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A diploma work is a type of qualifying, independent work of a student, which is necessary to complete the education of students in training programs for specialists, bachelors and masters. Defence of the diploma is one of the main stages of completing studies at the university, and therefore students are always in emotional stress during the period of sessions and defence, and the result of their long-term work is influenced not only by the content of the thesis, but also by the appearance of the diploma itself.

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DNS 80 g / m2

Hard cover



metal spring binding

stitching on a plastic spring

channel binding

stitching on PUR glue

stitching on a thread



knurling on foam board / PVC

cutting to size



Diploma printing

You can print your diploma at any time by contacting 24print. For black and white printing, we use one of the fastest productive Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 1100 printing machines, which has a speed of 100 pages per minute - this allows you to print your thesis in 1-2 minutes. If you are a graduate of such specialties as directing or, for example, photography and need to print your thesis with colour photos, tables or diagrams, then 24print will cope with this just as easily. In addition, we are always ready to retype missing elements or retype sheets that need to be replaced before stitching the diploma. The diploma can be printed,

Firmware for diplomas

There are many types of binding paper. You can fasten individual sheets with paper clips, hot glue, plastic or metal springs. For the binding of diplomas, 24print most often uses the hardcover method. 

Thesis hardcover is a type of diploma design that uses hardcover. For a hardback diploma, thick cardboard is used as a cover and substrate, which, together with the main block, is compressed by a metal channel. A dense cover and backing will protect the sheets from mechanical damage: breaking corners, dents, etc. It will take about 10 minutes to file your thesis, depending on the number of pages in your document. You can sew the thesis in red or blue binding. The 24print company provides not only the services of stitching the thesis, we can also embroider the already bound diploma. In case you find missing pages or, for example, a typo in the text or wrong page order, we will be able to expand the dissertation and quickly eliminate any problem that arises. Also, for your convenience, you can print the file at home, and when it is convenient for you, come and we will make a binding for your thesis.

In addition, channel binding can be stitched not only with a diploma, but also, for example, archival documents. This will help to sort out the lying around the folders of documents and organize all the documentation. 

Where to get a high-quality diploma?

Most students go through the stage of submitting their thesis and 24print helps them with this.

If you live or have already lived this period, then you probably wondered where you can get a diploma, slowly flip through the pages, find flaws and immediately eliminate them. 24print will provide you with a cosy working space in our coworking area, where you can print a diploma and file a finished thesis.

By applying for the production of a thesis to the printing industry 24print, you get a number of advantages:

  • binding of diplomas around the clock;
  • stitching the thesis in record time;
  • selection of the preferred colour for the binding of the diploma;
  • print service “for yesterday”;
  • the possibility of stitching an already printed document;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • the ability to sew a diploma with any number of pages. You can bind A4 and A3 pages. For theses, we use A4 binding, which is the standard. While A3 is often a format for architectural projects and presentations, the hardcover gives it a more expensive and luxurious look.

By the way, channel binding is often used to make book jackets. Thick cardboard is pasted over with self-adhesive paper and is also stitched together with the block of pages of the book. This confirms the reliability of using the channel binding method. Depending on the number and thickness of the pages, we select the appropriate channel size, which will reliably compress the pages, prevent them from scattering and allow the finished book to be easily opened and closed while using it. 

Cost of printing and stitching

Polygraphy 24print can print, sew and embroider a diploma in Kyiv 24 hours a day, and our prices remain unchanged, regardless of the season. You can get a diploma in 24print printing for a reasonable price at any time of the day.  

The price of the thesis depends on the chosen size of the diploma, the type of stitching and the printing method. The price also varies depending on how many pages you need to flash. 24print is the place where you can file your printed diploma or make it from scratch using our printing services. It is up to you to decide how the thesis will look - we can sew the diploma together with the files, if necessary, and the choice of the binding colour will not affect the price.

New generation printing

The task of getting a diploma in Kiev at 5 am, 4 hours before the defence, now does not seem impossible. 24print is a place where you can get a diploma in the shortest possible time. For you to apply for a thesis is to feel a unique feeling of relief, and for us it is an opportunity to introduce you to the printing industry of a new generation. Our specialists can print and file a diploma, as well as send finished products to the required address.


Diploma printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 80g/m2 in hardcover, A4 format


20 page 50 page 70 page 80 page 120 page 150 page 200 page 300 page

One-sided black and white printing A4 format with firmware

463,20 614,88 647,25 692,65 791,58 869,62 1 077,50 1 433,93

One-sided color printing A4 format with firmware

609,88 919,80 1 101,10 1 214,00 1 633,44 1 959,54 2 553,50 3 647,93

The price is indicated in UAH. for one finished product

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Diplomas

Do you stitch theses and dissertations?

Yes, we are able to staple the printed thesis into hard or soft cover, depending on the requirements of the university.

Is there an opportunity to embed a file in a diploma?

Yes, such a possibility exists. We do file sewing for reviews and other additional documentation.

If I need to replace several sheets in an already done thesis, can you do it?

This task is feasible for us. Using modern equipment we can embroider, replace the necessary sheets and sew back together.

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