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A certificate is a type of product that testifies to achievements or gives the right to receive a discount or a product / service. With the correct design and correct presentation, the benefits of the certificate can be twofold - for the recipient, as well as for the person who issued the certificate. A certificate can be not only a good gift, but also a powerful marketing ploy.

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Mondi Colour print DNS G paper

Mondi Colour premium DNS V paper

Mondi Colour copy paper 

Munken Pure Paper

Coated paper

Designer cardboard

 offset editions from 500 pcs. - check with the manager


glossy lamination

matte lamination

rounding corners

cutting to size



Types of certificates

Depending on the purpose for which the certificates will be used, they can be divided into:

  • gift
  • warranty
  • discount
  • safety certifications
  • international standard
Materials and types of printing certificates

Today, thanks to various printing technologies, it is possible to order the printing of certificates not only on paper or design cardboard, but also on plastic, acrylic or wood. Based on the type of certificate, circulation, production time, as well as the client's needs, the material is selected, as well as the type of printing. The most common types of printing are digital, offset, silk-screen and UV printing.

Digital printing. This printing technology is used when it is urgent to print a small circulation of certificates. Printing of such certificates in 24print in Kyiv takes place on thick paper 300-400 g / m2 or on designer cardboard.

Offset printing. Profitable for printing runs from 500 pcs. The advantage of offset printing of certificates is the low price of the product and a wide range of matte and glossy papers of different weights. The disadvantage of this technology is that it is not possible to produce personalized certificates and perform urgent printing. After printing, certificates can be laminated or coated with a selective varnish.

Silk-screen printing. The service of silk-screen printing is provided when it is necessary to make VIP certificates on designer cardboard with a stamp in a certain, for example, corporate colour. Such certificates can not only be coated with a selective varnish, but also can be additionally stamped with foil. This printing does not allow you to print a full colour image.

UV printing. UV printing makes it possible to print gift certificates on plastic, acrylic or wood. In this way, unique certificates can be produced that will stand out and be remembered.

24print company prints certificates in Kyiv only on premium materials, so you don't have to worry that your certificate will look cheap.


Before printing, it is necessary to carefully consider the design and format of the future certificate, since this type of product is often hung in a frame in the most conspicuous place. The most common is A4 format, less often certificates are made in A5, A6 format, as well as in the format of a plastic card.

Depending on the type of certificate, it differs in design and content.

Basically, the process of creating a layout for printing gift or any other certificates from 24print printing designers in Kyiv does not require a lot of time. An exception is the creation of individual personalized certificates for a large circulation.

You can order the production of certificates from anywhere in Ukraine by filling out an online application on the website or by writing to the chat. Our managers carefully study each request and help to choose the material and type of printing, as well as negotiate the terms. Therefore, when ordering the printing of certificates, as well as other products, for example, diplomas and letters, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of the order. We send finished products using courier services.

One-sided A4 certificate 


6001+ 2001-6000 1200-2000 1001-1199 201-1000 101-200 50-100 21-49 10-20 6-9 2-5 1

A4 certificate on thick paper 300g/m2

12,34 13,15 16,61 16,95 20,91 22,70 23,74 26,54 31,86 34,57 37,51 73,55


The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 certificate

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Certificates

How can I print a certificate if I only have a photo and a screenshot?

We can connect a designer who can draw all the elements of the certificate.

Can you laminate a certificate so it can be signed by hand?

Yes, if you use matte lamination (thick or thin), this material allows you to can be signed by pen.

Can you do a certificate with scratch tape?

Our company has a custom solutions department that can help design this type of product.

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