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Oracal printing

Any advertising must work correctly, fit into the company's budget and have its own target audience. All of the above requirements are met by placing advertisements on a self-adhesive film called "oracal".

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Oracal printing is a common technology used to create content for commercial or personal use. Even small stickers allow the brand to go far beyond the geographic area, so this advertising tool is quite effective. 

Oracal film classification

Oracal - a film that is designed to apply inscriptions on any flat surface. Often such products are used as a convenient advertising material that can be quickly applied and removed, if necessary, on advertising stands, shop windows, and vehicles.

Self-adhesive printing can be done for different purposes:

  • Application stickers, films used on vehicles. When applying advertising on a car, it is more advisable to use a special car series, which has a stronger adhesive.
  • Oracle for advertising stands. Such self-adhesive printing will be a good marketing ploy during the campaign.
  • High-quality self-adhesive, which is used to paste over aircraft fuselages.
  • Transparencies (stained-glass films) - oracal for decorating shop windows or glass of minibuses. The property of this film is that from the outside we see the image applied to it and at the same time it practically does not prevent light from entering the store or car, and from the inside we get the effect of slightly darkened glass. It is stable and durable.
  • A sticker on which the logo is printed for placement on phones or laptops.
  • Metallized films for labels and plates.
  • The sticker used to wrap the product may have a company logo on it.
  • Reflective stickers (fluorescent films) and sticker printing on self-adhesive that tolerates sunlight, moisture well, using its own reflective surface. This is a great option for outdoor advertising.

Colour printing on self-adhesive paper is also popular. Special decorative films are used for transparent substrates. In an office or apartment, this type of printing is also used, it can be fabulous plots, different landscapes.

Key usage features for oracle printing

The name of the film oracal originated from the trade mark of the same name owned by the Orafol company. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used for manufacturing. The service life varies from 6 months to 10 years, depending on the density and quality of the raw materials. Depending on the specific type of oracal film surface, it can be matte or glossy.

The main advantages of the printing of advertisements on self-adhesive film include:

  • The resulting images are of high quality, as well as brightness and clarity.
  • It is possible to print on self-adhesive both huge banners and small stickers, which makes the material universal.
  • You can quickly print on adhesive paper and change your ad post. Numerous studies confirm that you need to change images at least 2 times a year.
  • High wear resistance of the material. Photo printing on oracal is performed using so-called solvent inks, which are reliably protected by an additional layer from moisture, sun, temperature extremes.
  • The film can be easily applied in a few minutes.
  • Printing on oracle makes it possible to choose a suitable color, background, shape, any image.

Another important plus is the price of printing on the oracle, it will be much cheaper when compared with other types of advertising. Printing will help to decorate a room, attract attention, convey the necessary information about a product, promotion or service.

Oracle Printing Methods

Unlike the usual paper for us, the film does not absorb liquid, therefore special inks are used that are well absorbed into PVC. Adhesive film printing is a technology that is used to obtain design, advertising or information materials. There are 2 main methods:

  • Digital printing is more expensive, but the quality of the transfer of elements and colours is high.
  • Large format printing on the oracle - it is used quite often, it allows you to order any edition at a good price.

In addition, self-adhesive paper can be printed on one-sided or two-sided.

Where is it profitable to order printing on oracal film?

Self-adhesive advertising is becoming more and more popular every day. The production of such printing products is an opportunity to bring to life many original ideas. If you need large-format self-adhesive printing at a good price, leave a request on the website at any time convenient for you. Each client receives the following benefits from working with us:

  • the shortest possible production time;
  • round-the-clock acceptance of orders;
  • printing on self-adhesive film is performed at a price affordable to everyone;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • the ability to order printing on an oracle with cutting;
  • pickup from the office or delivery by courier service.

Before ordering an advertising print on a transparent self-adhesive, you need to decide on the purpose of the materials and the place of their use. You can choose to print on a transparent oracle or on a kind of milky film.

Thanks to modern equipment and the latest technology, printing is fast and inexpensive. The layout can be developed independently using an online editor, or our masters will make it to order. We employ experienced employees who take on the most complex projects.

Large format self-adhesive printing will be completed on time. We have our own warehouse of materials, so we do not have unforeseen circumstances during the printing of any print run. We have access to examples of finished works, where you can clearly see our high level of professionalism.

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Print on A2 format film

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Print on A1 format film

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Print on A0 format film

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Frequently asked questions about Oracal printing

Do you print on Oracle?

We use moisture-proof material from Ritrama. It is the same material for long-lasting products

Can you print on color orcal?

Yes, we can use different types of materials, so we have an opportunity to print your layout on colored material

If I want a sticker with no background, only letters to stick on a glass door or window. Can you product it?

We can cutting out only those elements that you need. We can add the mounting film that is why you can transfer an inscription on the required for you area.

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