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Scanning is the process by which we obtain digital copies of documents, photographs and diagrams. In the future, the scan is saved to an electronic medium or to a telephone in order to have quick access to it.

In 24print printing centre, you can scan documents near the office, because we are conveniently located in the central area near business centres.

24print provides scanning services for various materials:

  • photos
  • films and slides
  • documents
  • posters and drawings

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from A6 to A0
(wide-format - extended types of scanners)

Scanning of Photos, Films and Slides

To turn old memories into modern prints that will delight you and your loved ones more often, it is important to digitize old photos and turn them into high-quality images. In this, without a doubt, we can help. We offer services for digitizing photos on a professional scanner, which will give new life not only to your photos, but also to documents. But with 24print, you can go even further, back in the days when films and slides were still popular. We can also help you with such tasks. In 24print, you can scan films or slides in order to convert the image into electronic form in order to preserve memories for future generations.

Scanning of documents

Scanned copies of documents are part of the work routine. We often turn to these fantastic-working units for help, they greatly simplify our work, helping to transfer manuscripts and documents over long distances in a matter of minutes. High-precision scanners are used to digitize and scan documents, since the value of correctly transmitted information cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to documents with numbers. Our scanner is always in working order, so important information of your document will be immediately digitized for further work. It is important to understand that the scanned document can never get wet, lost in folders or disappear without a trace. For our clients, we use only the latest equipment to get the best result. 24print scans the passport on one sheet for more rational use of the material. When you order a passport scan inprinting press 24print , then as a result you get excellent service, efficiency and high quality scanned copies of your passport.

To scan a copy of a passport, as well as to scan documents up to A3 format, we use a flatbed scanner. It allows you to make a scan of a document with high detail and accurate reproduction of tones.

Scanning of posters and drawings

We also perform large-format scanning of drawings and posters. Scans of documents, drawings and diagrams can optionally be printed and stitched using staples or a spring. This allows you to provide your drawings with a presentable look. For large formats, documents are scanned on a large format scanner. Such a scanner is designed specifically for scanning drawings, topographic maps, diagrams and graphs.

The telephone is an indispensable gadget these days. Today he replaces the camera, notebook, clock, calendar and tries to replace the scanner. If we talk about scanning documents using a phone, then this is not always convenient, since this requires a special tripod or a stick. Therefore, in order to make a high-quality scan of a passport, diagram, drawing or scan a copy of any other document, it is better to turn to professionals.

After scanning and saving the scanned passport, code or drawing with the file, you can continue to work, for example, send via instant messengers, open in an OCR program, or save to your computer.

When ordering a scan at a service centre, you will receive non-finished products, but you will also feel the main advantages of cooperation with us

Our managers are focused on providing first and foremost - service.

  • round-the-clock service. If you suddenly need, for example, to make a colour scan of a document or a colour scan of a passport at night, then 24print is an ideal solution for such a desire.
  • professional equipment. Our equipment allows you to get a high quality of the final image. We use only modern printers that allow us to quickly perform a large amount of work.
  • friendly staff who are always happy to answer questions and quickly fulfil an order.

At the 24print service centre, you can scan a passport or scan documents near the metro. The 24print service centres are located 5 minutes from the metro at 50 Antonovycha St. and 10 Yaroslavska St.

Scanning Documents
Quantity 1-10 11-50 51-100 101-500 500+

Scanning A4 documents

10,40 8,00 6,20 5,30 4,30

Scanning A3 documents

12,70 11,20 9,00 7,30 6,00
Widescreen scanning
Quantity 1-10 11-50 51-100 101-500 500+

A2 scan

18,50 13,20 9,70 7,30 5,20

A1 scan

30,10 23,00 15,80 13,70 10,30

A0 scan

46,30 31,90 25,70 22,30 20,60

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