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The catalogue is an integral part of the presentation products of any company. A well-crafted brochure with vibrant images will be the first step in a long-term and productive customer relationship. Advertising catalogue printing is especially popular in big cities such as Kyiv. Fashion boutiques, footwear, sports and music stores located in the capital compete for the attention of selective customers, luring them with colourful brochures with a wide variety of goods.

01 03
  • glossy lamination
  • matte lamination
  • stapling
  • stitching on metal
  • stitching on a plastic spring
  • creasing

(if it is a directory stapled with 2 staples)

  • folding

(if it is a directory stapled with 2 staples)

  • cutting to size
  • Mondi Colour print DNS G paper
  • Mondi Colour premium DNS V paper
  • Mondi Colour copy paper 
  • Munken Pure Paper
  • Coated paper
  • Design paper

 offset editions from 500 pcs. - check with the manager


A6 - A4
(A3 in a spread - maximum if it is a catalogue sewn on 2 staples)

Types of catalogues

There are four types:

  • Informational;
  • Representative;
  • Advertising;
  • Periodic.

It is difficult to identify the great popularity of a certain type, although each of them performs completely different functions. Informational ones contain data on the types of services, their cost and conditions for placing an order. Such information brochures not only immediately answer the client's questions, but also stir up interest in cooperation. While representative is primarily the image of the company. In them, as a rule, you can find the history of the creation of the company, information about its owners or team, as well as about the most successful deals or any other successes. They work to build trust and customer engagement. Very often, these two types can be combined to create an advertising directory. Periodicals are released according to the seasons, when the range of offered goods changes.

Creating a layout from scratch

The staff of the 24print printing house employs experienced designers who can either modify an existing layout or develop and layout an absolutely unique product.

For convenience, designers accept orders for design online and offline at service centres.

In order to create a catalogue, you need to talk about exactly how you see it, inform about corporate colours, provide a logo and corporate fonts.

It is also important to have quality images that you would like to place in the catalogue. Our designer will always be able to additionally edit them: add brightness or contrast, adjust to the desired size. If your company has not yet developed a corporate identity, then we will help with the creation of a corporate identity.

Types of fasteners

Staple stitching - suitable for a small number of sheets and after stitching the catalogue is similar to a notebook. For printing, lightweight paper is selected, which will make it possible to conveniently open the finished product. Printing of catalogues with stapling on a staple can be done in small editions.

Glue stitching is a durable and presentable stitching option. It is impossible to order urgent production of catalogues with this option of binding pages, since the glue needs to dry out. The finished catalogue with this stitching method can be rotated 180 degrees.

Sewing on a thread is a practical and reliable option. The finished product unfolds 180 degrees.

Stitching occurs in a notebook way and it is not possible to disconnect the product without damaging it.

Types of printing advertising catalogues

Printing of catalogues is a frequent service in the printing centre 24print in Kyiv. For production, 24print uses digital and offset printing of catalogues.

Digital printing allows us to implement urgent printing of catalogues in Kyiv. It delivers high quality prints, maintains colour saturation, and can be matched to any suitable size. 24print uses modern equipment that will not let you down in terms of colour reproduction and clarity of displaying illustrations. Making catalogues in a printing house takes a little time. For example, you can receive a test copy already 30 minutes after placing your order.

For large, non-urgent circulations, offset printing is used. Offset allows you to reduce the cost of the product, to produce large quantities of printing products inexpensively, but at the same time maintains high quality. Offset printing of catalogues in the printing industry takes a lot of time due to the fact that the technology involves lengthy preparation.

When contacting the 24print printing centre, be sure that the managers will select the printing method that will be beneficial to you.

Post press services

Immediately after printing the catalogues, the printing house performs post-printing services that make it presentable, expensive and of high quality. Polygraphy 24print in Kiev, after printing catalogues, performs such post-printing work as lamination, UV varnish coating, foiling, embossing. It is they who give the uniqueness to each product, and also perform a protective function.

Lamination protects the paper from scuffs, cracking, tearing and discoloration. Both the cover and the main block of the catalogue can be laminated. For example, glossy lamination will add even more shine and brilliance to images, while matte lamination adds a pleasant, velvety tactile sensation.

UV lacquer, foil and embossing help to create accents. You can highlight the logo or slogan of the company and thus give the catalogues an unforgettable look.

The cost of making catalogues in Kyiv

Customers often ask themselves the question of price: how is it formed, what affects the final cost? Printing catalogues in Kiev has a different price, based on the type of printing and production time. At 24print, the cost of printing catalogues varies depending on several factors:

  • Product size;
  • Number of pages in a block;
  • Type of post-print services;
  • Density of print media;
  • Circulation.

The 24print manager will help you choose the best solution for the implementation of your idea and select the parameters based on your needs. We will be able to answer all questions about printing catalogues and their prices in Kyiv, as soon as you look at your layout.

For a preliminary consultation, you can send the layout by mail or chat, and we will contact you.

Printing catalogues with 24print

24print is engaged in printing catalogues in Kyiv. When ordering products from us, you get a number of advantages:

  • Urgent printing of catalogues around the clock;
  • Small print runs;
  • The cost for printing catalogues depends on the quantity and the price decreases with the increase in circulation;
  • During the printing of catalogues to order, managers accompany you throughout the entire production process: from creating a layout by our designer to receiving the finished product at a convenient place for you at a convenient time;
  • Delivery service of printed products throughout Ukraine.
  • 24print has a corporate sales department that will help you understand all the nuances of creating exclusive products. In the course of work, a manager is assigned to the company and its representative, who will be able to provide advice on the manufacture of printed products. A personal manager is practical, because having studied the needs of the company, he will easily satisfy them in the future.

24print is not just a printing centre, 24print is a 24/7 printing service. 24print puts all ideas on paper around the clock. Our offices are open for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our managers are ready to provide any assistance regarding printing. Our printing house in Kyiv is a leader in printing catalogues and any other printing products. With 24print you can not only print, but also experience unforgettable emotions.

Catalog A4 format (horizontal) digital printing

Catalog A4 glossy

2 043,72

Catalog A4 matte

2 072,42

*catalog for 10 spreads, hard cover 300g/m2, plastic 1mm, block - 150g/m2

Catalog A4 format (horizontal) photo printing

Catalog A4 photo printing

2 406,32


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