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Souvenir products

Souvenir products

Souvenir products - products that are used as gifts, business souvenirs, handouts. A souvenir with a corporate logo will allow you to increase brand awareness, gain new customers and create warm relationships with regular customers. A souvenir can be presented to a regular customer or a new customer, in addition, it is a good gift to a colleague at work or a manager.

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Types of souvenir products

Depending on where the souvenir products will be used, as well as to whom the souvenirs will be awarded, they can be divided into categories:

  • Promo - souvenirs
  • Business souvenirs
  • Author's products

Printing of souvenir products for promotions in Kyiv is ordered in large quantities to cover a large number of audiences. Present as gifts: pens, pencils, bracelets, key chains, cups, calendars. Such souvenirs are presented at exhibitions, during an advertising campaign or during an election campaign. Gifts are given for the purpose of building trust. Such gifts not only carry an informational message, but also benefit the consumer.

Business souvenirs are intended for company employees, business partners, and regular customers. Diplomas, cups, flash drives, notebooks, diaries, textile products and tableware become a present. On such products, the logo of the company that gives the gift is applied.

Author's products or VIP souvenirs are made under an individual order. Exclusive gifts are given to important partners after the conclusion of a deal or negotiations.

Materials and types of application

We can print on souvenir products provided by the client or offer a choice of samples and apply on our materials. The 24print company offers such types of application on souvenir products as:

Digital printing - used for the production of postcards, calendars and puzzles in both large and small editions. With digital printing, you can print your gift items in a matter of hours.

UV printing - used for the manufacture of lighters, phone cases, USB drives and key fobs. This type of seal is very durable.

Silk-screen printing - drawing an image with paints on textile products, polyethylene or paper. Silk-screen printing allows you to seal a large area, a favourable price is obtained with a circulation of 100 pieces.

Flex printing - allows you to get a vivid image on a T-shirt, sweatshirt and baseball cap. Films for printing can be holographic, reflective, as well as imitating different textures, which allows you to get memorable products.

Embossing - the image is applied using a cliché. In most cases, embossing is done on leather or leatherette products - folders, wallets, notebooks. This type of transfer is elegant and expensive.

Sublimation - full-colour printing on special paper for further transfer to a prepared surface. Sublimation printing service is used for textiles, porcelain, glass and ceramics.

Decal - used when printing on souvenir products in Kyiv from glass, porcelain and ceramics. The print is of high quality, durable and is resistant to abrasion, in contrast to the print obtained by the sublimation method.

Embroidery - the logo is applied using embroidery equipment and threads. The choice of application colours is limited by the thread colour palette. The advantage is the durability of the application, since the image does not wear off and remains bright for a long time.


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