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Banner Design

Banner advertising is the leader in outdoor advertising and an effective marketing tool. The key task is to create a competent and stylish banner design. 

It is convenient and easy to order a banner design from the 24print. We offer affordable prices and implement the most original ideas. We also guarantee excellent quality thanks to professional equipment and experienced employees.

Banners Types and Characteristics

A banner is a canvas on which information is applied. Depending on its type, the design of an advertising banner can be informational, advertising, targeted. Target media promote specific websites or online stores. There are also branded or image products that are placed to increase brand awareness.

As the basis on which the image is applied, thick paper, banner fabric, canvas, PVC and other materials are used. The most common sizes: 3x6, 5x10, 4x12. The price of banner design will depend on the complexity of its development and format. 

The most valuable thing in banner design is information content, correct structure, high-quality images.

10 Rules for Banner Design

Choose a banner, if you need high-quality advertising. At first glance, there is nothing complicated in its creation, but there are many features and details that you need to pay attention to. There are several features of creating an advertising banner design:

•     Fonts should be combined with each other, it is better if there are no more than one or two types, effects and deformations are not applicable.

•     Associations. If in the very first second of contact with the banner the client builds the wrong association, he may not pay attention to the advertisement; and

•     Quality and color. Images shall be of high quality. Colors for banner design should be chosen easy for perception.

People remember everything that will help create any emotions, for example, surprise, joy, laughter. Before launching an ad design, you need to think about what emotions it can evoke.

It is quite difficult to fulfill the above and other requirements for the design of advertising banners on your own, so you can trust the experts. 

How to prepare a banner for printing?

In addition to color requirements, the banner design layout has a number of technological limitations that must be considered before sending it to print:

  • The format that is being used must be uncompressed. The picture should be saved in a format that will not distort it, for example, PDF, TIFF.
  • It is also important to keep track of the location of all elements and the dimensions of the layout. The scale should be 1:1, when placing the text, you need to retreat 3-4 mm from the edge of the layout, allowances of up to four mm are left under the bleed. It is better to place all design objects in one layer. 
  • The font is converted to curves. The process will depend on the graphics editor type, which is used to create a design; and
  • The resolution must be the maximum one. A bright and clear picture will turn out if you select an image that has a resolution of 300 DPI and higher. If the banner being designed is placed high above the ground, layouts with a much lower resolution will do.

Our designers take into account all the nuances, so the image quality always remains at a high level. It will be useful to create a draft on which to indicate all the characteristics and draw a banner design.

Where to order a banner design?

Banner advertising is the best way to convey the necessary information about a product, brand, company to potential customers. By ordering banner design development from the 24Print, you solve 5 key tasks:

• maintaining contact with the customer;

• product, service or brand presentation;

• company image;

• attention concentration on the goods certain properties; and

• sales increase.

First, experienced banner designers create a design layout, help to choose colors, images, then the text is proofread, and only after full agreement with the customer, the work is sent to print. 

You can always order a banner design from us, as well as its printing, thanks to which your advertisement will look as profitable as possible, while the cost of the banner design remains affordable. 

The advertising banner design, the price of which will depend on the complexity of the work, will be completed in the shortest possible time. Designers pay attention to every detail so that you get a high-quality and stylish banner that will help open up new opportunities for your business.

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