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Flyer Design

Under the conditions of an advertising information excess, people do not have time to read goods large catalogs and services descriptions. In modern printing, leaflets of small format are more often used. Marketers confirm that a professional flyer design helps increase retail outlets and stores sales. It is convenient to talk about promotions and sales, announce the arrival of new products in this form, increasing the customers flow.

One of the important tasks that flyer design solves is the safety of the leaflet. Many passers-by do not even read the text printed in the advertisement. To solve this problem, you can add value to the flyer design itself so that customers save it and use it to purchase. For example, you can order the design of certificate flyers for a certain amount so that the bearer receives a discount when buying or ordering a service. This is implemented in practice as follows: "100 UAH discount when buying a dress in the New Style store."

Flyers can be distributed:

• at exhibitions and presentations,

• at trainings and seminars, and

• in public places and transport.

What are the benefits of flyer design?

In advertising campaigns, it is important to convey information to the largest possible number of people. Not every buyer has the time to explore even the best deals. In this case, the distribution of flyers at the checkout will allow you to reach a wide audience of customers. If you order the design and printing of a flyer in a convenient format, you will receive a convenient, inexpensive and effective advertising medium.

The 24print Printing House and professional printing designers will help with the development of promotional products. To develop a successful flyer design, you need not only knowledge of graphic editors and the laws of composition, but also an understanding of the psychology of customers. Modern marketers use many tools to attract buyers:

• Attractive flyer design,

• Opportunity to receive a gift; and

• Right to an additional discount or special prices.

What should be a flyer and its design?

The choice of colors, fonts, photos and other flyer design elements is always individual. It is important to take into account the characteristics of the target audience, the specifics and price of the product. Many clients want to order the placement of the maximum amount of textual information on a small flyer design area. This does not always lead to an increase in sales, as small print is hard to read. Flyer design should not be overloaded with detailed product descriptions and features. The flyer developing price depends on the complexity of the design layout and the time it takes to work with it.

Flyer Design Development Key Recommendations:

  1. Properly selected colors when ordering a flyer design. Some color combinations are irritating to the eye, so it is undesirable to use too bright shades for the background or text.
  2. Spectacular photos will decorate the design. The visual perception of advertising is always associated with the quality of images. Prepare high-quality photos with well-placed light.
  3. Clear advertising texts. Write briefly the main idea that you want to convey to the consumer. At the same time, emphasize restrictions on the duration of the promotion or the number of goods to motivate buyers to make a faster decision. Be sure to use a call to action if you want to order a selling flyer design.
  4. Well readable font on the flyer. It is advisable to avoid complex lettering, as this impairs the information perception. Choose simple fonts of a familiar type.
  5. Quality paper. For printing flyers, coated paper with a density of 80-115 g is usually used. This is the best solution for the price and quality of printing. For more expensive products, you can order a density of 250-300 g.
  6. Choose the right size for your flyer. The most commonly used format is 95x210 cm, sometimes A 5, A 6 or A 7. It is convenient to put such a leaflet in a purse or pocket to save or use in the near future.
  7. Professional printing. Even if you order flyer design from the best specialists, but the printing house has poor equipment or paint, the look of the finished products will suffer. Focus on the company professionalism level you are working with, when you want to order a flyer design.

The flyer design cost depends on many factors that need to be considered. In addition to the format, the materials provided quality and the timing are important. Before ordering a flyer, discuss with specialists what you need to prepare for design development. Also, the price is affected by the presence of complex design elements and tables. If you have already developed a corporate identity and logo, provide them to the designer in electronic form. We do not use a template when developing a unique design option.

A bright flyer design is well suited for children's products to attract attention. When selling expensive clothes, furniture, cars, it is better to avoid variegation and limit yourself to pastel colors. Photos of food and drinks look good against a light background, as the focus shifts to the photo.

Formulate the title and main idea in correct short sentences. You should not use a lot of information for one flyer. Highlight the words "gift", "action", "discount", "bonus", " UAH 100 Certificate" in large print. Do not forget to indicate the address of your store, phone number, link to the site and messenger data.

Where can I order the flyer development and what is the price

The best solution would be if the design and printing is carried out by the same company in Ukraine. In this case, you will get difficulties and errors minimum. Flyer design and production can be ordered online on our website by filling out an application. For large print runs we recommend offset printing as it reduces unit cost. When printing by any means, our equipment guarantees accurate color reproduction.

At the 24print Printing House you will receive:

• original layout professional development,

• competent prepress preparation,

• finished products and design perfect match, and

• design and printing best price.

The Printing House managers will calculate the flyer design price and deadlines, as well as provide advice on all technical issues.

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