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Poster printing

Posters are large-format advertising items with small fragments of text and images. They can be design, advertising, thematic, artistic and are used in various fields.
If you need poster printing quickly and inexpensively, call us. If necessary, experienced designers will develop a layout according to the customer's specifications.

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Areas of use of posters

The very concept of "poster" comes from the English word "poster", in the literal sense of the word - it is "poster, poster". This common name is used for a variety of printed sheets that are stacked vertically. Posters can be used not only for advertising purposes, but also for personal purposes. Depending on this, their types are distinguished:

  • Printing advertising posters is a good method of communicating about an upcoming event, organizing an exhibition, or an advertising event. Usually this is A3 (29.7 x 42.0 cm) or A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm). They can be placed on stands, boards, posts. The printing of such posters is carried out in a short time. For mass advertising campaigns, you can order printing an A1 poster or a smaller format.
  • Printing posters with different congratulations. Large posters allow you to congratulate brightly and unusually on your favourite holidays, bright, important events. You can add a photo collage, unusual inscriptions - they will be remembered for a long time.
  • Large format poster printing is used for indoor and outdoor advertising. Consideration should be given to external factors when choosing suitable print media, especially if posters are intended for outdoor use. They are large in size; special structures are usually used for placement.
  • Printing posters on the wall. Interior posters are very popular, they can be original design solutions or posters with your favourite pictures, characters, landscapes, quotes. Such products are able to decorate any interior of both apartments, houses and offices. Posters can be of different sizes and will help create a certain style of interior decoration.

The image on the poster must be accompanied by a suitable slogan, as well as text.

Requirements for the created posters

There are several features that you need to pay attention to when creating a poster:

  • It is better to keep the headline short and informative.
  • The quality and size of the font should be optimal. The text should be visible from a distance of 1-1.5 meters.
  • The colours should be correctly combined, and the picture should be of high quality.
  • Experiment. Think of a bright background instead of a white canvas on the poster. 

You only have a few seconds to get someone interested with a poster, so you need to properly prepare your posters for printing. This will help not only bright pictures, but also a high contrast between various elements of the product. The colour palette should be monotonous and match the colour of the text, if any.

Visual contrast plays a key role in design. But also, don't forget about the environment. If the poster, for example, will hang on a white wall, then the poster is best done in contrasting colours. Also, posters for placement in the bedroom, hall, children's room will have different plots.

An important role is played by the choice of the poster size, material, as well as the printing method. In order for the resulting poster to perform its functions, make it expressive, original and capable of drawing attention to yourself. It is important to make the layout correctly from a technical point of view, this can be entrusted to our designers. It is worth discussing all the possibilities with the manager of our printing house in advance in order to choose additional effects. 

Poster sizes and paper weights

Posters come in various formats depending on their purpose. The standard sizes are A3, A2, A1 and A0. To print large poster sizes, offset or large format printing methods are used.

Standard poster sizes include:

  • A3 has dimensions: 42.0x29.7 cm - this is a small size for posters placed for individual and commercial purposes.
  • A2 with dimensions 59.4 × 42.0 cm - the format is suitable for placing information posted on thematic stands;
  • A1 differs in size: 84.1 × 59.4 cm - such posters are usually installed at exhibitions, in trade places, large halls. A1 poster is mainly used to place advertisements of a certain nature.

Also, poster printing on fabric is very popular. It can be clothes, bed linen, towels and absolutely any product that is printed with an image, text, logo, necessary information. Compared to other types of advertising, the price for printing posters is much lower.

The density of the paper for the poster is selected according to the order. As a rule, these are the following options:

  • density of 200 - 300 g / m2 will ensure the durability of products, such a poster is perfect for outdoor placement.
  • weight from 90 to 120 g / m2 - standard paper that is suitable for posters placed for advertising purposes, this is a good option in terms of price and quality;
  • density in the range of 120 - 180 g / m2 - the golden mean in the ratio of price and quality of products for placing information materials.

In our printing house you can order absolutely any print run on different media.

How to create a poster ad?

In order to create an effective, beautiful and stylish poster, you need to think over its design and turn to professionals. We can order the printing of large posters, small, for the interior, office, bank, for advertising purposes. Everything happens quickly and conveniently for you. You can use the services of experienced designers. The specialists of our printing house will systematize your main ideas and help to implement them in original posters. After corrections and adjustments, it is enough to choose the best option. If you plan to make a layout on your own, check the technical requirements with the managers. After that, you send us the file, and we can print the poster for online order.

You can use City Light paper for printing, it is capable of not only transmitting colours well, but also more resistant to moisture or ultraviolet radiation. In addition, it is easy to fit into different designs and is more flexible. Sometimes our clients order a poster on foam board. If you need to print large a0 posters, the print quality should be at least 360 dpi.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Format Poster Printing

Thanks to the availability of modern equipment, we carry out large-format printing of posters of various formats and sizes quickly and efficiently. Odourless ink is used to print the poster, so the products can be placed indoors. The main advantages of large format printing include the following features:

  • You can order a different quantity, ranging from 1 piece to hundreds of thousands, it all depends on the needs of the client.
  • The paints are protected from sunlight. You can use such a city light and advertising will last not days, but whole months or years.
  • Printing in various sizes, which allows you to realize the most unusual ideas for indoor and outdoor advertising. It can be A0 or more.
  • The printing process can take no more than three days, it will depend on the level of equipment load, as well as the volume of circulation.

On the other hand, the cost of printing a poster using large format printing technology will be higher. This is due to the high cost of maintenance of the equipment used and the quality of the paints themselves. In addition, the printing speed is slower than digital or offset, the process may take additional time.

Methods of printing on fabric

You can also order a poster on canvas and woven fabrics. The price of printing an image on fabric will depend on the method of applying the stencils themselves. You should also take into account the colour, composition of the fabric, the features of the dyes. Today, several different methods are known, each has its own pros and cons:

  • Silk-screen printing is a method using a mesh through which paint will be pressed. Ideal for textured lettering made with fluorescent paints, gold or silver. In this case, the clarity and brightness of the pattern itself will not depend on the colour of the base.
  • Direct digital - allows you to detail images. Such paints are quite persistent, you can get a gradient and gloss. You can use natural fabrics of different types, while synthetic fibres are only allowed up to 5%, resolution up to 2880x1440 dpi.
  • Thermal transfer - is not afraid of washing and is suitable for single items. Based on the name, it is clear that the pattern is transferred under the influence of temperature.
  • Sublimation - printing is suitable for fabrics with a composition of synthetic fibres from 60%. Clearer images will be obtained with the lightest materials. Special inks are used, which are made on an oil or water basis.

The latter printing method can withstand multiple washes while maintaining high brightness. If you need to print a poster on fabric, we recommend that you contact our specialists for help. They will tell you what is the best ink and printing technology to use, depending on the purpose and type of material. In some cases, you will need to conduct a test in order to approve the sample and agree on all the nuances with the client. All preparatory work and the printing itself will be completed in a short time.

Where to order cheap poster printing?

We print posters a3, a0 and a1 on time and with high quality. We can additionally print flyers, draw a unique layout. The values ​​of the company are honesty towards clients and responsibility for the actions of the company's employees towards clients. When working with us, you get the following benefits:

  • affordable prices and adherence to the budget;
  • special approach to each client;
  • responsibility and attentiveness of employees;
  • provision of turnkey services;
  • we provide printing and layout services;
  • individual rates for regular customers;
  • creative approach to the task at hand;
  • qualified professionals who love their job;
  • ordering posters at any time of the day;
  • convenient payment method.

Our clients are large advertising agencies, various companies, organizations, individuals. It is easy to order a poster print online through the website or by phone.

Printing is carried out on modern equipment. The work of the printing house is aimed at long-term relationships aimed at the development of your business. We rely on the creative approach of our team, which strives to meet the needs of each client.


A3 poster digital printing on SRA3 paper

Quantity 3001+ 1501-3000 1001-1500 501-999 101-500 50-100 20-49 10-19 2-9 1

A3 poster on 160 g/m2 paper

14,87 16,33 16,66 22,96 29,11 34,43 37,08 45,34 53,36 58,72

Large format poster printing on matte roll photo paper

Quantity 10+ 2-9 1

A0 poster on matte photo paper 180g/m2

442,31 468,02 556,21

A1 poster on matte photo paper 180g/m2

236,76 281,22 321,33

A2 poster on matte photo paper 180g/m2

126,63 170,57 212,65

Large format poster printing on glossy roll photo paper

Quantity 10+ 2-9 1

A0 poster on glossy photo paper 190g/m2

525,80 551,51 633,28

A1 poster on glossy photo paper 190g/m2

278,51 319,67 359,04

A2 poster on glossy photo paper 190g/m2

147,50 189,09 238,74

Large format poster printing on satin roll photo paper

Quantity 10+ 2-9 1

A0 poster on satin photo paper 280g/m2

529,28 554,99 637,11

A1 poster on satin photo paper 280g/m2

280,25 321,58 361,05

A2 poster on satin photo paper 280g/m2

148,37 190,10 239,83

The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 poster.

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Poster printing

Which size of poster can you print?

We can perform any size in A4 - A0. We also have the ability to perform products in individual size.

What kind of paper do you print the poster on?

Most often we use medium density photo paper. We always have matte, glossy and satin.

Can you produce a custom poster?

We have a design department, which will gladly help you to develop the layout of the poster from start to finish.

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