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Black and white page printing

Black and white page printing

The Bizhub Pro 1100 is the most productive black and white Konica Minolta. Thanks to this model, digital black and white printing has become even more accessible.

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Benefits of Bizhub Pro 1100

Ordinary office printers are not capable of high-quality printing of forms or documents. When quality products are needed, it is better to turn to professionals.

The 24print company uses a printing machine that has the necessary functionality to obtain high-quality black and white printing:

  •  high speed of work
  •  support for finishing options
  •  technology of automated information of person and turnover
  •  wide range of supported media
  •  resolution 1200x1200 dpi

The model is indispensable for black and white printing, as it easily prints at a speed of 100 A4 pages per minute.

Due to its technical characteristics, Bizhub Pro 1100 quickly and efficiently produces not only small editions of text documents, but also long editions of multi-page products with graphic images. We save time and your budget with advanced Konica Minolta technology.

Black and white printing is used to make:

  •  drawings
  •  brochures
  •  booklets
  •  leaflets
  •  forms
  •  abstracts
  •  treaties
  •  instructions
  •  educational literature
The 24print service centre is at your service around the clock

Black and white printing of A4 and A3 format in the 24print company in Kiev is still a popular and demanded service when it is necessary to fulfil an order "for now". When ordering black and white printing from 24print, you will receive a full range of services from prepress to the delivery of a finished order. Our designers will finalize the layout or develop it from scratch, our managers will agree on the circulation and terms with you, and after printing the order, we will perform post-printing processing.

To place an order, write to us by e-mail or chat. Requests are processed around the clock. When placing an order in 24print printing, you can choose a convenient point of issue for your products or arrange courier delivery in Kyiv.

Sheet-fed black and white printing on Mondi Colour print DNS G 80 g / m2 paper 



Quantity 3000+ 1001-3000 501-1000 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
One-sided black and white printing A4 format 1,90 2,00 2,10 3,50 4,50 5,70 9,25
Double-sided black and white printing A4 format 3,00 3,10 3,20 5,50 7,40 9,90 17,40

One-sided black and white printing A3 format

3,60 3,70 3,90 5,50 7,10 11,90 14,70
Double-sided black and white printing A3 format 5,70 6,00 6,20 8,40 11,80 20,70 27,30

The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 sheet

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