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UV flatbed printing

UV flatbed printing

UV printing is relatively new and one of the most demanded printing technologies today. Printing is carried out using UV-curable ink, which hardens under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and forms a film on the material.

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Specifications of UV Flatbed Printer
  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Ink type: hard ink, soft ink
  • UV CMYK + Varnish + White ink
  • Thickness of objects for printing up to 100 mm
  • Print size 600mm x 900mm
  • Resolution 360 dpi, 720 dpi, 1080 dpi, 1440 dpi
  • This printer produces high quality photorealistic images.

Using a UV flatbed printer, you can print on the following materials:

  • glass, acrylic
  • PVC, Foam board
  • film
  • paper (not structural)
  • wood
  • leather
  • plastic
  • souvenir products (pens, pencils, flash drives, etc.)

Benefits of UV printing


  • Wide range of print media
  • High printing speed due to the absence of additional preparatory work, such as the removal of films and plates.
  • Resistance to external influences. The products can be used both outdoors and indoors.
  • Possibility of production of runs from 1 piece
  • Image is not blurred
  • Durability of use of prints. Even 3 years after being placed on the street, your materials will not lose their original appearance.
  • Environmental friendliness - makes it possible to use this technology for printing materials for interior decoration.
  • Image correction options: varnishing, white printing
  • Fast drying. Curing ink dries within 10 seconds
  • It makes it possible to obtain a high-quality image and good colour rendering.

Application of the image using professional modern equipment allows you to get high-quality products with all the above advantages.

Where is UV printing used?

The use of UV printing is increasing every day. Increasingly, turning to the printing industry, customers need not just high-quality printing, but printing that will allow them to realize the most daring ideas.

UV printing is used in many areas, for example:

  • outdoor advertising
  • interior decoration
  • branding of souvenir products

Outdoor advertising

UV printing opens up endless possibilities for outdoor advertising printing. Outdoor advertising is an irreplaceable channel for advertising distribution, which helps to reach a large number of audiences and has a long-term impact on it. With the help of UV printing, you can brand signs, showcases, volumetric letters, stands, plaques, posters. When developing a layout for outdoor advertising, you must take into account all the nuances, since competent design is the lion's share of the future success of your advertising. When ordering outdoor advertising printing using ultraviolet printing technology, you get stylish advertising that will be remembered and will provide recognition.

Interior decoration

UV printing is widely used in interior design. With its help, images are applied to mirrors, furniture, decorative details. UV printing serves as a great additional decoration. Thanks to this modern method, you will achieve an amazing effect in a short time and without significant costs.

Souvenir products

Using UV printing, 24print printing can apply a logo or corporate style elements to any souvenir: notebook, diary, pen, keychain, lighter, flash drive, pencil, charger, etc. Thanks to this printing technology, a full-colour image printed on the surface will look bright and at the same time will be resistant to fading and exposure to water. The features of this seal allow you to create a long-lasting application that will retain its original appearance even after prolonged and vigorous use. Printing on souvenir products is a profitable investment in the company's image.

You can view examples of finished products with UV printing in one of our service centres in Kyiv.


Managers of the 24print company are ready to help at all stages of ordering, whether it is the selection of material for printing, the approval of the circulation, as well as the transfer of the layout to the designer.

When ordering ultraviolet printing in 24print printing centre, be sure that you will receive round-the-clock consulting support and a high-quality printed product at the agreed time.

In order to place an order, it is enough to leave a request on the website for the manufacture of products with UV printing, and our managers will contact to agree on the price and terms. If you still have questions, call or write to the chat, and our managers will be happy to answer your questions.

UV printing in white 
Quantity 10+ 2 1

UV printing format A3/A4

204,00 230,52 248,88
UV printing format А2 408,00 416,16 461,04
UV printing format А1 765,00 765,00 780,30
UV printing white+color (CMYK + white)
Quantity 10+ 2 1
UV printing format А3/А4 306,00 324,36 354,96
UV printing format А2 612,00 612,00 648,72
UV printing format А1 1 147,50 1 147,50 1147,50

The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 piece. excluding material.

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