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Banner is a graphic image that bears an advertising character. Banner is an effective outdoor advertising tool.

Printing of banners in printing industry 24print in Kyiv is presented in a wide range. 24print company performs urgent banner printing around the clock.

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 (Maximum width of the seal - 1500 mm, length - up to 5 m)


cast matt banner 440g / m2

banner mesh


cutting to size

grommet padding



installation on the X-Banner stand construction

installation on Pull Up banner stand construction

Where are banners used?

Banner printing is ordered when it is necessary to attract the attention of a potential client by placing an advertising message on it. Most often, banners can be found on the facades of buildings, at bus stops and shop windows, as well as banners for public events. In turn, banners are made not only for outdoor decoration, but also for interior decoration. They order the production of banners in Kiev for the decoration of stands, offices, shops and retail space. The banners contain the company logo, contact information and important information that needs to be conveyed to the consumer. When ordering advertising printing on banners, you can be sure that the price for this type of product will please you.

Types of banners

The choice of material for printing advertising banners depends on the conditions of use.

Cast banner. For manufacturing, a rubberized tarpaulin fabric is used. Differs in good resistance to temperature extremes and mechanical damage (does not crack or break), elastic and stronger than laminated. An advantage can rightfully be considered that when printing on a cast banner, the picture looks clearer, brighter and less grainy than on other materials, and this allows you to keep the original quality for a longer time. Due to all the advantages, cast banners are widely used not only as indoor, but also outdoor advertising. The disadvantages of the cast banner can be safely attributed to the price, it is slightly higher than that of other types.

Laminated banner. The production of this type of banners comes from two layers of PVC film, and a vinyl mesh is inserted between it. The layers are rolled between the heated shafts, and during rolling, gluing and external lamination take place. Laminated banners are ideal for printing small banners that are used as indoor advertising and in interior decoration. Some printing houses convey information to their customers that the main advantage of printing on this banner is the price and in comparison, with the cast laminated banner is inexpensive. But if you look at it, this is not entirely true. In the purchase, the cast banner is not much more expensive than the laminated one, and this difference is not visible in the final cost of the finished product. The quality of the laminated banner is inferior to the cast one.

Banner grid. Perforated canvas that transmits light rays into the room. Production of banners on a grid is an ideal option in terms of price and quality. This type of banner is ordered when it is necessary to use large areas of facades or walls, which must be clearly visible from a long distance.

Double-sided banner. This view allows you to print an image on a banner from both sides. Thanks to double-sided banners, you can order an advertising banner that has a greater impact on the consumer. Double-sided banners have technical data similar to cast.

24print can print a banner up to 5 meters wide in one piece.

Types of banner printing

Almost every company is faced with the need to produce banner ads. Usually, the cost of making a banner plays a decisive role in choosing a printing house. Everyone strives to cheaply print a banner in Kyiv printing centres, not always considering that the cost is formed on the basis of high-quality material and high-quality printing.

Today one of the used types of printing is large format banner printing with solvent inks. Solvent ink printing is a type of inkjet printing. Printing is performed by a large-format printer into which the print media is loaded. The composition of solvent ink is based on a solvent. Solvent printing on banners makes products resistant to sunlight, water and moisture. Currently, solvent printing is used to create large-format products that will be placed on large sites in the future. Often these images do not require high resolution. In most cases, solvent-printed media is placed over long distances. This is because solvent printing has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • the solvent is highly toxic
  • the printed image has an unpleasant odour
  • not easy to get high print resolution


  • you can order a banner at a low price (solvent printing is cheaper than other types)
  • ink can be used outdoors without additional protection

If you need to order a banner that the client will later use indoors, we offer the latest eco-friendly method - latex printing. Latex printing allows you to print banners that are odourless and completely safe to use. Latex ink allows you to print banners in Kiev not only for interior use, but also for outdoor use. The latex ink banner technology is excellent quality, rich colour rendering, safety and fair price.


  • fade resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • dries quickly
  • resistant to water


  • high heating temperature, which not all material can withstand
  • the cost is higher than that of solvent ink
Post press

In some cases, the banner after printing requires additional post-printing processing. 24print offers a wide range of services after printing on a banner in Kyiv:

  • grommet padding
  • cutting to size
  • turn
  • pocket

Grommet is a metal ring that is installed along the perimeter of the banner. The eyelets are stuffed in order to carry out further installation with ropes or clamps. The calculation of the distance between the eyelets occurs at the stage of prepress preparation of the layout, which ultimately allows you to get a high-quality result on time. The standard pitch for installing eyelets is 30 cm.

Cutting to size occurs when no further stretching is needed or later the banner will be fixed on the stand. Cutting takes place from a roll to a "clean" size.

A pocket is one of the options for possible fastening. With the help of pockets, the banner can be stretched and hung on a previously prepared place.

The fold is done only on a laminated banner. The fold is performed in order to improve the strength and extend the life of the banner.

If you want to make a custom-made banner with folds and eyelets, write to our managers in the chat.

Banner sizes

Banner in the 24print company in Kyiv can be ordered in any format. If you need a fast-printing service (day to day), then the maximum possible width of the seal is 1500mm, length is 5000mm. In order to order a larger banner in Kyiv, you need to have a few days in stock. The price in Kyiv printing houses depends on the size of the banner.


To advertise your company or products to bring good results, you need to think over in detail the design of the future layout. If you do not have your own specialist in your staff, or you do not know how to make sure that the banner that you plan to order attracts the attention of the residents of Kiev, then you should contact the people who develop advertising layouts every day. Our designers will be happy to help you develop a layout from scratch, thinking through every detail.

24-hour service

You can place an order for printing banners in Kiev at an affordable price by filling out an online application on our website. If you need additional information on printing banners in Kiev, you can contact us around the clock by calling or writing to the chat. 24print printing managers are at any time ready to advise you on the types of printing on the banner, as well as to individually calculate the production price. When ordering a print from 24print, be sure that you will be delighted not only by the quality, terms, but also by the cost. Delivery of ready-made banners after printing in Kiev is carried out by courier service, and across Ukraine we deliver by Nova Poshta.

Size 600х800 mm 1000х800 mm 1000х1200 mm 1000х1500 mm 1500х2000 mm 1500х3000 mm

Cast banner without eyelets


614,60 897,48 1 281,32 1 582,40 2 978,72 4 429,58


Cast banner with eyelets (step every 30 cm)


673,93 976,18 1 396,88 1 717,22 3 171,32 4 660,58

The cost is indicated in UAH for one banner without a design

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Banners

Does the image printed on a banner burn out in the sun after a while?

Latex ink used for banner printing is highly resistant to UV radiation and negative weather effects, and is not afraid of moisture. But the actual durability of prints depends on operating conditions and climatic conditions. It is also important whether the product will be installed in the shade or in the sun. Printed matter will keep its brightness and presentable appearance for several months to a year and a half.

What is a luvershot?

Liuvers - is a special metal ring, needed to reinforce the edges of the holes, which are used to secure the banner with a cable or rope to the structure. Liuvers are made of durable materials: brass, galvanized steel, stainless steel. These materials can easily withstand precipitation, low and high temperatures, they do not corrode. Thus, rust can not spoil the appearance of the banner. Eyelets are designed for heavy loads and can withstand the weight of heavy advertising media without breaking the material from which they are made. The diameter of the eyelets is 10 mm.

Are there special constructions for banners?

There are no special designs for banners. But optionally, depending on the way and place of mounting banners, you can install eyelets on the perimeter or pockets under the tube. As for designs, there are separate products on the site - the *Spider* rack, roll-up. These are banners that have certain standard sizes and are completed with an appropriate construction.

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