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Postcards - paper on which to place information of propaganda, social or advertising nature.

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Where are they used?

Leaflet printing is used in almost every industry. Order printing of leaflets for:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Retail chains
  • Travel companies
  • Advertising organizations

This list can go on for a long time, because today everything needs advertising: home appliances, cosmetics, various services, jewelry and even printing do for themselves the printing of flyers. Such products are also a good way to campaign, so they are used by PR people in the election campaign.

Every day we encounter this type of printing products. We are handed it on the street near the subway, thrown in mailboxes, distributed in shopping malls. The printing of leaflets in printing houses is ordered for further posting on the street or layout in coffee shops and cafes. A popular size for printing and further distribution is a leaflet A5 and A6, they can often be obtained by walking around Kiev.

Qualitatively executed printing of advertising leaflets in polygraphs of Kiev, and also competent design influence a choice of the potential consumer.

The 24print company carries out fast printing of leaflets round the clock.


In order for the products to bring the expected advertising effect, it is best to turn to professionals. 24print designers have many years of experience in creating layouts. When designing, try not to overload it with information and pictures. Conciseness is the key to remembering important information quickly.

An important task when creating a design is to make it interesting and original, so that it stands out against the materials of a competitor.

Basically the design is built based on the view. Images are a great reminder of the company and can briefly acquaint you with it. Information conveys important information to the client.

Leaflets are printed in A3 to A7 formats.


Each format is unique in its own way and depending on the amount of information is selected by the designer in consultation with the client.

A3 format - is considered the largest format. It is rarely ordered, as it is more suitable for making posters.

A4 format - standard sheet of office paper. The printing of A4 leaflets is ordered in Kiev only in cases when it is necessary to place a lot of information. The printing of A4 leaflets is carried out at favorable prices.

A5 format - this size is considered the most popular. A5 leaflets can be printed at 24print printing at an affordable price.

A6 format - printing A6 leaflets in Kiev is as popular as A5. Due to the small size, there is a better chance that it will not be thrown away, but put in your pocket. Printing of A6 leaflets is performed at a nice price.

A7 format - also apply to standard sizes. A7 leaflet printing is ordered much less often than A5 and A6.

In addition, 24print prints non-standard leaflets cheaply.


When ordering the printing of leaflets in the printing houses of Kiev, you will encounter many questions. 24print's managers will help you figure out which paper is best for printing, how many leaflets will be profitable to make at a cost and, of course, decide on the format.

Different types of printing are offered for printing leaflets in Kyiv. You can do offset printing of leaflets and digital printing of leaflets.

Offset method. A common type of printing, when leaflets need to be made in large numbers. With large circulations, leaflet printing can be done cheaply. This type of application makes it possible to make the product on any type of paper and with many additional post-printing services. When printing offset leaflets, it is not possible to make personalized products. Urgent printing of leaflets in this way is not performed, as it requires additional pre-printing and production takes at least one working day. Leaflets A5, A4 and A3 are most often printed offset.

Digital way. It is used in small runs and allows you to print flyers quickly. We can digitally print not only color leaflets, but also black and white ones. Urgent digital printing of leaflets takes several hours and you can get such an order every day. Digital printing makes it possible to produce leaflets in A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7.

Often, in order to save money, companies try to order the printing of leaflets cheaply. This leads to the fact that non-professional polygraphs are hired. As a result, the customer receives low-quality products. Turning to professional printing houses, you will be sure that the printing of leaflets will be done well and the price will be fair.

Types of paper

Faced for the first time with the need to choose paper, a person is lost, because the material is very widely represented. The paper is chosen based on the purpose of use, budget and type of application.

Polygraphy 24print for production offers such materials:

  • Mondi Color print paper with a density of 80 to 300 g / m2. On such paper it is possible to carry out the press of leaflets of the A3, A4, A5 and other standard and other sizes dart formats. Most often, A5 and A6 leaflets are ordered to be printed on 120 g / m2 or 160 g / m2 paper. If I order the printing of leaflets for distribution, then there is no reason to choose thick paper or a size larger than A4.
  • Coated paper density from 90 to 300 g / m2. There are two subspecies of such paper. Glossy paper is used mainly for pictures, and matte for textual information.

Leaflets are printed at the 24print service center in Kyiv at affordable prices on any type of paper.

It is convenient to order in the 24print service center

Our company is chosen because:

  • We perform not only printing of leaflets in bulk, but also in single copies.
  • We check the layouts and, if necessary, finalize them.
  • You can place an order for printing leaflets online or by visiting one of our offices.
  • You can contact the managers around the clock, and they will guide you by the timing of printing leaflets and the price.
  • We print leaflets at reasonable prices in Kiev.
  • You can order the printing of leaflets urgently and due to the fact that we work around the clock to pick up at any time.
  • Delivery is carried out not only in Kiev, but also in Ukraine.

To place an order, write to us in the chat or fill out the application online, and we will contact you soon.

Printing A5 flyers on SRA3 paper
Circulation 501-1000 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
One-sided color printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 120 g/m2 6,20 8,80 9,60 13,60 50,60
One-sided color printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 160 g/m2     7,50 10,00 10,90 15,50 58,00
Circulation 501-1000 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
Double-sided color printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 120 g/m2 16,60 22,10 23,50 34,30 137,00
Double-sided color printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 160 g/m2 17,90 23,50 24,90 36,00 144,00
Printing A6 flyers on SRA3 paper
Circulation 1000+ 501-1000 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
One-sided color printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 120 g/m2 3,30 3,70 5,60 7,00 10,10 50,60
One-sided color printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 160 g/m2     4,00 4,40 6,30 7,60 11,40 58,00
Circulation 1000+ 501-1000 101-500 51-100 11-50 1-10
Double-sided color printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 120 g/m2 8,50 9,30 12,60 15,20 24,90 137,00
Double-sided color printing on paper Mondi Color print DNS 160 g/m2 9,20 9,90 13,30 15,90 26,10 144,00

The price is specified in hryvnias for 1 piece.

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