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Forms are printed products that are intended to be filled in with information. Information is added in such ways: manually, typed on a typewriter, and also filled out electronically.

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DNS 80 g / m2

DNS 120 g / m2

DNS 160 g / m2

DNS 300 g / m2

coated glossy paper 170 g / m2

coated glossy paper 300 g / m2

offset editions from 500 pcs. - check with the manager


glossy lamination

matte lamination

cutting to size



Types of forms

Depending on where and how the forms are used, they are divided into:

  • Form of strict accountability
  • Letterhead
  • Letterhead
  • Self-copying
  • Specific type of document

A strict accountability form is a document that confirms the receipt of cash. Such forms are used in the provision of services. Forms of strict reporting are printed in polygraphs or generated in an automated system.

Self-copying forms - a type of forms for which special self-copying paper is used. These forms use coloured paper to distinguish the original from the copy. Printing of this type of letterhead is carried out in large quantities, because thanks to the large circulation, you can get a favourable price.

Letterheads are an element of the corporate style of a company or enterprise. Often, the type of letterhead or business letterhead contains the same text, which is not changed, and separate areas for entering information. They print letterhead with unchanged blocks:

  • Full company name
  • Company `s logo
  • Contact details
  • Payment details

Letterhead - used when creating letters. On the form, according to the standard, the data and details of the company are applied. Forms are classified on two grounds:

  • Location of requisites
  • Authorship of the document

A specific form - created for the execution of internal documentation (reports, service notes, plans).

Printing of stamped forms is not engaged in printing by 24print, since such products are manufactured at printing enterprises that have a license for this type of activity.

Types of printing and post-printing

Printing of forms 24print polygraphy can be performed by the following printing methods: digital, offset and silk-screen printing. Forms can be printed in colour, black and white and pantones. Pantone is a specific colour that is created by mixing several colours. Each colour is assigned a number, and having named it you shouldn’t worry about the final colour of printing on letterhead.

Digital printing for letterheads is used when you urgently need to print a print run. Often this type of printing is used for the manufacture of forms from 1 piece. Digital printing is used in the production of colour and black and white letterhead. Thanks to digital printing, we can get a good product quickly.

Offset printing for letterheads is used for large non-urgent print runs. The advantage of offset printing of forms is the price, the larger the print run - the lower the cost of one copy. This type of application is not intended for urgent execution of orders.

Silk-screen printing is a method of applying an image with paints. Screen printing allows you to apply an image to finished products and on the surface of any texture. Thanks to this type of printing, images are rich and colourful.

Additionally, you can make selective varnishing, foil stamping, blind stamping, and relief stamping on forms.

Selective varnishing is a type of post-printing treatment of a product when UV varnish is applied to certain areas of the product. Selective varnishing is used to create exclusive blanks.

Embossing allows you to get an embossed logo print or a painted image. There are the following main types of embossing:
Foil stamping - makes it possible to paint certain areas of the image. The type of foil is chosen depending on the material, as well as further purposes of use.
Blind embossing - the logo is pressed into the surface of the material, and the pattern is obtained in the colour of the material. Blind embossing makes it possible to print the smallest details.
Relief embossing allows you to make a three-dimensional image (convex or concave).

The choice of the type of embossing depends on many factors:

  • Product material
  • Places of product application and the required design of the final product

Additional post-printing work is a complex and time-consuming process, therefore it would undoubtedly be better to entrust such work to a company that has quality equipment, highly qualified workers and experience.


Depending on the printing method and the purpose of the forms, 24print in Kyiv offers a choice of different types of paper.

In most cases, letterhead is printed on 80 g / m2 paper, since it is easy to write on it and the cost of letterhead printed on this paper is small. If you need to order colour printing of premium letterhead, then it is better to use designer cardboard or premium paper.


One of the most important stages when ordering letterhead printing in a printing house is the design development. Based on the design, the success of the company is judged. The designers of the 24print service centre in Kyiv are very serious about creating a layout for printing letterheads. Our designers will develop a layout taking into account your corporate identity, taking into account all the wishes and nuances.

When creating letterhead for correspondence with government agencies or law firms, remember that flashy and colourful letterhead will be inappropriate. The design of the letterhead should be discreet and laconic and draw attention to the content. When creating such letterheads, it is better to limit yourself and use only key elements - a logo, company data, a simple frame.

Letterhead can be printed in black and white or in colour. Black and white letterhead will look stylish. If you want to make the forms coloured or even multi-coloured, then you need to choose matching colours so that they do not look clumsy.

Often the printing of forms is ordered in A4 format. This is due to the fact that it is easy to print information on an A4 sheet on a regular printer.

Order cost

Each order for the printing of letterheads is calculated individually by the 24print printing managers , since the price depends on many factors:

  • Form size
  • Chroma
  • Material for application
  • Circulation
  • Types of post-printing works
  • Type of print

Also, if necessary, the design is additionally calculated.

Benefits of working with 24print
  • Consultation 24 hours a day
  • High print quality
  • Execution of orders within the agreed time frame
  • Diverse range of materials
  • Providing design services from scratch

The 24print company solves all kinds of problems 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so if you have a need to make letterheads in the morning at night, you can be sure that we will do it perfectly well.

You can place an order by writing to e-mail, chat or by calling 24print. You can also place an order directly at the service centre. If you need additional information, you can contact the managers at any time. Our managers will advise, calculate the cost of possible types of printing and select an option based on your request.

We deliver finished products to any place in Ukraine by courier services. Delivery by courier service is carried out at the time agreed with the customer.

Forms on thickened paper
Quantity 6000+ 2001-6000 1001-2000 201-1000 101-200 50-100 21-49 11-20 6-10 2-5 1

Forms on thickened paper 160 g / m2 A4 format,one-sided printing


8,61 8,61 12,41 16,35 18,12 19,21 23,27 28,58 29,59 31,96 62,42


The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 form

Frequently asked questions about Letterheads

Is it possible to print letterheads in the corporate style?

Yes, we produce this type of product. We can make letterheads with your corporate layout or engage a designer to develop a layout and print it on any material.

Can you number each form individually?

Yes, we can personalize letterheads in any range you need.

Is there a choice of thinner paper than what is offered by default?

We print on paper with different weights from 80gr to 400gr. This product is recommended to be printed on 80gr to 160gr/m2 material.

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