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Wide format poster printing

Wide format poster printing

Large format poster printing - printing for indoor and outdoor use. It prints on the Epson SureColor SC-B6000 printer with water-soluble ink, which is well suited for the production of posters, posters and other advertising materials. The print is high-quality with smooth colour transitions.

You can place an order for large-format poster printing around the clock at 24print in Kiev.

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Epson SureColor SC-B6000 Technical Data
  •  Printing technology: Inkjet
  •  Ink (original): water soluble, 4 colours (black, cyan, magenta, yellow)
  •  Print width: up to 1118 mm
  •  Print resolution, dpi 720x1440
  •  Shelf life 2-3 months

The advantages of large-format printing: high speed of image acquisition, low ink price and, accordingly, low cost of the finished product, as well as a wide range of colours. This type of printing is completely unsuitable for printing images for outdoor advertising, for archival storage and highly artistic works.

24print is performing urgent digital poster printing.


It is recommended to select the material for printing posters based on the purpose of use.

Photo paper is a premium material that is coated with a special coating to hold the ink in the top layer of the material. If you want to get a bright and colour-saturated picture, then it is better to use photo paper for printing. In turn, photo paper can be glossy or matte.

Whatman paper is thick paper without a pronounced texture, which is often used for printing drawings, diagrams, diagrams and graphs, as well as for drawing. Printing on whatman paper is done when you need a draft and inexpensive version of the image. On whatman paper, in contrast to photographic paper, the bright colours of the poster are "eaten up" and the colour picture turns out to be faded.

Also, sometimes office paper with a density of 80 g / m2 is chosen for printing, but in this case, it must be borne in mind that the paint will completely saturate the sheet and it can wrinkle or deform, such products will look cheap and unpresentable. It is best to use such paper only for printing text or images without dense fill.

Order at 24print

Posters are often printed in standard A2, A1 and A0 sizes. If you need to print custom posters, we will cut the printed material to the required size.

The price for poster printing depends on the size of the poster, paper and circulation. In order to find out the cost of the product, you can write to us by e-mail or contact the manager in the chat.

You can place an order online and offline. Online registration takes place through e-mail or an application on the website. After registration, our managers will contact you to agree on the timing of the order, cost and point of issue. You can place an order offline or pick up a ready-made one in the service centre on 50 Antonovycha St. or 10 Yaroslavska St. Delivery by courier services in Kyiv and Ukraine is also possible. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them at any time convenient for you by phone or chat.


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