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Copying is the process of making a copy of a document using a special copier. Often people make a photocopy of such documents as a passport, identification code, birth certificate, etc. Photocopies are used for employment, registration for exams, for admission to higher educational institutions, etc.

Very often, the presence of copies of documents is required for the implementation of some procedures, so you need to urgently look for the nearest copier centre. In such situations, 24print saves, where you can make copies of documents in large formats, for example, a photocopy of the A1 format and copy drawings. In addition, at 24print you can make a photocopy around the clock, at any time.

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Copy services

Copying services remain in demand even when most of the procedures are carried out online. The copying process itself is a repetition of the information of the original paper carrier. Very often the services of a photocopier are used by businessmen, entrepreneurs, teachers, schoolchildren, students, architects, lawyers and landlords. And, for example, parents often show a desire to make a photocopy of their children's drawings in order to subsequently share them with their grandparents. Often copy centres save teachers who need to make a photocopy of a rare textbook in order to give a lecture "worth a million".

You can copy a document in colour or in black and white profile. Even if you need to make a photocopy of a colour document as a black and white copy, the machine does it automatically with the correct settings. 

We can copy colour documents with printing only by black-and-white printing, but if you need a full-colour copy, then we will have to put a "copy" mark on the print. 

A photocopy can be one-sided or two-sided. The maximum size at which double-sided copying is possible is A3.

Entrust your business to professionals

By applying for the photocopying service at 24print, you get a number of significant advantages:

  • the ability to do a photocopier around the clock;
  • the ability to photocopy A4 documents, A3 photocopy, large-format copying: A2, A1 and even A0 photocopy, as well as copying non-standard formats;
  • colour and black-and-white copying;
  • speed, it will not take much time to make copies of documents. A copy of one A4 document can be made in less than 30 seconds.
Photocopy cost

The cost of a photocopy depends on the size of the original. Also, the price varies depending on the colour of the copy. A colour photocopier will be more expensive than a black and white photocopy, but this will in no way affect the speed of photocopying. How much an A4 copier will cost depends on the number of sheets - from 10 copies in 24print, a circulation discount begins. Photocopies price also depends on whether it is a one-sided copy or two-sided. For example, the cost of a double-sided A3 copier and a one-sided copy is different - the price is higher for a double-sided copy. 

Order at 24print

With 24print you will not have to puzzle over where you can make a photocopy nearby. The convenient location of the printing industry in the centre of Kyiv, which is close to the main administrative offices and business centres, makes it possible to make a photocopy near your location. 

And if you need an urgent copy of documents at a later time, then 24print will definitely be the nearest place where you can make a photocopy, as we are one of the few who work around the clock. At the 24print service centre you will always be greeted by smiling managers who will tell you how much the copier costs and will do this work in a matter of minutes. If you need to perform photocopying of a large number of sheets, which will take a little more time, you can always spend time in our client area. And so that the waiting time does not seem painfully boring, we will provide you with free access to WI-FI. Get new experience in working with printing of the new 24print format, we are ready to give it to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

A4 size copy






One-sided black and white copy

6,78 7,18 7,86 12,58 14,29

Double-sided black and white copy

12,28 12,28 13,01 22,65 26,87

One-sided color copy

16,27 16,27 16,59 23,01 26,87
Double-sided color copy 31,48 31,48 31,48 41,35 52,22
A3 size copy






One-sided black and white copy

7,38 12,99 13,77 19,30 28,31

Double-sided black and white copy

12,61 23,80 23,80 33,57 53,66
One-sided color copy 24,10 36,72 36,72 43,86 53,66

Double-sided color copy

46,02 71,10 71,10 76,79 93,81


The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 sheet

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

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