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Photo wallpaper

Photo wallpaper is a creative way to improve the interior of a child's room, apartment, office or other room where you spend a lot of time.

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Advantages and disadvantages of photo wallpaper printing

Printing on photo wallpaper has a number of advantages:

  • Unique design.
  • It is possible to print any image, even according to your sketch.
  • Large assortment of material.
  • You can place an order without leaving your home.
  • Durability.


  • Photo or picture for printing must be of high quality.
  • For gluing, you need the walls to be even, then the wallpaper will last longer and will not come off over time.

Previously, wallpaper could only be ordered with certain pictures, but today, thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to carry out large-format printing of wallpaper in Kyiv printing houses with any pattern. There are hundreds of options for the design of photo wallpaper, so you can buy wallpaper of any theme that fits into your interior. In addition, you can order the services of a designer at the 24print printing centre. 24print designers will be happy to develop a layout for printing custom photo wallpaper.

Types of material

To print photo wallpapers, 24print custom offers the following types of material:

Non-woven PVC wallpaper. It is possible to apply an image on this type of photo wallpaper with latex, solvent, eco-solvent and UV inks. The material is quite durable, has a porous structure, and a special coating ensures bright colours. Such wallpapers do not need to be coated with glue before gluing, which excludes wetting and deformation of the canvas. As a result, the wallpaper is easily glued to the wall, which eliminates uneven joints. Common textures for this type of wallpaper are sand and canvas.

24print company prints non-woven photo wallpaper at an affordable price.

Photo wallpaper without PVC. The special coating on the photo wallpaper ensures good quality for large format digital printing. The wallpaper is scratch resistant and can also be wet cleaned. Popular textures: fine sand and smooth surface.

PVC wallpaper on a paper basis. It prints with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV inks. This type of material is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, but in general, the quality of operation is worse than that of non-woven fabric. This type of photo wallpaper has more than 10 structures.

The texture of the wallpaper is selected depending on the interior of the room and the selected picture.

For high-quality printing of photo wallpapers in Kyiv printing houses, the picture must be of high resolution, because only then it will be possible to end up with bright, juicy wallpaper that will delight the eye. Using high quality images for printing, you get quality products for decoration at the end.

Types of printing

Polygraphy 24print performs latex printing on photo wallpapers.

Latex printing - safe for humans, non-toxic and non-irritating to the respiratory tract mucosa. The safety of this ink is confirmed by many international certificates. Latex ink is printed not only on photo wallpaper, but also on other roll materials, which can later be used not only indoors, but also outdoors. This type of printing guarantees a durable printing layer that is resistant to external influences. Latex printing is resistant to water, ultraviolet radiation and is not afraid of mechanical damage. Latex printing is not a cheap type of printing, so when buying photo wallpaper, you can be sure of the quality.

How to place an order?

The 24print company prints photo wallpapers around the clock, with high quality and inexpensive.

In order to print custom-made photo wallpaper in 24print printing centre in Kyiv, you need to decide on the image and texture of the photo wallpaper. You can place an order by writing to us by email or chat. After receiving the order, our managers will check the files, calculate the cost and launch the order. For questions regarding the order, you can get advice from our managers around the clock.

The finished product can be picked up by visiting the service centre or we will send it by courier service.


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