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Tablets are a dense material from which you can make a large number of various advertising and presentation products. There are two types of plate making - using direct UV printing on the material itself, or you can use an adhesive film on which the image is printed, after which the film is rolled onto the plate base.

01 03

interior matte self-adhesive

matte Ritrama

glossy Ritrama

foam board / PVC


knurling on foam board / PVC

cutting into format


A2 - A0

Tablets are ordered in such cases

Recently, printing on foam board and PVC has become a popular service in Kyiv. Such products are ordered for use at exhibitions, in apartments, offices, restaurants, cafes and other establishments.

Due to the fact that the printing of tablets on PVC and foam board looks impressive and does not require additional efforts for installation, these products can be called very popular, and it is worth noting that this is an excellent and cheap alternative to canvases.

24print printing house performs printing on foam board and PVC around the clock.


 A popular type of material for the design of such works is foam board and PVC.

Foam board - sheets of polyurethane foam covered on both sides with a cardboard base. There is foam board of different thickness from 3 to 10 mm, the most popular and often used can be called five-millimetre. Such material has found its application in the advertising sphere, construction. Posters, information stands and signs are printed on foam board. Also, due to the property of foam board, it is easy to process it into growth figures.

Printing on foam board is carried out both in standard A3, A2, A1, A0 formats and in any non-standard formats.

Advantages of foam board:

  • Easy to cut into any size and bend
  • Has a low weight
  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Has a smooth surface
  • Possesses high strength


  • Affected by moisture
  • Easily gets dirty
  • Do not expose to sudden changes in temperature

Polygraphy 24print prints on foam board around the clock.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Sheet material, the thickness of which can be different, 24print uses a material thickness of 3 mm, if other variations are required, we order individually at the request of the client. PVC is suitable for exhibition stands, advertising structures, signs and posters, and is also often used for printing paintings for interior decoration.

Advantages of PVC:

  • Has a long service life
  • Do not deteriorate under the influence of temperatures
  • Moisture resistant material


  • Has not a small weight, in comparison with foam board

Since direct printing on foam board and PVC is considered a more expensive service than large-format latex printing, most often the image is printed on self-adhesive film, and then rolled onto the material.

Rolling is a procedure for applying an image to a solid material by gluing a self-adhesive film. The maximum size of a hard surface that can be rolled is 2 meters wide and 3 meters long.

The 24print company performs large-format printing with further rolling on foam board or PVC in a short time, which allows us to help any of our clients from architects to students who need to print a thesis.

Rolling process

Having seen how the process of rolling on a hard surface occurs, it may seem that this is easy. In reality, this is a painstaking process that requires attentiveness, special skills, patience and experience. All films quickly stick to the surface and if you start rolling it incorrectly, the product will be damaged.

The managers of the 24print service centre have many years of experience in order to print on foam board urgently without defects. As a result, we get large-format tablets with a flat surface without bubbles.

Types of printing

Latex printing - used when it is necessary to make waterproof plates. Self-adhesive printed with latex ink is rolled onto PVC and, as a result, we get moisture-resistant products. In the future, such products are used for outdoor advertising, window dressing and interiors. The ink is considered environmentally friendly, does not fade in the sun and reproduces the image brightly and colourfully, which makes latex printing the best choice for interior decoration.

Large format photo printing - used for the manufacture of tablets, which will later be presented at exhibitions or decorate galleries. This printing method produces pictures on foam board A2, A1 and A0, as well as various non-standard formats. Original ink is used for printing, thanks to which the image does not fade and does not lose its saturation. The ink does not contain harmful chemical elements and is harmless to others. This type of printing on foam board provides a high level of detail on the A0 format.

Large format poster printing - not suitable for outdoor tablets, but printing with smooth transitions is therefore widely used in advertising. The advantage of this type of printing on foam board is the high speed of obtaining images, low price and, as a result, low cost of the product.

UV printing is a technology that allows you to obtain high quality images on various materials. This printing method is widely used in outdoor advertising production. Thanks to UV printing, it is possible to create unique advertising objects as well as decorations for public places. The maximum format of this type of printing on foam board or PVC in printing industry 24print - A1.

We will make presentations and tablets:
  • with the preliminary development of a unique presentation design ;
  • the format that will be most convenient for visual perception;
  • made of high quality materials;
  • with professional post-printing.

If you need to finalize a project or develop a design, then 24print designers will be happy to help you with this.

The 24print company in the centre of Kyiv produces urgent printing:
  • with further knurling of design projects on foam board;
  • with roll-in on foamed PVC of architectural projects;
  • photographs and signs;
  • with knurled photos on foam board.

At any time of the day or night, qualified managers will meet you in the 24print printing centre 24print - and the order will be completed by the appointed date.  

You can also place an order online by writing to e-mail or chat. Managers will contact you to agree on the material, cost, terms and method of delivery. You can print from almost any digital file. Delivery is carried out by courier services in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

If you need high-quality printing of tablets or projects in Kyiv - come to 24print. 

Large-format photo printing of tablets on interior matte self-adhesive (Krone) 130g/m2 with foam board 


10+ 2-9 1

A2 tablet

492,32 495,62 560,06

A1 tablet

921,94 974,74 974,74

A0 tablet

1 740,48 1 943,98 1 943,98
Latex printing of tablets on Ritrama film with PVC knurling


10+ 2-9 1
A2 tablet 478,78 482,09 544,76
A1 tablet 927,84 947,67 947,67
A0 tablet 1 781,85 1 889,83 1 889,83


The cost is indicated inin UAH for 1 finished product

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Tablets

Do you do direct printing on flatbeds?

By standard we print on self-adhesive materials and then roll onto a backing, however if you need direct printing on the material we can use the UV printing method

Do you make tablets for the street?

Yes, we use moisture-resistant materials that are resistant to the environment. These products are used for outdoor advertising

Do you make an instagram frame for a photo area?

Yes, we have the ability to produce this product by hand trimming the tablet.

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