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tag design
tag design

Tags design


It is impossible to buy clothes, bedding, shoes or accessories without looking at the label and its design. Tags are used everywhere today. It is on them that you can find the most necessary information about the manufacturer, fabric composition, sizes, and care features. Tag designs, styles and sizes can vary. Properly made labels can be safely considered an advertisement and highlight of your brand. The tags show the seriousness and responsibility of the manufacturer and thus win the loyalty of customers.

Printing house "24Print" over the years of well-coordinated work has created a reputation as a reliable and fast performer. To place an order for design and manufacture, just fill out the online form on the website or write to us in the chat.

Types of tags for clothes
Some tags are purely informative - they describe the composition of the fabric, the size, the rules for caring for the product, and the like. And some contain the brand logo, its name or philosophy (slogan).

The main thing when creating tags is to carefully consider their design, location and materials. There are several requirements for labels:

providing truthful information that will allow the buyer to make a choice;
high quality printed products - tags must withstand washing and ironing, do not deteriorate over time;
convenient location - in the process of wearing clothes, the tag should not cause discomfort or irritate the skin.
The main materials that are used to produce the tag are cardboard or textiles. Cardboard models are made from thick paper and cut off already before the first dressing of the product. Textile tags can be nylon (most commonly used for accessories, have a rather rough texture) or satin (delicate fabric that does not irritate the skin, ideal for clothing, including pajamas and underwear).

As for the content and design of the labels, they indicate:

size - according to the standards of several countries;
composition - allows you to specify in proportion all types of fabrics used in sewing the product;
care rules - this includes the features of washing and ironing the product;
the brand name is not informative, but rather promotional information on the tag.
The design of the clothing tag can be different and must be appropriate for its purpose.

Benefits of using tags
A creative and stylish label can become part of the company's image and increase brand awareness among customers.

Clothes tags can be safely considered promotional printing products. The person who will wear the clothes of your brand constantly pays attention to the name of the company and, if he is satisfied with the quality of the product, he will definitely return to buy something else in his wardrobe.

Without providing information about the care rules and the composition of the fabric, people will not be able to properly use and care for the product. This in turn will lead to damage or loss of attractiveness.

The tag, the design of which is developed individually, should take into account the corporate style of the company. The label contains the logo and the name of the brand, they increase the prestige of the brand, are associated with luxury clothing and the seriousness of manufacturers.

Customers look not only at the presence or absence of labels. An important factor is also their quality and design. Choose the best materials that are not only strong and durable, but also have a pleasant tactile sensation and attractive appearance.

When developing a tag design, it is necessary to take into account the type of product that it should demonstrate, the quality of materials, the location of the tag, the amount of textual information and the presence of images. The non-standard shape will make the design of the tag more visible to the buyer.

Where to order printing and design of tags?
When designing a layout, you should pay attention to details and carefully prepare all the information. As a rule, the production of an individual design takes more time than the development of ready-made templates.

Thanks to the use of modern technology, the image is clear, expressive, durable and contrasting. We have open access to examples of finished works, where you can clearly see our high level of design. You can place an order at any time of the day, as 24print operates around the clock and seven days a week.

Our company provides a range of services from creating a tag design idea to printing finished products. Creative designers will develop a design for any requirements. We will help you correctly combine colors in the design, correctly place the required information, and choose the material. You can pick up the finished order yourself at one of our service centers or use the services of a courier.

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