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Stickers are a product with properties of easy installation due to the adhesive backing. The product can serve as an advertising platform, perform an information function, be used as additional protection, and also become an interior decoration.

Based on the purposes and conditions of use of the stickers, managers will advise on the material and method of printing, which will allow you to achieve the lowest price for your circulation.

The printing of stickers in our print centre is carried out only on high-quality materials.

Depending on how the stickers will be used, the material is selected: self-adhesive paper from Raflatac or self-adhesive film from Ritrama, Orajet.

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self-adhesive paper

self-adhesive film (matte, glossy and transparent)



(Maximum width - 1500 mm, length - up to 5 m)


cutting to size

plotter pruning

crucible cutting

glossy lamination

matte lamination

gluing the mounting film

Types of print media

Self-adhesive film is considered a versatile material, as it is used not only for sheet-fed, but also for large-format sticker printing. The film is wear-resistant and waterproof, longer life than paper. In our service centres, you can print stickers on transparent film, as well as white, depending on which surface the product will be glued to.

Self-adhesive paper is used in cases where the sticker will later be used in a room that is not subject to temperature changes and moisture. The advantage of this material is its cost, it is much cheaper than film, and self-adhesive paper has a more natural appearance. The disadvantages of self-adhesive paper include the fact that it is very difficult to remove the glued sticker without residues on the surface of the paper and glue.

Self-adhesive paper is divided into two types: with a notch on the back side and without a notch. For square and rectangular decals, cut material is used. The notch makes it easier to separate the decal from the backing. Non-notched paper is used in cases of printing small stickers, as well as curly ones, which are trimmed by a plotter.

Post printing processing

Plotter trimming is a process that allows you to trim a sticker to a shape, as well as trim small square and rectangular stickers. After printing stickers with contour cutting, excess trimmed elements (stripping) are removed.

For the most effective solution to your problem, as well as rational use of the budget, our managers will help you choose the most suitable printing method - sheet-fed laser, latex, UV printing, silk-screen and offset printing of stickers.

Types of sticker printing
  • Laser digital printing of stickers is used for small runs, as well as when it is necessary to urgently print stickers in Kyiv. With this type of printing, stickers that are placed on the printed sheet can be personalized. After printing, for additional protection, you can laminate with glossy or matte thin film, and perform manual or plotter cutting. The 24print company will be happy to provide the service of printing stickers by piece in Kyiv around the clock.
  • Latex printing - this technology makes it possible to produce environmentally friendly products without odour and harmful fumes. Due to its environmental friendliness, the printed products can be used in offices, children's rooms and schools in the future. Latex printing is resistant to temperature extremes and UV radiation. Latex printing is used to print stickers on film for further posting in public places, as well as gluing on cars. By using latex printing, you get stickers that will last a long time.
  • UV printing is a modern and efficient way of manufacturing products. UV printing makes the image brighter and clearer on transparencies and coloured films than other types of printing. UV printing is resistant to solar radiation and can be used for a long time not only indoors, but also outdoors. UV printing of stickers on transparent film in Kyiv is often used when it is necessary to apply advertising information on glass, for example, in transport or shop windows.
  • Offset printing - this type is rational for printing stickers in bulk, the minimum circulation for one type of stickers measuring 50x50mm is 500 pcs. In offset printing, it is possible to cover the stickers with matte or glossy lamination, UV varnish. This technology is not provided for urgent execution of orders, but today it is the most inexpensive and fairly good type of printing from the existing ones.
  • Silk-screen printing - drawing an image with paints. There is a wide palette of colours, which allows you to choose the desired shade. The advantages of this type of printing are similar to those of UV printing, but silk-screen printing is economically justified to print runs of 200 pieces in size A5.
  • The circulation and the way the stickers are printed affect the price.
Shapes and sizes

The most commonly used stickers are simple shapes: rectangular, square, round and oval, but more and more complex shapes are gaining popularity.
Rectangular and square stickers have long conquered the printing market. Printing stickers A4, A5, A6, etc. considered standard for a rectangular shape.
Circular sticker printing is just as popular as rectangular one. Round stickers immediately grab the attention of the target audience.
The shape of the figured sticker, as well as the size, can be any. Thanks to post-printing technologies, stickers of any complexity can be produced.

All stickers are made up of three layers

  • Surface material - directly on which printing takes place. This can be film and paper.
  • Adhesive layer - due to which the material is glued. There are many types of glue, since the material is used for various purposes.
  • Substrate - protects the adhesive layer, easily peels off from the substrate and is discarded after use.
Volumetric stickers (nameplates)

Bulk stickers are printed products that consist of a film with an image print, polymer resin and an adhesive layer. Thanks to the resin, the nameplates are more durable than ordinary stickers, they are resistant to mechanical damage, fading and temperature extremes. These products have many names, they are called resin, bulk, silicone stickers, nameplates and 3d stickers.

Nameplates have recently conquered the advertising market, but they are already actively used in product labelling, decoration, holding promotions, in promoting products and as gifts to customers or partners. Stickers can be: round, rectangular, oval, square and other arbitrary shapes. Bulky decals cannot be printed with sharp edges because there is not enough surface tension in the epoxy resin, which will cause the resin to spread beyond the decal. The minimum corner radius must be at least 2 mm. Printing of nameplate stickers in Kyiv (at manufacturer's price), round the clock can be ordered at 24print.


24print printing prints stickers quickly (from two hours) in any quantity and in any format.
In order to order the printing of stickers in the 24print printing house, it is enough to issue an online request on the website or visit one of our offices.
If you order the printing of stickers in Kyiv at the 24print service centre, you can be sure that the manager will clarify all points from the material to the method of use; our designers will help you to finalize the layout, if necessary; the order will be printed on quality material; the product will undergo post-printing processing and as a result, you can pick up the finished product in one of our print centres, or we will deliver it by taxi in Kyiv or by Nova Poshta in Ukraine.

Digital label printing in SRA3 format
Quantity 5001+ 1001-3000 501-1000 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
Plotter-cut stickers on self-adhesive paper laser printing 55,53 57,14 64,07 69,62 72,99 76,99 104,80
Plotter-cut stickers on self-adhesive film laser printing 68,84 70,45 77,38 82,93 86,30 88,79 122,23
Plotter-cut stickers on self-adhesive film, laser printing + protective lamination  95,22 96,83 103,76 109,31 112,68 128,67 180,09
Latex printing of stickers on roll self-adhesive film
Quantity 501+ 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
Plotter die-cut stickers on self-adhesive film latex printing 163,84 175,80 183,95 201,02 246,42
UV sticker printing
Quantity 50+ 1-10
Plotter die-cut stickers on self-adhesive film UV printing 369,21 428,28

The cost is indicated in UAH for one sheet of A3 format stickers.

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Stickers

Do you print stickers on waterproof material?

We use moisture-proof material and moisture-proof printing as well. Therefore this task is possible.

What is the maximum sticker size you can print?

The maximum width of a roll for printing is 1.5 meters. The product may be up to three meters long.

Is it possible to make a sticker with custom trimming, individual outline?

Our production technologies allow cutting not only at right angles but also along individual contours.

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