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Sticker packs

Sticker packs are a set of stickers that are located on one sheet of a certain format. Such stickers can be of different shapes, sizes, and different numbers can be located on one sheet. The usefulness of these products is obvious, as they are a convenient advertising tool in various fields.

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Sticker pack is a bright way to express yourself

Stickers are a fun way to call to action, deliver important information, and tell people about the company. Sticker packs are often used as advertising or to convey information about the company and its principles. They can be glued to a laptop, tablet, phone, computer, notebook or any other item. Stickers can be received as a gift, bought in a store, or ordered in the printing industry with your own design.

Material options

Depending on the purpose of the stickers and the conditions of their use for printing, 24print offers a choice of two material options.

Self-adhesive paper (raflatac) is used for stickers, which are then glued to a flat surface and are used exclusively indoors. This type of material is difficult to remove, leaving marks on the surface, fade in the sun over time, and is also exposed to moisture. Advantages of adhesive paper are price, naturalness and the fact that you can write on it.

Raflatac can be divided into two types: with a notch on the back side and without a notch. For sticker packs, paper is used without notching, for standard stickers, paper with notched marks is used, because it makes it easier to separate the stickers from the backing.

Self-adhesive tape is used to print moisture resistant stickers. Stickers printed on vinyl film are easily removable and do not leave marks on the surface, do not fade in the sun and are glued to any surface. The disadvantages of the film include the cost, it is higher than that of paper, and you cannot write on such a sticker pack with a pen.

Based on where the sticker pack will be used for printing, you can choose a matte or glossy film, it can also be white or transparent.

Types of printing

Based on the circulation, terms and additional work, our managers will select an advantageous printing method. For the production of your stickers, 24print uses the following methods of applying images:

  • Laser printing is used when you need to print stickers in small quantities in a short time. When using this type of printing, stickers are produced within a few hours (the terms depend on the circulation and download at the time of ordering). When laser printing on one printed sheet, we can place different stickers. It is thanks to the laser method of application that the 24print rapid printing centre performs urgent printing of stickers around the clock.
  • Offset printing is one of the most demanded and popular printing technologies. This method is often used when you need to order stickers in large quantities, because in this case it will be economically beneficial. Offset printing technology ensures high quality of the print run and a high level of colour and halftone reproduction. Offset printing is a laborious process, so it is impossible to make custom-made stickers within a few hours.
  • UV printing makes it possible to print stickers without colour distortion, durable and colourful. The technology implies compliance with all standards to obtain high-quality printing.
  • Latex printing is recognized as an environmentally friendly printing type, which is confirmed by many certificates. Stickers made by this method do not have an unpleasant odour, are resistant to temperature changes and do not fade in the sun. Also, this ink is resistant to wrinkles and abrasion.

Based on your needs and budget, 24 print's managers can help you find the right way to print your contour cut stickers.

Post press services

Post printing services are performed to ensure that the product is exactly the finished look. When printing stickers, post-printing jobs such as plotter cutting, cutting to size and sampling are performed.

Plotter cutting is the process of cropping images along a vector contour.

After plotter cutting, managers perform cutting to size so that the client receives a ready-made set of sticker packs in the desired size.

Sampling - removing the unprinted part of the background. The sample is made at the request of the client.

As an additional option, it is possible to perform matte or glossy lamination. Lamination is used for additional protection of products from damage. Also, in 24print you can make custom-made stickers with a selective varnish.


The development of a design for stickers is an important stage, since the reaction of the consumer to the product, the company and the price of the final product depends on the design. Custom stickers for an individual and unique layout allow you to implement the most creative ideas.

If you need help in creating a layout, then our designers will be happy to bring any idea to life.

It often happens that in your head you have already drawn a picture that you want to print, but you do not have enough skills to properly prepare for printing, then the designers from 24print come to the rescue.

When developing a design, it is important to take into account the size of the sticker pack, the required number of stickers on the sheet, the scope of the company and the goal that the client ultimately pursues. Basically, stickers for printing are ordered in sizes A6, A5 and A4. These formats are the most popular as they can be easily placed in an envelope or box along with products or handed out on the street. 24print customers can order stickers of all shapes and sizes.

In addition to developing a design from scratch, we can modify an existing layout or put together a ready-made layout with a new idea. Whatever goal you set for the 24print team, we will complete any task.

Service at 24print

The 24print quick printing centre makes every effort to make an application for the manufacture of sticker packs and in the end, you receive a good and high-quality product. Before sending stickers for printing, our managers carefully check the files. If the files do not meet the technical requirements, then we can modify them thanks to qualified designers. Before starting the order, all the nuances are agreed upon, including the time and method of delivery. We deliver orders all over Ukraine by a carrier convenient for the client, courier delivery is possible across Kyiv.

In addition to all kinds of stickers and decals for printing, 24print can print labels, tags and many other printing products. When ordering the production of products in 24print, you do not have to worry about quality and terms.

Digital label printing in SRA3 format
Quantity 5001+ 1001-3000 501-1000 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
Plotter-cut stickers on self-adhesive paper laser printing 52,00 53,50 59,80 64,80 67,90 71,50 98,70
Plotter-cut stickers on self-adhesive film laser printing 65,30 66,80 73,10 78,10 81,20 83,40 114,70
Plotter-cut stickers on self-adhesive film, laser printing + protective lamination  91,70 93,20 99,50 104,50 107,60 123,30 172,70
Latex printing of stickers on roll self-adhesive film
Quantity 501+ 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
Plotter die-cut stickers on self-adhesive film latex printing 158,70 162,40 169,80 186,20 232,80
UV sticker printing
Quantity 50+ 1-10
Plotter die-cut stickers on self-adhesive film UV printing 363,50 421,60

The cost is indicated in UAH for one sheet of A3 format stickers.

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

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