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Presentation - information sheets or documents stitched together that are used to present a project, company, etc. In the form of a presentation, not only documents are drawn up, but also drawings, catalogues, photographs, drawings, diagrams. Most often today electronic versions of presentations are used, which can be sent by e-mail or shown on the screen. But the presentation is perceived better, which you can pick up, leaf through and revise at the right time.

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DNS 80g / m2

DNS 120 g / m2

DNS 160 g / m2

DNS 300 g / m2

coated glossy paper 170 g / m2

coated glossy paper 300 g / m2


glossy lamination

matte lamination


stitching on metal

stitching on a plastic spring



cutting to size


A5 - A3

Where are presentations used?

The purpose of the presentations is to convey information to the audience.

Most often, companies order printing of presentations when they are preparing for an exhibition, conference or present a new product, because presentations make it possible to clearly and easily explain the essence and interest the client. The printed presentation helps in communicating with potential investors and partners. Also, presentations are used as handouts.

Content presentations are divided into:

Promotional and presentation for speeches
Technical Presentations
Information and corporate presentations


The presentation design is carefully worked out in advance based on where it will be applied. Before creating a layout and printing, the structure of the presentation is initially worked out. You can create a presentation yourself in standard computer programs, but such a presentation will require additional modifications: changing the format, adding bleed out, changing the colour model for printing.

You can also make a custom-made presentation layout from professional designers of printed products from 24print in Kyiv. During the development of the layout, our designers take into account all the nuances: the corporate style of the company, the form of filing, the type of stitching, as well as the size of the finished product. Often presentations are made in A3, A4 and A5 formats, but we can also develop a layout for a non-standard presentation.

A layout for printing presentations at 24print in Kyiv may include:

  • Drawings, photos, drawings
  • Schemes, diagrams, tables
  • Text
  • Price lists

A structured approach to creating a layout will allow you to indicate all the information that it is desirable to convey to consumers. Presentations are printed and bound on high quality, modern equipment using proven materials.
A well-executed presentation is a demonstration of professionalism and a responsible attitude to the event.  

Printing material

For printing, 24print offers a wide range of paper as well as design board.

Printing is carried out on DNS Colour print and DNS Colour copy paper, which is designed for full colour printing. The main advantage of this paper is considered to be a high degree of smoothness. DNS Colour print and DNS Colour copy can be used to achieve maximum colour accuracy. Paper weight from 80 g / m2 to 400 g / m2.

Stitching types

For stitching presentations, it is important to choose a convenient stitching option, taking into account the characteristics of each type.

For stitching, the following options for binding sheets are used:

  • Binding on a plastic spring
  • Metal spring stitching
  • Staples

Stitching on a plastic spring is convenient to use because you can open it and add or replace sheets. Allows you to staple up to 480 sheets. This binding does not allow for 360-degree opening of presentations and is also not as strong as a metal spring binding.

Stitching on a metal spring is more durable and looks more presentable. Thanks to the metal spring, the brochure can be rotated 360 degrees. The maximum number of binder sheets is 120. The metal spring is used for materials that are planned to be used frequently. When stitching on a spring, the presentation is made out in a transparent cover and a cardboard backing.

Staple stitching - a type of stitching in which the presentation will look like a booklet. Printing a brochure presentation involves stapling along the fold line.

Cost of printing presentations

Each order in each case is calculated individually, since the cost depends on many factors. Before proceeding with the miscalculation, the manager needs to know such information as:

  • Product format and orientation
  • Number of pages
  • Print in colour or black and white
  • Stitching type
  • Additional post-printing work
  • Refinement or creation of a layout from scratch
  • Circulation of finished products

Additional post-printing work includes lamination of pages with matte or gloss lamination and creasing for brochures on the staple.

The 24print service centre carries out traditional printing of presentations, when a page is printed on the whole sheet, as well as printing with a layout of several pages on one printed sheet.

Order at 24print

Printing presentations is made easy with the 24print service centre.

Advantages of printing presentations in the printing centre 24print in Kyiv

  • Consulting support at the stage of ordering
  • 24/7 ordering
  • Print order "for yesterday"
  • High-quality order fulfilment
  • Large assortment of premium paper
  • Printing from 1 copy to several hundred
  • Diverse payment options

If you urgently need to print presentations in Kyiv, then 24print is at your service at any time of the day or night. Managers of the 24print service centre are ready to accept an order, advise, calculate the cost and launch the order around the clock. When fulfilling an order, we take into account the wishes of the client, the required time to receive the finished product and offer the most optimal option. You can place an order for printing presentations in Kyiv by filling out an application through the website or by writing to e-mail. If you have any questions, call or write to the chat.

The 24print company prints not only presentations, but also booklets, leaflets, diplomas, certificates, and also provides a full range of prepress and post-print services.

Finished products can be picked up by self-pickup in Kyiv service centres at 10 Yaroslavska St. or 50 Antonovycha St. Delivery of finished orders in Kyiv and Ukraine is carried out by courier services.



500  100  50  10  1

Presentation A4 size, one-sided color printing on paper 160 g/m2, 16 pages with a booklet on white metal spring 

177,08 245,40 295,08 339,64 359,56 457,16

Presentation A4 size, one-sided color printing on paper 160 g/m2, 16 pages with a booklet on a white plastic spring

166,24 234,56 284,24 328,80 348,72 456,63

The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 presentation.

The price includes a plastic transparent cover and a cardboard backing.

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions about Presentations

How can I stitch my presentation?

A presentation is stitched on two types of springs: plastic and metal. We advise to choose metallic one, as it is more stable and has more presentable appearance.

What paper do you print your presentation on?

Depending on the project. Most of the time we use medium weight paper, but we can also print the first and the last page on thicker paper.

Which size of presentations do you print?

Most often presentations are made in A4 format in landscape orientation. We can also print any size up to A3 with the orientation you think best.

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