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A booklet is an informational printed product that is folded one or more times. Booklet printing is a very popular service at 24print.

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Mondi Colour print DNS G paper

Mondi Colour premium DNS V paper

Mondi Colour copy paper 

Munken Pure Paper

Coated paper

Design paper
 offset editions from 500 pcs. - check with the manager


glossy lamination

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cutting to size


A6 - A3


Booklets are considered to be an effective advertising and sales tool. Booklets are often printed in Kyiv in order to:

  • Hand out on the street
  • Issue to participants of various events
  • Hand over to a prospective client
  • Send to partners
  • Issue with purchase

Based on the goals and places of use, booklets of different types are ordered.

Types and their design

The 24print company prints various types of booklets in Kyiv.

  • Advertising. Printing of advertising booklets is ordered when handouts are needed to get acquainted with promotions, conduct promotional presentations, submit information about new services and offered goods.
  • Image. This type of brochure is used by companies for conferences, business trainings, and presentations.
  • Informational. Placed on information desks. They serve as a source for attracting new customers, or they can be instructions that are invested in a purchase.
  • Postage. Sent to clients with special offers.

Each of the brochures is used in different areas and carries a different message, therefore, before starting the design, it is necessary to determine what its purpose is. You can send us a ready-made file for printing or order a layout for advertising or other types of booklets from our designers at a price that will please you. 24print printing designers can develop a layout for printing booklets, as well as for further production of any printed product.

The development of the layout and the printing of the booklets are carried out by 24print in the shortest possible time at an acceptable cost.

Folding options

When printing booklets, the printing industry uses different types of folding. For folding, use loose paper, but if the paper is thick, then creasing is done before folding.

  • single fold booklet. Creasing and folding can be performed both horizontally and vertically. For printing such booklets, A3, A4, A5 and A6 sheets are used.
  • with two folds. Booklets are folded with an accordion or edges inward. To print booklets, take printed sheets of A2, A3, A4 or A5 format.
  • booklet with three folds. Products can be folded in various ways due to the large number of folds.
  • with four folds. Most often, such booklets are folded like an accordion, less often inside.

In general, you can make the number of creases and folds required by the client on the booklet. When printing booklets, the total cost depends on the choice of paper, therefore, before placing an order, think about whether you need thick or thin material.  

Types of printing

When printing booklets in printing houses, offset and digital printing of booklets are distinguished. For urgent small editions, digital printing is used for printing booklets, for a circulation of 500 pieces, offset printing is used, which is cheaper than digital.

Digital printing - makes it possible to carry out urgent printing of booklets "for yesterday". This printing method allows you to perform both black and white and colour booklet printing (aka full colour booklet printing). Thanks to digital printing, booklets can be printed in any quantity from 1 piece to several thousand. This type of printing can be used to print A4, A5, A6 and A3 booklets, as well as any non-standard sizes. If booklets are printed digitally, then after they can be additionally covered with lamination. This service is available around the clock at 24print. A small disadvantage of digital booklet printing is the price, it is higher than that of offset printing.

Offset printing is an inexpensive way of printing, which does not allow you to quickly print booklets, since the production time takes at least 1 business day. It is profitable to print runs of 500 pieces. Allows you to print booklets inexpensively in large print runs.

If you want the printed booklet to fulfil all its functions, then you need to take care that the printing of the booklets is of high quality, and the product itself does not look cheap.

Order at 24print

Polygraphy 24print performs high-quality printing of booklets of any complexity. An urgent order for the printing house 24print for printing booklets is not a problem. We will be happy to help you if you need to print booklets as quickly as possible. If you want to order the printing of booklets in Kyiv promptly, and so that they are cheap, then be prepared for the fact that other printing houses may offer poor quality printing.

In order for our managers to be able to guide you on the price of printing booklets, it is enough to write to us in a chat or call. We will show you how to print booklets at an affordable price.

You can order booklet printing by placing an online order or by writing to the mail. Our managers process requests around the clock, so you can not worry if you need to print booklets urgently in the morning. After processing the order, we will contact you to agree on the time and method of delivery. Delivery of booklets in Kyiv is carried out by courier service. You can also pick up your order at the service centre, where you can also buy various notebooks and postcards.

Making brochures, printing business cards and presentations, as well as printing forms and printing booklets around the clock is not a myth.

A4 spread booklet on 160 g/m2 paper
Quantity 6002+ 2002-6001 1002- 2001 202-1001 102-201 52-101 22-51 12-21 6-11 1-5

Booklet in 1 fold

11,68 13,14 19,78 25,93 28,98 31,56 35,38 42,38 48,63 100,45

Booklet in 2 folds

13,26 14,72 21,36 27,51 30,56 32,82 37,27 45,96 50,12 108,07


The cost is indicated in UAH for 1 booklet

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Frequently asked questions about Booklets

Do you fold the booklets in half, or I have to do this by myself?

We do different kinds of postpress work, including folding and as a result you get a finished product.

Do you make the euro-booklets?

Yes, we make this kind of production, which is divided into three parts

Can you laminate the euro-booklets?

Yes, we also use thin lamination in production, thanks to which we can perform creasing and folding of the product.

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