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Notepad design
Notepad A5

Notepad Design

Each person has a notepad, it can store personal notes or work data. Such a source of information will always be at hand. You can come up with your own design of a notepad or order notepads printing in a corporate style at our printing house.

Designing a notepad in corporate style will be a great way to prepare for an exhibition, conference. Not only can you take important notes in a notepad, it can be an effective source of advertising.

When did notepads appear?

It all started with a small publishing house of notepads for domestic and commercial needs in the romantic country of France about 200 years ago. These notepads had a hard and dense cover that was not afraid of moisture. The corners were made rounded so as not to spoil the pockets of the owners. Often an elastic band or pocket was added to help store some important pieces of paper.

The first notepads were called Moleskin (from the words mole and skin). Notepads have improved gradually, and publishers realized that people could use them not only for sales records, but also for their own pleasure. Therefore, publishing houses began to pay more attention to design and appearance. If at first rough leather served as a cover, the only task of which was to protect the notepad from any external influence, then later it became thinner and more elegant, decorated with various patterns and decorative elements.

Today there are different types of notepads: memo pads, hardcover notepads, cloth-covered notepads, sticker books, diaries, sketchbooks, spiral notepads and other designs. You can choose any convenient format and content. Accessories also differ in purpose, they can be corporate, business, educational, personal ones.

How to design a notepad?

First of all, you need to decide on the notepad format. Most often it can be A4, A6 or A5. It will be convenient to carry such accessories with you in your pocket, in a bag, and in a folder with papers.

The next important step is the choice of paper. For notepads, plain paper or designer paper can be used. For memo pads, offset paper with a density of 80-115 g / m2 is excellent. For the cover, you will need the maximum density (not less than 250 g / m2), this is exactly what cardboard, a sheet magnet has. The choice of paper also depends on the specific target audience. For example, for a corporate accessory and senior management, only high-density designer paper shall be suitable.

Branding, as well as page layout, can be done in one or more colors. The cover design is recommended to be done in full color. There are various methods for fastening notepad pages:

• use of staples;

• gluing pages; and

• spring assembly.

Depending on the mounting option choice, the notepad usability will depend, as well as the accessory appearance. Before ordering a notepad design, you need to decide on its purpose and the materials that will be used. An important role is also played by the target audience the choice of for which the notepad is intended. For young people and creative people, an original and non-standard design for a notepad cover is more suitable. Girls often choose thinner and more compact models. For training, they prefer voluminous and large notepads made of light paper.

Where is the best place to order a notepad printing and design?

In order for the made notepad to find its target audience, you need to print it with high quality. It is important to remember that a notepad is the corporate style image component of a company, so you should be responsible in choosing the right printing house.

The "24Print" company has many years of experience and offers a profitable cooperation format. We use the best raw materials, print and design notepads at a bargain price. You can order the service using the online form on the website or by phone. An additional bonus will be prompt delivery at the time that is convenient for you.

The design and printing cost will depend on the notepad content, the materials used for printing type, the layout complexity (you can make it yourself or order from us), the number of pages, as well as the circulation.

We have custom printing, so you can develop your own, unique design. The notepad, the design of which you order from us, will be completed strictly on time as well as it will become your signature accessory.

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