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Envelopes are products that are part of the corporate identity of companies and are used for sending advertisements, sending business letters, serving as postcards or wrappers for business cards and invitations.

If you want to quickly and efficiently print envelopes, as well as place an order online without leaving your home, then the 24print team will be happy to help you with this.

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In the 21st century, paper letters have receded into the background and e-mail has taken the lead. Despite this, envelopes with a logo remain popular, because they are a popular element of the image strategy of many companies.

Sending corporate mail in envelopes with logo printing has its advantages:

  • Make it possible to distinguish the brand from the rest
  • They make the company more recognizable;
  • A company with a well-thought-out strategy looks presentable and reliable in the eyes of partners.

Printing envelopes with a logo is a profitable way to promote not only business correspondence, but also when sending advertisements, so design plays a very important role. In order for your company to be remembered in the development of the layout, use corporate colours, logo, slogan and contact information. If you want the envelope to immediately attract attention, then you can choose the material for printing in corporate colours.

Manufacturing methods and additional options

24print offers three ways to print on envelopes to choose from:

  • Digital;
  • Offset;
  • Stencil.

Digital Printing - allows you to print full colour images on finished envelopes. This method is used when branded envelopes are needed in small editions.

Offset - used when printing on envelopes is needed in significant quantities. This type of printing allows you to save money when ordering envelopes in large quantities. Offset printing guarantees high quality and colour reproduction of images on the envelope. However, there are some design limitations with offset printing. For example, printing is performed only on a white background, because if you print the logo on coloured paper, the colour rendition will change. And also, it is not possible to print personalized products, for example, postal envelopes with personalized data.

Stencil is an indispensable type of application when it is necessary to print rich and vivid colours. It fits well on design paper of various textures, as well as on dark grades of paper.

In addition, finishing processes such as embossing and UV varnishing can be used to personalize products.

Our managers will select the optimal type of printing and post-printing services for the production and further manufacture of envelopes based on the circulation, material and purpose.

The choice of paper for production depends on the purpose of the product. At 24print for envelope making, you can select standard white paper of different weights, and we can also custom-make them from designer paper, cardboard and plastic.

What formats are possible?

Based on the functional purpose, the size of the product is selected.

The most popular standard formats are:

  • C6 - size 114x162 mm and can accommodate a small postcard, invitation or letter.
  • C5 - size 162x229 mm. Used to send postcards and leaflets A5 format.
  • C4 - size 229x324 mm. Companies order these envelopes with a logo most often to send contracts.
  • E65 - size 110x220 mm. Used to conduct business correspondence, send advertisements and send invitations.

In addition, 24print printing makes envelopes to order in non-standard sizes and shapes in addition to standard templates for printing envelopes.

Printing in 24print

You can order the production and printing of envelopes online, in our time - this is important because it helps to save such an important resource as time. 24print managers are in touch 24/7, we are available in all messengers at any time convenient for you. After receiving the application, managers contact to agree on the material, dimensions, production time and price.

If you have a ready-made layout or a vision of how your product should look like, then we will be happy to help you realize your ideas.

Delivery of finished products is carried out throughout Ukraine.


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