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Labels are a means of product labelling that is attached to manufactured products. As a rule, it contains useful and constructive information about the product, composition and manufacturer.

Printing labels are ordered to stimulate the buyer, as a stylish, colourful, attention-grabbing sticker encourages an impulsive purchase.

Today, more and more monotonous goods on store shelves and, in order to stand out, manufacturers use all sorts of tricks to attract the attention of customers, for example, print colourful, colourful labels, tags, stickers and stickers to order with interesting designs. High-quality, attention-grabbing labelling is an affordable way to increase product recognition and product demand.

As a rule, products without labelling do not inspire confidence in the buyer, and in stores they pass by such a product. Therefore, label making is an important process that is best left to the professionals in the field. They will advise on what material it is better to print labels and what type of printing, as well as orientate what data should be on it.

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Information on the label

Regardless of the type of product, the label contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Manufacturing date
  • Shelf life
  • Structure
  • Storage conditions
  • Operating instructions
  • Country of origin, company name and contacts.

Sometimes, at the request of the customer, labels are produced with a barcode that is generated for each product.


For each type of product, they order and print their own types of labels, for example, for clothes, cosmetics, household chemicals and bottles, they can completely differ from each other both in the method of production and in material. Some can ideally take the form of a product, the second make it possible to produce a print run at a low price, while others allow the use of non-standard types of printing or materials.

Most often, the following types of labels are ordered in printing houses:

  • Volumetric
  • Holographic
  • Paper
  • Self-adhesive
  • Polymer
Types of printing

Based on the circulation, as well as the individual needs of the client, our company uses various types of printing for the production of labels.

Basic printing methods:

  • Digital;
  • Flexo printing;
  • Thermal transfer;
  • Offset;
  • Thermal printing;
  • Hot stamping

Digital label printing is used for short run production as well as urgent printing. In this way, you can print a test label and see how it will look on the product.

Flexo printing of labels is the most popular type of self-adhesive label printing, which we recommend to print on a roll. Equipment for this type of printing ensures the production of stickers, labels and other products in a roll at an acceptable cost, while using safe, environmentally friendly inks. The advantages of flexographic printing include:

  • A wide range of materials ranging from various types of paper to self-adhesive and composite laminates used for stickers and labels.
  • Flexo printing is used to print not only self-adhesive stickers, but also stickers and thermal tickets.
  •  Carrying out several operations in one cycle.

Thermal transfer printing of labels is performed on various materials: self-adhesive paper, cardboard, textiles, which in turn makes it possible to order the production of labels both for bottles and products, and for clothing. Such a seal is resistant to temperature extremes and sunlight.

Offset printing technology allows the production of labels with unlimited circulation and low cost. Most often, this type of printing is used for the manufacture of dry labels on bottles, gluing on cardboard. The disadvantage of offset technology is the production time.

Thermal printing - performed on thermal labels using a special thermal printer. Thermal labels are suitable for products with a short shelf life.

Hot stamping - labels are printed on paper, fabric, self-adhesive film using various dyes. Most often, embossing is used for decorative processing of products. Such labels are made for elite alcohol, sewn on clothes of famous brands and order them also for exclusive products and goods.


When ordering the production of self-adhesive labels, most often, customers choose:

  • Self-adhesive paper. Paper products are popular due to their low cost and good definition of the printed image. But such markings are not resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and they are easily damaged. Such labels are printed for perishable goods, weight products, but not used as labelling on bottles.
  • Self-adhesive film. The products are resistant to damage, retain excellent quality, and have a long service life.
Order at 24print

24print has extensive experience in printing stickers and decals for various products, for example, for bottles and food, and in 24print you can order labels for clothing and industrial products. When ordering roll-to-roll and sheet-fed label printing, be sure that they will be printed in a short time.

You can place an order in any way via chat, by writing to e-mail, by completing an online application.

Managers of the 24print printing house will advise, advise, offer and support at all stages of production. If necessary, 24print designers will help you create a layout for stickers or stickers that will distinguish the product from similar products.

You don't have to worry about terms, quality and delivery. Delivery of finished products is carried out not only in Kyiv, but also in Ukraine by a carrier convenient for the client.

Digital label printing in SRA3 format
Quantity 5001+ 1001-3000 501-1000 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
Plotter-cut stickers on self-adhesive paper laser printing 52,00 53,50 59,80 64,80 67,90 71,50 98,70
Plotter-cut stickers on self-adhesive film laser printing 65,30 66,80 73,10 78,10 81,20 83,40 114,70
Plotter-cut stickers on self-adhesive film, laser printing + protective lamination  91,70 93,20 99,50 104,50 107,60 123,30 172,70
Latex printing of stickers on roll self-adhesive film
Quantity 501+ 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
Plotter die-cut stickers on self-adhesive film latex printing 158,70 162,40 169,80 186,20 232,80
UV sticker printing
Quantity 50+ 1-10
Plotter die-cut stickers on self-adhesive film UV printing 363,50 421,60

The cost is indicated in UAH for one sheet of A3 format stickers.

Dear customers, due to changes in purchase prices for consumables, the price of products on the website may differ from the current price. We apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to update the information on the website in a timely manner.

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