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Badge design
Badge design
Badge design

Badge design

​​​​​A badge is a tool for identifying a person and an integral part of business communication. A small accessory has become a mandatory attribute of participants of exhibitions, seminars, conferences, it is worn by employees of various companies and organizations.

The design of badges should be not only stylish, but also able to tell about the company much more than you. At the same time, determine the level of its solidity and responsibility. Also, the design of the badge helps to advertise the brand, so it is performed in a corporate color scheme and style. We have recruited the best specialists into our team, who are ready to offer original design solutions for the implementation of your ideas.

Classification and assignment of badges
The main purpose of a badge is to identify a person's name, as well as his position and contacts. Badges contain basic information about its owner. Text (name, position, company name, contacts, etc.), graphic elements (photos, images), as well as corporate symbols (brand logo) can be placed on them. Everything in the complex allows you to identify each badge owner.

Depending on the design features, design and purpose, the following types of badges can be distinguished:
• Standard - these are ordinary passes, business cards. To make them, thin PVC is used, the density of which is different. Key characteristics of such products: high strength, resistance to moisture and damage.

• Badge with a window in which you can change information. The kit should include a self-adhesive tape on which names are applied. To make a badge, transparent vinyl is used, along the edge of which there is a thin frame of the badge. The main advantage of such badges is the possibility of using them several times. It is convenient at press conferences, various symposia, exhibitions.

• Badges with colored frame or wall decoration. The required color of the base, ribbon can be selected according to the corporate range of a certain company or organization. The badge, the design of which stands out, will definitely be remembered by everyone around.

• Grammatical designs with additional features (magnetic strip or chip designed to open turnstiles). Such badges may also have moisture protection.

• Non-standard design options, which are made of dense vinyl.

Depending on the materials used, badges can be plastic, paper, wooden, or metal. Plastic options are most common, they are durable and have different textures, colors, and designs.

If the design of badges is chosen correctly and quality materials are selected, the accessory will serve for a long time, have a decent appearance and convey the necessary information.

Features of badge production and design
Badge sizes may vary. The standard format is 90x60 mm. Such a card contains the name, position, as well as the company logo. for employees of security organizations choose dimensions - 100x70 mm. As for large-scale events, for which it is important to place more information, choose the size of the badge - 105x148 mm.

The image on the badge is applied to the blank, which is then laminated, resulting in a card with the following advantages:

• high wear resistance;

• low level of badge deformation;

• various personalization options: magnetic strip, photo, bar code, chip.

• affordable design and manufacturing price.

You can develop your own layout or order a design from our specialists. The badge designed by our specialists will be original, stylish and unforgettable. A high-quality design will distinguish the product from others, an original stylistic solution will emphasize the status of the company. To order a badge design, just call us or leave a request on the website.

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