in printing 24print

You can get full advice on all issues from our managers, including questions about the price list.

You can place an order for printing brochures or find out the cost of other products without leaving your home. Each order is calculated individually, taking into account your requirements. Managers of 24print will advise you at any time on the optimal brochure size, number of pages and paper selection, as well as price guidance.

 What determines the cost of printing brochures:

  • Product format.
  • Colours and their quantities.
  • The density of the paper.
  • Number of pages.
  • Stitching type.

When placing an order for printing brochures, you should understand that high-quality and presentable products are not cheap. We deliver ready-made brochures not only in Kyiv, but also in Ukraine.

A5 staple brochure on paper 120 g/m2
Quantity 12 pages 20 pages 32 pages 44 pages
 1000 pcs 52,80 67,70 86,30 112,00
 200 pcs 83,80 115,00 142,10 190,00
 100 pcs 86,00 117,10 178,00 240,30
 50 pcs 95,30 129,70 179,00 241,30
 20 pcs 107,50 144,20 205,50 275,30
 5 pcs 145,30 175,70 239,00 314,40
 1 pcs 251,10 252,90 378,70 454,80
A4 staple brochure on paper 120 g/m2

12 pages

20 pages 32 pages 44 pages
1000 pcs 85,40 102,70 149,70 198,10
200 pcs 150,00 172,60 179,90 236,70
100 pcs 156,00 216,90 269,80 362,70
50 pcs 161,90 222,20 342,50 464,20
20 pcs 190,60 247,40 344,70 465,30
5 pcs 208,80 279,00 431,10 586,10
1 pcs 316,00 374,00 564,10 720,80

The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 brochure

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