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Interior printing

Interior printing

Interior printing is one of the types of wide format printing for large formats that are used in interior decoration. The name of this species speaks for itself. Images are printed to decorate office walls and shop windows, for use in promotions and exhibitions, and as backgrounds for photo shoots. Products are made in the form of paintings, stickers, panels, posters.

Interior printing has its advantages:

  • No unpleasant odour. Ink that is used for external use has an unpleasant odour and such products should never be placed indoors. Interior print is designed to be used indoors, therefore it does not have an unpleasant smell;
  • Non-toxic - will not harm your health and the health of your loved ones in any way. Products are boldly hung in children's rooms, bedrooms and cafes;
  • The result is high image quality - the resolution is 1440 dpi;
  • Resistant to weather conditions - does not fade in the sun and withstands all temperature changes, which ultimately will increase the service life;

Consider the popular types of materials for large format interior printing.

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Interior printing of paintings and photos on canvas is used to create unique designs for any premises. Externally, the canvas will not differ from artwork, its texture allows you to imitate the work of great artists and you can even turn your picture into a masterpiece of art. A stylish canvas with a logo or in corporate colours will decorate the walls of an office, and a collage with a landscape, if pulled on a stretcher, will be an excellent addition to the interior of an apartment, salon, restaurant or a creative gift for loved ones.

24print uses natural matte canvas for printing images.

Canvas is a natural material that is a woven fabric. The material conveys the smallest details, looks aesthetically pleasing, will last for many years and will delight visitors, loved ones or you personally.

The only drawback of a natural canvas is the price - it is higher than, for example, a synthetic one, but as a result the client receives an excellent quality of the printed image.


Banner is the most popular material not only in outdoor advertising, but also in interior decoration. Interior banner printing is most often used as photo zones at events by pre-stretching on a structure.

24print for interior wide format printing uses a cast banner, which guarantees a long service life and good colour rendering. Interior print on a cast banner looks crisper and less grainy than other views.

Self-adhesive films

Interior printing on film - performed on self-adhesive vinyl film.

Self-adhesive vinyl film - not afraid of moisture, sunlight, dust, mechanical stress and can last up to three years when used outdoors. Suitable for creating self-adhesive advertising sheets for plates, signs, panels and printing interior stickers.

There are several well-known manufacturers of self-adhesive films:

  •  Profitape, Solex - country of origin China;
  •  Ritrama - country of origin Italy;
  •  Oracal, Orajet, Nesсhen - country of origin Germany;

24print printing uses Ritrama, Oracal, Orajet for printing.

Photo paper

For interior photo printing, the 24print printing house uses the following types of photo paper:

Matte photo paper is a material used for less vivid images or black and white subjects. Matte photo paper is recommended for printing information posters and photos due to the absence of glare; information is easy to read from any side. Matte photo paper is resistant to fingerprints.

Glossy photo paper - used when you need to get a bright and colour-rich image. A special layer ensures good colour rendering and also prevents image fading. The disadvantage of glossy paper is the presence of glare in strong light, it is easily scratched.

Satin photo paper - has a muted shine without harsh reflections. The coating on this paper provides excellent print quality on par with traditional photography. At the same time, the paper never warps from excess ink and is resistant to external physical influences.

Large format printing on photo paper is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Interior printing in 24print

For many years, 24print has been dealing with all types of large format printing and our services include interior printing. Managers of 24print printing centres are always happy to help you place an order for interior printing, suggest points of interest, guide you on possible print formats, prices and production times.

All orders are completed on time, and round-the-clock work helps us with the execution of urgent orders. You do not have to worry that the necessary material will not be in stock or we will not cope with the order for 24print, nothing is impossible. Immediately after completing the order, we deliver to any point in Kyiv by courier at your appointed time or in Ukraine by any carrier convenient for you.


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