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Bag printing

It's hard to imagine the modern world without packaging. Bags with a logo are an effective and mobile advertising medium on which you can display your brand elements and company data. The logo is an integral part of the corporate identity of each company. It is created to form an association and bond with a brand.

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For many years, making logo bags has been an important part of an effective advertising campaign. Thanks to modern equipment and the latest technology, high-resolution prints are produced quickly and inexpensively. The original stylistic solution emphasizes the status of the company and will draw attention to itself.

Benefits of advertising on bags

Branded bags with a logo are an excellent demonstration of the company's image in front of the target audience. The image on the package is easy to remember. Therefore, many executives decide to order printing of bags with a logo. At the same time, it is important to constantly work on the image, this will help increase the demand for goods and services, and therefore lead to an increase in profits.

The production of such bags with a logo solves a large number of important tasks:

  • Advertising a service or product being sold.
  • Recognition of a particular brand.
  • Increasing customer loyalty, the prestige of a particular company or organization.

In addition, such advertising allows you to subtly convey the necessary information, provided that products are placed at large fairs and various exhibitions. Packages with a logo are cheap, so they don't hit your ad budget. All printing costs pay off over time with new income. In addition, printing paper bags is a good way to emphasize corporate identity.

In what areas can advertising bags be used?

With a minimum budget, you can order the prompt production of plastic bags with a logo and receive advertising for the target audience, increasing the recognition of your brand and logo several times. Such a tool is used in various fields:

  • shops for various purposes;
  • medical centres;
  • enterprises that relate to public catering;
  • agencies;
  • organizations for various purposes;
  • boutiques selling clothes, shoes or accessories.

Printing on courier packages is also relevant. In other words, it can be any company or organization that sells goods and provides services.

Varieties of bags

Depending on the materials used for production, all products can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Protected with a layer of polymer (or laminated) are common polyethylene options.
  • Unprotected - from thick kraft paper or stylish design paper. Kraft paper is treated with special impregnation, which makes it more wear-resistant. Don't confuse it with budget-friendly wrapping paper. It will not be difficult to order craft bags with a logo today.

You can also divide bags by purpose, size, placement method. In the paper form of a handle bag, strength will be the weak point. The stronger the reinforcement, the more reliable the product. The handle can be additionally fastened with lurex - it looks more aesthetically pleasing. Models with the so-called glued-in tape have also proven themselves excellent.

Laminated options range in thickness from 20 to 25 microns. They are made of paper with a polymer film, and the surface can be either glossy or matte. They are moisture resistant and have a high carrying capacity. A paper bag can support a weight of up to 3 kg.

How are plastic bags made?

More than 1 billion plastic bags are used every day in the world, which are used for packaging or carrying. Plastic bags are made from a special material. First, thin polyethylene granules are selected, which are extruded under the influence of the apparatus. At this stage, additives are added to improve the characteristics of the material, as well as dyes. Polyethylene itself is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon. The density of products may vary. It depends on the structure and the presence of chemicals in the material:

  • LDPE is a low-density plastic that is a great option for wrapping clothes and other products.
  • LLDPE - with a higher density, therefore the package is denser. Such models are most often found in supermarkets and shops.
  • HDPE is the densest option, it can withstand heavy loads and is suitable for carrying loads.

For production, a material such as polyethylene is used, which is processed under different pressure levels, from minimum to maximum. Therefore, it is possible to make bags with a logo in different sizes and density levels.

The history of the development of printing on polyethylene products

For the first time, printing technology began to be actively used in the twentieth century. Then it was relevant to make paper bags with a logo to order. A few years later, polyethylene products appeared, which are still popular today. On the other hand, they are a source of environmental pollution due to the long-term degradability of the polymers that make up the raw materials.

Today, for advertising promotion of products, it is imperative to print a logo on packages. Most brands, companies, organizations order large quantities in order to inform as many potential buyers as possible.

What else to look for when printing?

Printing on custom paper bags will depend on many parameters. First of all, you need to decide on the material (kraft paper, paper or polyethylene). The next important factor is the circulation and size of the packages. The smaller the circulation, the higher the price for packages with a custom logo, and vice versa.

Also, when choosing a suitable design and preparing for printing, you need to consider the following features:

  • It is important to remember that not all of the picture that can be drawn in a graphics editor will also work well on paper or polyethylene, the backlighting and colour rendition may differ slightly.
  • A layer of plastic wrap will be placed on top of the print itself. In the event that you liked the matte surface, then all the elements that were shiny will become more matte. The opposite situation occurs with gloss. It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the customer.
  • If the bag is too large, it should be glued in two halves. If the image contains texts, logo elements and they fall on the joint between two sheets, the image may shift. This should be taken into account when choosing a suitable logo placement when making paper bags.
  • When choosing a material called "brown kraft", the colour may change slightly during printing. For example, white can turn beige, red can turn brown. And only silver and black will remain unchanged.

The production of bags is a complex technological process. It includes a series of sequential operations that will be performed regardless of how many packets need to be printed. You will need several sheets for "rolling". For example, with a circulation of 20 packages, 220 sheets will be used, with a circulation of 500, we will use 700 sheets. As you can see, the circulation directly affects the formation of the price of one product.

Silk-screen printing method

One of the most popular printing methods is silk-screen printing. The paint is forced through the mesh on the frame, based on certain predefined parameters. At the same time, each layer must dry perfectly well in order for the colour to last as long as possible, and the brightness and print quality itself are at a high level. There are also a number of features that you need to pay attention to:

  • To make the image more voluminous, you can use inks with a volume of 100 microns.
  • Silk-screen printing is suitable when ordering in small quantities, as well as in bulk with quantities of over a thousand pieces.

Printing will be inexpensive, and different editions are allowed. The cost of services is calculated individually and will depend on the following characteristics:

  • the number of colours in the logo;
  • product sizes;
  • surface textures;
  • circulation.

To order packages with a logo using this method, you just need to leave a request on our website. Printing is carried out on packages of different types, sizes and formats.

How to order package printing?

We know how to create effective paper packaging that will help our customers meet their different needs. Our experts will help you choose the material, size, design, colour and other printing parameters that meet the customer's requirements. You can order paper bags with a logo or plastic bags from us. Recently, printing on craft bags has become popular, which look beautiful and stronger than paper ones.

To print a logo or a picture on polyethylene under various pressures, colours are used based on polymers, pigments, and solvents. Thanks to this composition, the paint is perfectly applied and stays on the surface for a long time. The choice of printing method will depend on the number of bags and the type and quality of the logo design to be printed.

To display complex stories, it is better to order large editions. For minimum volumes, it is better to choose simpler packages, line printing is suitable. In this case, the drawing is created on the basis of areas that are filled with paint. Another inexpensive method is bitmap printing, it allows you to create shades of the picture.

If you plan to order high-quality and large-volume printing of paper bags with a logo, full-colour printing is suitable, which can be performed on flexographic equipment or silk mesh.

To order paper bags, you need to call our managers or leave a request on the website. In our printing house, everything is thought out from the development of the layout to the delivery of finished products. Orders are accepted and executed seven days a week and at any time convenient for the client.


Frequently asked questions about Printing on bags

I want to order packages with my logo what do I need to do?

Whether you have a ready-made logo, company mark or perhaps a picture, it will speed up the fulfillment of your order. For this we will need to get it from you in the form of a graphic file or photo. If you do not have it, our designers will do this work for you, you will need to describe in words what you want to see on the package, the finished sketch will be sent to coordinate the order. After agreement of the draft, we will fulfill your order.

What are the lead times for a package printing order?

Usually the terms of producing an order take up to 2 weeks from the moment of receiving the prepayment. During this time approved with the customer layout of the product, made a cliche for printing and release the finished product.

Why does the cost per package differ depending on the circulation?

The higher cost of a package on small print runs is due to the higher time and resource costs per unit of the finished product.

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