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A notebook is an indispensable tool for a modern person in everyday affairs. Proper planning is halfway to a successful problem solution.

Before placing an order for printing notebooks, you need to decide for what purposes you will use it and, based on this, choose the size, shape, method of attachment and page layout.

24print prints notebooks around the clock.

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Notebook formats

The most popular formats for printing notebooks are A4, A5, A6, but also 24print printing centre in Kyiv can print notebooks of non-standard formats.

  • A4 notebooks are the largest format used by consumers in everyday life. It is convenient to place a logo on such notebooks due to the large surface.
  • A5 format notebooks are the standard option for writing. Such a notebook is convenient to use because it can keep records of any size. Printing of A5 size notebooks is common, as this type is often used by companies for advertising purposes.
  • A6 size notebooks are a classic pocket notebook design suitable for taking notes. Printing of notebooks A6 format is ordered when inexpensive souvenir products are needed.
Page layout

When placing an order for printing notebooks or when purchasing a finished product, you yourself can choose the type of sheets.

  • Line - suitable for day planners in which every day entries are made.
  • Cell - suitable for representatives of technical professions who sketch diagrams in notebooks and draw drawings.
  • Dot is a convenient and versatile option that allows you to combine the above advantages, while not distracting by its saturation.
  • Blank sheets - suitable for creative people who not only write important information in notebooks, but also draw sketches and sketches.

Also, with an individual order, it is possible to combine different ruling options or to develop an individual design of inner sheets with our designer.

Bonding options
  • Staple stitching - this option is suitable for a small number of sheets and after stitching it looks like a notebook. It is best for this method of stitching to choose lightweight paper for the cover and inner pages, so that the finished product has a presentable appearance and conveniently opens. You can make an individual layout from 1 piece.
  • Spring stitching is a common and convenient option. The standard notebooks of the company 24print have 60 sheets each, but on an individual basis you can make more or less, the main thing is to agree on this with the manager, since the metal spring has limitations in diameter. For the production of the cover, you can use different designer cardboard, laminated paper, thick plastic. There are different options for branding notebooks. The advantage of printing spring-bound notebooks is the ability to rotate the notebook 360 degrees.
  • Hardcover Binding - This option is great for printing corporate notebooks. Hardcover notebook printing is done mainly from 10 pcs. and more. Various variations of covers and design technologies are possible.
  • Stitching with thermo-glue is a durable and reliable gluing option. It takes more time to manufacture, since the glue needs to dry well for further practicality of the product. Can be used with both soft and hard covers. A finished notebook with this stitching method can be rotated 180 degrees. A good option for a circulation of 20 pieces or more, but single production options are also possible.
  • Stitching on a thread is a practical option, it allows you to open the notebook 180 degrees. You can order the printing of this version of the notebook from 20 pieces. Such a notebook consists of a soft cover - leatherette or designer cardboard.

Making a notebook starts with design. Think over how your notebook should look like, and our designers will bring the idea to life. When creating a layout, do not forget that information can be placed not only on the cover, but also on the pages of the block. It is worth adding a logo, contact information or any other branded attributes to an ordinary notebook, and it will turn into a corporate notebook or an effective advertising tool.

We are always open to new ideas and experiments, and we are glad when our clients want the same. Therefore, our designers are always ready to help in developing new interesting designs for your notebook.

The 24print service centre will print custom notebooks with any even the most incredible ideas.

Our materials

Printing house 24print in Kiev for printing notebooks can offer a large selection of materials. For the cover, you can use designer cardboard of various densities and textures, deputy leather, paper that imitates velvet and linen, as well as many other materials. For the inner pages of the notebook, you can also choose the paper based on your preferences. For example, you can put watercolour paper in a drawing pad, and 80 g / m2 thin paper in a drawing pad. All materials can be viewed in our service centre, where the manager on the spot, after listening, will help you choose the paper based on your needs and preferences.

What ready-made notebooks can you buy from us?

24print has developed a line of notebooks that can be purchased by visiting one of our offices. A ready-made notebook is a solution for those who urgently need it, but there is no time for production.

  • Spring-loaded A5 notebooks with a thick cover made of designer cardboard and a block of 90 g / m2 Munken Pure paper per dot, as well as blank pages. Thanks to a variety of colours, everyone can find a notebook to their liking. You can put a logo or any other design on your notebooks.
  • Notepads A5 from Italian leather deputy with stitching on a thread, block in line. Notebooks are presented in three colours: black, olive and kraft. You can print your logo on a ready-made A5 notebook or choose a different cover colour and according to our sample, 24print in Kiev will create your notebook.
  • A5 notebooks with spring stitching and a cover that imitates velvet, also embossed on both sides. Notepad block is presented in two versions - point and blank. These notebooks will not leave indifferent any girl.

According to the availability of a particular colour, if possible, printing such notebooks in Kiev, as well as the price, you can check with our managers in the chat.

Logo application options

The method of printing custom-made notebooks is selected based on the timing, type of logo and your needs.

  • Digital printing - used when you need to perform urgent printing of notebooks. Allows to print runs from 1 copy.
  • Offset printing is used when you need to make a large edition of notebooks. The advantage of offset printing of notebooks is the price, because the larger the circulation, the cheaper the cost of one item. The disadvantages of this type of printing can be attributed to the timing - it is impossible to print notebooks urgently. The production time is from 1 working day.
  • UV printing allows you to order the printing of notebooks with printing of the smallest details. UV printing makes the image more vivid and clear.
  • Silk-screen printing allows you to print with ink on surfaces of any texture. This type of printing on notebooks will make them original and representative. Since the material needs to dry out after application, it will not work to make notebooks day after day.
  • Foil stamping allows the logo to be applied to the material using the method of indentation using a cliché. Foil stamping, blind stamping and relief stamping can be performed. Foil comes in a variety of colours and can be embossed with almost any material.
  • Lamination - gluing a less dense material to a denser one. As a result, we get a harder product that is resistant to wear and tear.

24print will satisfy any of your requests, even if you need to print non-standard notebooks cheaply.


You can place an order at the 24print printing house for printing notebooks by filling out an online application on the website, writing a letter or in chat, as well as visiting the office at 10 Yaroslavska St. or 50 Antonovycha St. It is convenient to order products at 24print because our managers will immediately check the layouts for printing notebooks. will guide you on terms and prices. You can place an order around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Delivery of finished products in Kiev is carried out by courier services, and in Ukraine we send by Nova Poshta.

Quantity 16 13-15 11-12 7-10 5-6 2-4   1 
A5 spring-loaded notebook with color covers without printing on the cover  148,00   148,00   148,00   150,00   158,00   168,00   168,00 
A5 spring-loaded notebook with color covers and UV printing on the cover 268,00  268,00  268,00  270,00  278,00  300,00  312,00
Notepads A5 from Italian leather deputy with stitching on a thread, without printing on the cover  295,00  295,00  295,00  295,00  295,00  305,00  305,00
Notepads A5 from Italian leather deputy with stitching on a thread and UV printing on the cover  415,00  415,00  415,00  415,00  415,00  427,40  440,60


The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 piece (final products on service centre) .

The cost of non-standard notepads is calculated individually.

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Notepads

Do you produce a corporate notepads?

Since we carry out products entirely, can place your logo or image on the cover, as well as to develop for you the personality block of paper.

Do you produce notepads with tear-off sheets?

We can do pad stitching on PUR-glue, which allows you to keep your pad assembled and tear a sheet from the block if needed.

Do you make gliders?

We can make any kind of notepads, prepare layout: to develop the filling of the block, cover and do stitching according to your request.

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