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Logo Development

A logo, like a fingerprint, must be unique. One can identify a company or a brand easily with it. It can look like a symbol, a graphic image, an inscription, or combine different options in design development. A clear, bright and concise custom-made logo can become an effective tool for business development and company awareness.

Logo design is a multi-stage process that is better to entrust to professionals. A well-designed company logo should be simple, take into account the results of marketing research, tactical decisions and practical design developments, which will become the promoting products integral part on the market. Logo design can be ordered at 24Print. We are chosen due to the affordable price for development, a systematic approach and experienced employees.

What is a logo needed for?

A well-thought-out brand name increases the level of sales. This indisputable fact is confirmed by numerous studies of marketers. It performs a number of important functions:

• company recognition;

• marketing efficiency increasing;

• company's brand part;

• customer loyalty increasing way; and

• ability to stand out among customers.

Logo development is a responsible process that can only be entrusted to professionals. In doing so, it is important to follow these principles:

• ease of development and memorability perception - simple options are easily recognized and attract attention;

• durability - the logo should stand up against the test of time;

• versatility - development should look well in different sizes and different environment..

There is a graphic logo designer with which you can design it yourself. You can offer your own version or order a logo from our designers.

What are the types of logos?

The word logo itself means a symbol, a name, a brand, which was invented for recognition. Being a trademark, it expresses the company's activities features and serves as an identifier for a particular service or product. They can be of different types:

  • Textual – designed using a corporate font, sometimes with graphic elements. It can be letters, words, various numbers or abbreviations.
  • Symbolic – an abstract symbol that is easy to remember, creating certain images in the subconscious or associations.
  • Graphic – includes graphic elements that represent the company activities abstractly.
  • Combined – its design represents a text and symbols combination. It’s the most pronounced and memorable.
  • Emblem – a complex logo with a name and artistic design.
  • Alphanumeric - initials from names, symbols, numbers are used in the development.

Design options with product images are much more memorable than abstract ones. However, despite the advertised products, designers during development are not always able to create an image that will convey its content (we are talking, first of all, about the provision of services), therefore, the development of a company logo involves the use of symbolic images. Very often there are cases when designers deliberately prefer the abstract images development in an effort to achieve a certain level of originality.

Similarly, corporate identity, logo design during development may differ in shape. The logo can be in the form of a circle, square, triangle, ring, line and other variations. When choosing a development option, it is important to take into account not only personal preferences, but also the specifics of a particular company, its ease of perception and a specific product association.

Logo Requirements

The logo is a business card that will represent the company to customers for more than a dozen years, so its design should be taken responsibly. There are a number of requirements that will be useful during the logo development, it shall be as follows:

• Express the company the mission or create a certain image of it.

• Well scaled, equally reproduced on various materials and in various communication channels.

• Be clear, simple, understandable and contrasting.

• Be associated with a particular category (have differences that allow you to identify the product category or market in which the company operates).

• Provide a positive impression to the brand potential target audience (or the company potential customers). Before ordering logo the development, it is worth conducting marketing research.

• Be unique (have significant differences from the development of other logos available on the market).

• Express the company key features, the brand unique offer; and

• Match the brand's communication tone (tone-of-voice) stylistically.

You can make a brand name unforgettable with an image that embodies the brand essence. Simplicity in creating a company logo and designing it is the main rule. The simpler it is after development, the easier it will be to remember. A design that is heavily overloaded with details will lose out to a simple development option.

Logo Design Stages

The logo design development should be carried out according to a clear scheme, in which several important stages are distinguished:

• Acquaintance and complex analysis – it is necessary to study the product, perform an analysis of the company's activities, as well as competitors. Based on the information collected, it is determined what exactly will be included in the logo.

• Development of the concept of creating your own logo - at this stage it is determined how the logo will look for a specific target audience, what will be contained in the title, what form is better to use. The logo, which is being developed, may include several concepts. The appropriate option is selected from among them.

• Making changes and developing the concept – at this stage, the logo development and cost will depend on the brand name effective operation. There are situations that you have to return to the first or second stage. The logo has to please the customer.

• Presentation and implementation of the idea. After the logo order is completed, one needs to think about its promotion on the market.

You can develop a logo, the price of which will be minimal, on your own if you have knowledge of a graphic editor. But, besides this, it is important to study the target audience, the product, and correctly present your brand name. Do not be afraid to spend a lot of time and effort, because the result will justify itself fully.

How much does a logo design cost?

Ordering a logo design is profitable at 24Print. The logo developing cost will depend on the design complexity, the concepts number, the logo type, and the research amount. Designers discuss and make changes depending on the wishes of the client. Several different options are offered. The logo concept proper development helps to build a relationship with the buyer.

Using interesting design solutions, we will help create the company main attribute. As a result, you will receive the brand professionally designed "face" for a small fee. To order a logo design, it is enough to leave a request on the website. We guarantee efficiency, comprehensive analysis, attention to your wishes and an interesting approach.


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