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Preparation of prepress layout

Preparation of prepress layout

Pre-printing, which is also called prepress, is considered one of the most important stages in the process of creating a high-quality printing product. Tasteful design and clever presentation will not be able to achieve good results without proper processing of the print media. In order to create printed products of any level of complexity, it is important to understand the basic basics of the technological process of preparing a layout for release in circulation. This procedure allows you to get rid of significant errors and saves time and material resources.

In business, a well-built concept in the design of printed products plays an important role. Therefore, the layout of a business card, corporate postcard, advertising banner, etc. is an element of the company's image that sets it apart from competitors, builds trust and increases recognition.

In our print centre, you can order a layout that most effectively reflects the benefits of your products or services. As a result, your business acquires a corporate identity that will quickly resonate in the hearts of customers and customers.

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When creating a design layout, our specialists carefully analyse the following factors:
  • potential audience and competitors;
  • selection of corporate colours and fonts;
  • creation of logos and advertising slogans;
  • style of creative images;
  • development of a form for submitting information, etc.

At the same time, prototyping requires possession of the latest technologies and the use of innovative equipment. The centre of printing products has everything you need to fulfil an order in the shortest possible time. Whether it's the layout of a brochure, business card, brochure or other printed matter - you get impeccable quality and unique style.

 If you need an urgent result, we create layouts around the clock - without breaks and weekends. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors, presenting yourself on the market in a bright, attractive and unforgettable way.


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