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Business Card Design

Today there are many ways to tell about yourself, but the most popular and accessible among them is the business card. This is a printed medium that contains contact information about a person or a specific company (organization). The badge also helps to advertise the brand, so it is in the corporate color scheme and style or rhetoric.

Designing business cards is a responsible process that is best entrusted to specialists. The 24Print Printing House offers a different format of cooperation and professional execution of orders.

Business Card Content

The first business cards appeared in China, back in the distant third century. Wood, bamboo or red silk were used as materials. They indicated the position and name of the official. Since then, the design of business cards has changed a lot.

A business card is a great way to concisely and quickly convey the necessary information to the end buyer of a service or product. To place the data, the front side is used, which indicates:

last name and first name of the person;

job title;

Company name;

Company `s logo; and


An important task is the development of a business card layout, the effectiveness of the result will depend on it. The layout can be developed independently using the online editor or the masters of the 24Print printing house will make it on request.

Business Card Classification

All business cards are different. depending on this parameter, business, personal, corporate, protocol and combined options are distinguished. The layout of the business card in each case will be different. The cost of developing a business card is determined individually and will depend on the circulation.

A personal business card describes the activities as well as contacts of one person. It contains exclusively personal information: first name, last name, sometimes patronymic, it will depend on cultural traditions, age, as well as of its owner’s image. The personal card also contains a contact phone number, e-mail address, as well as information about titles. For example, "Doctor of Engineering Sciences".

A business personal business card, in addition to personal data, contains information about the company (name, contacts, logo). There are many nuances that you need to pay attention to before ordering the creation of a business card layout:

The company name must be full, the abbreviation LLC, CJSC shall be allowed.

The position must reflect not only the scope of authority, but also responsibility. For example, not just a Deputy Director, but a Deputy Director for Financial Affairs.

When cooperating with foreign partners, patronymic may not be indicated. If you plan to print a business card in a foreign language, the text should be checked by a professional translator.

The first thing you need to specify is a contact phone number by which you can be contacted promptly.

The cost of a business card design will depend on its content, the presence of a logo, complex images.

The protocol card is stricter and more concise. It contains only the name of the company, address, position, phone. Civil servants and deputies also have the emblem and flag of the state. For purposes on behalf of the company, a business card is used. There are situations, when business cards are needed once, for example, to advertise one marketing event.

Combined business cards that combine personal and work data are in great demand. A business card layout, the price of which will differ depending on the type, can be developed independently or by the experienced designers’ efforts.

How to start making business cards?

Business card layout is not created quickly. First you need to decide on the target audience. It is her preferences, tastes and interests that are taken into account in the first place. Next, you need to think through all the technical aspects: the size, the material that will be used for production, as well as the style, shape, size, font.

The next important issue is the business card design. Business card design development, the price of which will depend on all of the above parameters. The style and design choice will depend on the purpose of the business card. It is better to stick to minimalism, do not come up with something unrealistic. Restraint and conciseness are 2 parameters that need to be considered when designing business cards. A wide color palette, a rich selection of sizes and textures allows you to choose the best option.

Business Card Design Guidelines

The most common mistake is the desire to fit too much information on a business card. It is important to remember that the design of business cards should be different from the advertising flyer, you should not place photos of your products on it and describe all their advantages. It is enough to indicate only the last name, first name and patronymic, company name, position and contact information. Do not use the back of a business card to place additional information. The calendar will look great here, but it is better to leave it empty. There are a number of other useful recommendations that you need to pay attention to before making a business card design:

Follow the text information sequence on the business card. Take the phone in your right hand and the business card in your left. If the thumb is covering the phone number, the business card was not created correctly.

Don't use too many images. As a rule, only one image is allowed on a business card, it is better if it is your company logo.

The text should be in one font that is easy to read. It shall be allowed to resize it.

Don't go overboard with color choices. A business card that is too bright can irritate one’s eyesight and cause the company distrust. Make sure the text is easy to read against the colored background of your business card. It is best to use white, beige or black colors for the background and black or white for the text respectively.

If suddenly your phone number has changed, in no case do the correction with a pen, order yourself new business cards.

Make sure that there are no mistakes or typos on your business card. Check the spelling of the text before sending it to print, ask the printing house staff to check the spelling again.

You can't save when choosing material for a business card. Printed products made from quality cardboard, premium paper, plastic will last much longer than conventional low-weight coated paper (LBWP foil).

Where to order a business card design?

You can order a business card design at the 24Print Printing House. We have hired the best specialists in our team who are ready to offer original solutions for the realization of your ideas.

The correct layout of business cards will help to place the necessary accents. Blocks of text must be placed correctly so that it can be easily read. The business cards development is carried out strictly on time. While working, our employees are guided by a number of principles:

Fonts should be combined with each other, it is better if there are no more than one or two types, effects and deformations are not applicable.

We do not offer our clients a large number of visual effects. It is important to remember that a business card is a way to convey the necessary information clearly and simply. 3D simulation, shadows and other effects can interfere with this important task.

At the stage of filling business cards, the text is checked for errors. There are also a number of design features: mobile phones must be written in full; it is best to use mail on the domain of your company, it is important to indicate the full name and position.

You can see examples of finished work, choose the best. We use modern printing equipment. Creative designers will develop a layout taking into account the individual characteristics and requirements of the customer. Our experts will help you develop an original design for your business card, if the company operates in an area where you need to show maximum creativity. At the same time, the business card design price remains affordable. The cost is affected by the printed products quantity, size and format. If you need a large number of business cards for distribution, as well as partners, you can order two different print runs.

Custom business card design is a great solution for business development and profitable presentation. High-quality design will distinguish the product from others, the original stylistic decision will emphasize the company status.


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