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Hangers are a type of advertising product that has a non-standard format and is similar to flyers.

Today this type of product is quite popular in various fields. They are used as handouts and decoration.

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Types and features of hangers

The Henger is a dense flyer with a special handle that can be used to attach to any door or other surface. There are several types of them:

  • Doorhangers - attached to the door handle with a special hook. Most often they can be found on door handles in hotels and porches.
  • Neck hangers are used to attract the attention of the buyer. They are attached to the neck of the bottle. Neck hangers can be of different formats, for example, they are distinguished: sheet, neck hanger-brochure and neck hanger-wrapper.
  • Exchanger Hangers - used for trade equipment.

Hangers are printed in two ways - digital and offset printing. The type of printing depends on the circulation and production time. The digital method is used for small runs of up to 500 pieces, while offset printing is used for runs of 500 pieces or more.

After printing, punching is performed using special stamps, which in cases of complex non-standard shapes or non-standard sizes are made individually.

Working with 24print

In the 24print printing house you have the opportunity to order hangers, which will bring new customers and advertise the goods, at an affordable price.

The 24print company is engaged in the manufacture of hangers not only in standard sizes and formats, but also prints non-standard products. To place an order, you need to decide on the circulation, and our managers will help with the rest of the items. With managers, you can discuss the details of the order, from design to the time of delivery of finished products.

With the help of couriers, we carry out urgent delivery in Kiev, in Ukraine delivery is carried out by the Nova Poshta delivery service.

Order hangers with information about the product, with a motivating inscription or information about promotions. Such a product will attract attention and solve various marketing problems.


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