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Calendars are a versatile souvenir and useful accessory. It can be an advertisement carrier and a status indicator, as well as a romantic gift. Therefore, printing calendars is a demanded service that is relevant not only before the New Year. 24print company performs round-the-clock printing of calendars with delivery in Kyiv.

In a world full of digital technologies, almost all life has been transferred to the "online", but print products, despite everything, remain in demand.

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24print can produce on request the following types of calendars:

  • cross-over,
  • desktop,
  • wall,
  • quarterly,
  • pocket,
  • photo calendars.

Based on the request and wishes, the manager will help you choose the type that you need.

Production of calendars to order
  • Printing wall calendars is the most frequent request in Kyiv. This product will be a wonderful decoration for your study or office. It is for such purposes that they print corporate calendars with a company logo or print calendars with a photo. It will raise the corporate spirit, delight loved ones, or become a kind of advertisement.
  • Loose-leaf calendars are printed in portrait and landscape orientations. As a rule, it consists of 13 sheets - a cover and 12 sheets for each month. You can also print a loose-leaf calendar in large sizes, for example, on the principle of printing A3 calendars on the wall. They are also used as advertising, New Year's gift or corporate souvenir. Our company is also engaged in printing desktop calendars in Kiev.
  • Desktop calendars printing - used as a marketing tool. This is one of the most interesting species as it comes in different types.
  • Quarterly - easy to use, as the plastic window allows you to quickly find out what day it is. They are printed in the form of wall and desktop calendars.
  • Pocket is a necessary handy tool that is always convenient to carry with you.
  • Printing photo calendars is a stylish interior decoration that you will look at with a smile, because looking at it you will see people dear to your heart.

A separate printing service is the printing of tear-off calendars. Previously, it could be found in every home. It will definitely not let you forget what day of the week and date it is, because a separate page is allocated for each day.

Product dimensions

Calendar formats depend on the purpose and scope of their use. Manufactured formats range from the smallest to the largest, such as wall-mounted.

Wall calendars are often printed in A3 and A2 format. These are the optimal sizes for the image to be visible and the text to be readable. If we talk about the manufacture of desktop calendars, then they are most often made in A5 and A4 format.

Also, the 24print company makes calendars in non-standard formats.


24print will help with the process of printing photo calendars in Kyiv at every stage of production. If you do not have a ready-made layout, then it is enough to provide us with photos, pictures and tell us about your idea, and the designers will embody any even the most unrealistic idea. You can create collages or pick up themed photos for each type of season. You can also make a layout for printing calendars with a photo of Kyiv or other memorable and beautiful city. Architectural landmarks can be placed on the calendar pages, and the colourful views will delight the eye all year round. The designers of the 24print company are ready to create the layout that you have been drawing for so long in your dreams. And if you print such calendars in A2 format, then such a poster will be a great addition to the interior. You can choose one-sided or two-sided printing,

Printing methods

24print uses laser and offset printing techniques to produce custom calendars.

Laser printing allows you to quickly produce high quality prints of text and images.

Benefits of laser printing:

  • it makes it possible to print quickly, since the laser has the ability to move quickly, in contrast to the print head;
  • laser beams are more accurate, therefore they allow obtaining high resolution;
  • laser prints are very clear and durable

24print uses Konica Minolta presses for printing. It is a Japanese manufacturer, one of the world's leading manufacturers of photocopiers, fax machines, laser printers, medical photographic equipment, optical components and measuring equipment. It's no secret that the quality of the print depends on the equipment to a large extent - 24print uses modern machines that provide the best printing.

For the production of large quantities, offset printing of calendars is used. This is a technology that uses a special printing plate. Offset printing of wall calendars or any other calendars has several advantages:

  • the ability to use any type of paper;
  • production of large editions in a short time;
  • printing calendars cheap when printing calendars in bulk.
Post printing services

Post printing services are an integral part of the printing process. Thanks to post-printing services, printed sheets take on a certain look and become a specific type of product. There are many types of post-printing services, with regard to calendars, the following can be distinguished: lamination, creasing, folding, bolting, spring stitching and eyelet installation. 

Lamination is the application of a film on both sides of the paper. Lamination is done in order to increase the wear resistance of the product. Also, for example, glossy lamination gives a special shine, and matte - velvety tactile sensations. Creasing and folding is mainly used to make the basis for desktop calendars: so that the paper does not wrinkle when folded, a special line is pressed into it - a big one. If the previous types of post-printing work are optional, then you can’t deal without stitching in calendars. Saddle stitching is the process of installing the spring that holds the sheets together. To do this, special holes are created in the paper, and then each sheet is "strung" on a spring. Springs are of two types: plastic and metal. For the manufacture of calendars, a black or white metal spring is used. The metal has more wear resistance and a more attractive appearance. The crossbar is installed only in products that will be hung on the wall, so that later it would be convenient to fix it.

Eyelets - fittings that are installed for further fastening of the product to the wall. The rings can be installed on paper of any density and quality. A grommet installed on top of the lamination doubles the structure.

Additionally, the product is coated with UV varnish or foil is performed on it. This will help to highlight the logo or individual elements and make the product more memorable.

Thoughtful design, well-chosen type of printing and post-printing for custom-made calendars is an important component for making the perfect product.    

Manufacturing cost

Printing calendars in Kiev has a different price. At 24print, its price includes quality service, support throughout the entire manufacturing process, as well as a pleasant system of discounts. When printing calendars, the price is formed depending on the quantity, size and type of paper, our managers will select an acceptable cost. The time of printing the calendar and its cost depends on the quantity and type of paper.

Service at 24print

Printing 24print is a service. Ordering with 24print means choosing comfort. Our offices are located in the centre of the capital, and we also do delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine. You can also make an order in a convenient way: leave a request on the website or chat with the manager live. For its clients, 24print works around the clock, and managers are ready to help at any time of the day, 7 days a week, regardless of weekends and holidays. Polygraphy 24print has been confidently occupying a leading position in the printing market for more than a year and hopes for a long-term and pleasant cooperation with each client.


Pocket calendar (size 100×70 mm)






One-sided color calendar printing on paper 300 g/m2

5,20 6,10 7,10 12,10 67,60

Two-sided color printing of the calendar on paper 300 g/m2

3,80 7,80 9,30 15,10 100,80

Wall calendar on the crossbar






Color printing of the wall calendar on paper 200 g/m2, with stitching and bolt installation, A4 format

192,20 245,10 283,90 318,60 427,50

Color printing of the wall calendar on paper 200 g/m2, with stitching and bolt installation, A43 format

303,20 322,40 405,50 482,40 611,20

Non-reversible desktop calendar "House" (size 210×100 mm)






One-sided color calendar printing on paper 300 g/m2 

22,00 24,60 25,80 38,60 80,20

*the calendar consists of a cardboard base (density 300g/m2 - color printing, one-sided). The calendar is assembled by gluing with double-sided tape.

The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 piece.

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