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Postcard Design

The postcard original design always attracts attention. In addition to the usual printing products that the mass market offers, printing and making postcards according to your own design are in high demand. In this way, you can arrange a congratulation and a gift for relatives, close friends, work colleagues or a leader. When developing a design, there is a wide choice for creative ideas from traditional to original images.

Where is it possible to order a card with one’s own design for the holiday? We are ready to answer the question: 24Print provides a full range of printing services, from design development to printing. You can submit an online application at any time of the day. The company fulfills any orders volume for printing a circulation within the optimal time frame. Time for development and manufacturing is specified on the same day when ordering.

What types of postcards can be made to order?

The postcards design should correspond to each product purpose. They can be used for congratulations, information, agitation or advertising purposes. There are also picture postcards and invitation options. The most common examples can be viewed in the store.

Most often, greeting cards are ordered for various occasions. The design may contain images corresponding to the solemn event and texts. Sometimes they select images of a neutral type or thematic ones associated with a specific occasion. In business use, a corporate design style is used, which is intended for business partners, managers, employees or contractors. For the design of postcards that are used for advertising purposes, the company's contact details (website address, email, phone numbers and instant messengers) are an obligatory element.

Invitation cards are usually ordered for a wedding or anniversary. We are ready to listen to your wishes in order to create a unique design and implement it in printed materials. Experienced designers will help with the color choice and a spectacular design creation. The customer receives several options from which it can choose the best for itself.

It is important to convey the benefits of your company's products / services in promotional postcards. The postcard design allows realizing one’s business goals in an unobtrusive and stylish way, attracting the buyers’ attention.

Basic Parameters for Postcard Design Ordering

In addition to the destination, postcards are classified according to several indicators. You need to take into account as follows:

  1. Size. There are common formats that are used most often (A 4, A 6, A 5, as well as A3 or A1, A2). The custom postcards design always depends on the size of the paper, as the image and texts must be legible.
  2. Product design. Now not only single or double postcards with an image are popular, but also more complex options. For the manufacture of such products, we use laser cutting or punching dies. All these technological operations will influence the postcard design.
  3. Circulation. The cost of production is directly related to the circulation. You can order personalized products, where the name of each guest or client is printed. Such a design is developed common to all postcards, but each unit is printed separately. The price of a single copy for a large volume of printing products is always lower than the production of a small circulation.
  4. Method of dispatch or delivery. For a personal meeting, this parameter is not as important as for postal forwarding, where envelope formats must be taken into account. Sometimes they order the production of a kit, which includes a postcard and an envelope with a similar design. If a custom-made postcard design for an exhibition is being developed, then they are most often received on the spot. Such a postcard can be at the company's stand or distributed by promoters.
  5. Post-print or handcrafted works. Post-print processing includes lamination or partial lamination, which give a glossy effect. Sometimes the design contains handmade elements: beads, bows, lace.

Why do many people choose custom design greeting cards? Such accessories can emphasize your status and uniqueness. The designer will help to realize your ideas in the best way, taking into account the allocated budget.

What elements should the design include?

There is no standard approach, since everything is decided by the customer. There are certain types of element layouts that need to be considered. The unique design allows achieving personal or business goals in a postcard.

Our designers are well versed in thematic requirements, so you can count on our help. Sometimes the event participants photos are provided for personal greeting cards. For advertising purposes, the office, enterprise, manager or employees’ photos can be used. An invitation card obligatory element will be the event address, date and time indication.

Even if you use templates, you can always add custom elements to a standard design. This is solved by changing the background, adding your own images, using unusual fonts. Text that conveys information will be important. The postcard design cost is related to the complexity of preparing images and developing the original layout. In the 24print Printing House, a postcard with your own design will be made just in time.

Who makes an interesting postcard design?

It is better to entrust the layout development to the professional designers who know the features of the printed products prepress and postpress processing. In the 24print Printing House, you can order a postcard design that will embody your desires and goals entirely.

It is possible to use prepared templates or built-in editors on the site to select a design. The postcard design price is determined after discussing the work complexity. We use offset, digital and screen printing. The company provides finished circulation delivery to the customer address.

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